Wednesday Update on Young Love 20th January 2021


Wednesday Update on Young Love 20th January 2021

Nandini calling Krish and asking if he like her surprise. Krish says he is not a child to look her surprise and is annoyed with her. Nandini gets teary eyes. Shivam comes to the restaurant and sees Rasika. He thinks to expose Premal infront of Sudha. He comes home. Premal’s mum asks Sudha to go with him, as he has some work for her. Sudha looks on. Later she asks Shivam, why did he lied to her mum in law. Shivam says I have a surprise for you and asks her to get ready.

Triveni praises Nandini for the tasty food and asks what is special about today. Karuna says it is really tasty, I wish I would have eaten it too. Nandini promises that she will make food for her once she gets well. Triveni says she will go and sleep now after having wonderful food. Karuna says even
I will sleep. Nandini says good night. Nandini thinks Krish’s anger will lower today, as I made his favorite food, and hopes he comes back home soon.

Krish comes home and sees her sleeping. He wakes her up, thinking if he don’t wake her up then she will sleep here all night. Nandini wakes up and says I will serve dinner for you. Krish says no, and hopes that their differences gets resolved soon. Shivam brings Sudha to restaurant. Sudha says you wouldn’t have brought me here. Shivam says I want to proof that wrong is happening with you and asks her to come inside and see. He looks for Premal and Rasika and says they were sitting here only. Sudha asks who? A drunkard man teases Sudha. Sudha slaps him and goes from there cryingly. Shivam thinks to expose Premal anyhow.

Nandini looks at Krish while the song Naina Bawre plays……………Krish wakes up and goes out to bring water. He sees Kundan going to Karuna’s room holding knife. Krish stops him and asks what you are doing here with knife. Karuna scolds him and says he is my husband. Krish asks what is he doing with knife then. Karuna says I was not getting sleep so he asked me to keep knife to keep away the bad dreams. She asks what is the matter which is hidden from me. Nandini asks her to calm down. Karuna says I can’t be calm until my son behaves like Krish. Nandini says Krish is out of control and over protective about you. She says once you get well, he will be fine. Krish apologizes. Karuna asks him to apologize to Abhayram.

Abhayram/Kundan says he didn’t do any mistake and thought you in danger. He says he couldn’t understand depth of our relation and asks Krish to go and sleep, take knife also. Krish says good night and goes. Triveni says even I will go now, and asks Abhayram to take care of her sister. Karuna thinks what happened to Krish.

Shivam apologizes to Sudha. Sudha says I did a mistake by trusting you. Shivam says I didn’t mean to hurt you even in your dream. He holds her hand and says I wanted to show you something, but missed it. He says once I show you that thing, you will realize that I am worth for friendship and trust. Sudha wonders what is it. Nandini asks Krish not to be angry always. Krish says how to calm down knowing that Kundan is here. He says I will handle situation my way……and sleeps. Nandini looks on sad. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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