Wednesday Update on Young Love 24th June 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 24th June 2020

Nimboli confesses in front of everyone she ate the jalebis She could not resist after seeing the hot jalebis Harki and Kundan scold Nimboli
In their room Urmi with only one jalebi left in the plate rest Nimboli ate but she is happy and tells Kundan you brought these jalebis with so much love for me so what if one is left Kundan gets a idea throught and he tries to convince Urmi to consummate with him He tells her he only wants that from her which every husband wants from his wife He won’t do any wrong with her that will hurt her Does she trust him ,Urmi recalls her mother’s words telling her there is nothing wrong in it what Kundan wants from her and she nods her head in yes to Kundan Kundan is very happy and gets closer to Urmi

Badi Haveli
Ganga is sitting on her bed in her room. She is worried. Jagya comes and sees her worried He asks her what happened ? what are you thinking now ?Ganga says after so many days today all family was together Mannu is back with us Everything looked well like before Jagya smiles at it then Ganga says but …she it Jagya comes to her and sits with her and asks from her but what? Ganga says but there is a fear in my heart what if Mannu did not stop his rant of Pooja. Jagya put his hand on her shoulder and tell her Ganga . did we think till yesterday night that mannu will be back with us and our family will be completed? Did we think about it ? Ganga nods as no .Jagya says when today everything got alright then have faith in tomorrow This will get alright too Everything will be fine. Jagya smiles Ganga feels comforted by his words and smiles too

Shiv Niketan
Pooja in her room She sees Mannu’s message on her reads you must be not sleeping without me.don’t worry its just about tonight Tomorrow i”ll come and take you from there. love you. Yours Mannu.

Pooja reads the message and gets happy. She sits on her bed and thinks of replying him.she starts typing but then sarita comes and asks her why’didn’t she sleep till not ?its too late.
Pooja says i am going to sleep..Sarita comes to her and asks i want to ask sumthing from you . can you reply? Pooja says yes. Sarita bit hesitant and asks bit embarrassed were you and mannu sleeping together when you both were staying together ? Pooja gets shocked and scared.She says by asking this it means either you don’t know about mannu nor you know me. Sarita gets happy thinking nothing has happened. she says caresses Pooja’s head and goes.

Akhiraj’s house
Nimboli asks forgiveness from Mangala Mangala tells her she is tried of lies now At the same time Urmi open door . Urmi is in devastated condition and cannot walk properly .Nimboli is sad to watch Urmi ;s condition and ask how it happen .Urmi asks nandini to go away from here .Mangala ask nandini to go away but nandini does not listen .Mangala scolds Nimboli cant you understand what I say at once .Nimboli goes away

Mangala recalls all bad deeds of Akhiraj Singh .She remembers how akhira tried to rape her how he tortured Nimbol and Kamli , killed Gopal , Kundan torturing Urmi She then says there will be someone who can teach this father son what is right and wrong .then she remember Anandi and decides to call her

Disa thinking about Anandi giving her visiting card once and searches for her card. She thinks she will tell everything to Anandi about child marriage at her home. Nimboli comes to Disa and asks her to comb her hairs. Disa thinks she might have to leave Nimboli, if she chooses to protect Urmila. She hugs Nimboli and thinks she can’t forgive herself as she couldn’t protect Urmila. Mannu argues with Ganga and tells her that Pooja is his wife and will stay with him. Ganga tells that this is not marriage. Dadisaa says they shall solve this matter right here and calls Anandi asking her to bring Pooja and Sarita to haveli. Mannu thinks they will stay together always.

Once Pooja and Sarita come with Anandi, Dadisaa tells that Mannu wants to stay with Pooja, but we didn’t think that it is right. Pooja says he is right, as we are married and shall stay together. Anandi says this time is not right, your marriage is not legal as you are under age. The pandit ji who performed your marriage has been arrested. Mannu says you people knew well that we love each other, and want to separate us. I don’t know if our marriage is legal or not, but we got married infront of Devimaa and I filled her maang with sindoor. Why we can’t stay together. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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