Wednesday Update on Young Love 19th August 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 19th August 2020

Disa calls Harki and tells her that she is becoming criminal like her husband. Harki says she is not ashamed on her doings and says she can take anyone’s life to save her husband. She says what you will understand about husband and his love, as you are a widow. Kamli apologizes to Disa again. Nimboli comes running to them and hugs them. Nimboli says she is fine. Kamli asks about her stay in Anandi’s house. Nimboli says she enjoy there and says it is a big house. She says everyone is very nice to her. She says she plays all the time and is enjoying. Kamli looks at Disa, and recalls Disa’s words that Nimboli is not enjoying at haveli. Kamli thinks Disa lied to her. Jagya tells Nimboli and Mangla to come home. They leave.

Chagani asks Pushkar to have something, as he is hungry since morning. Pushkar refuses. Kamli and Urmila comes home. Pushkar tells her that some goons were scaring and laughing at him. Kamli promises never to leave him alone and asks him to keep quiet. Harki comes. Kamli warns Harki not to put bad eye on her husband, else no one is bad than her. Harki says I am your mum and will always be two steps ahead of you. She says I will bring my husband back in this house with respect. She says lets see what you can do.

Nimboli tells about Anandi fighting with the goons and rescuing them. Dadisaa puts ointment on Anandi’s wounds. Nimboli praises Anandi and tells Dadisaa that Anandi was looking like a heroine while fighting with goons. Dadisaa says Anandi is heroine since beginning. Nimboli says I didn’t know. Disa looks on tensedly. Nimboli says me and my mum would have died if Anandi have not saved us. She says Anandi saved us today. She asks if she is feeling pain. Anandi says no. Nimboli kisses on her wound, angering Mangla.

She says everything will be fine. Disa tells Ganga that her wound is paining. Ganga puts ointment on her wounds. Nimboli ignores her and goes to talk to Mannu and Abhi. Dadisaa tells Anandi that their win is sure. Anandi says I have full faith that Nimboli’s statement will be advantageous to us. Dadisaa says Devimaa gave chances to Akhiraj to get right, but he didn’t do penance.


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