Wednesday Update on Young Love 18 March 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 18 March 2020

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Anandi talking to Dadisaa. She praises her for bringing the electrician on time. Dadisaa says she knows everything and tells Nidhi wants to play with girls. Nidhi says she is studying. Anandi calls Pooja, Bindiya and asks them to invite Nidhi for play and help her. She asks Nidhi to mingle with girls and play with them. Pooja asks her to play with her. Nidhi agrees and goes with them.

Akhiraj Singh is at work. His worker asks him to buy a new machine. Akhiraj says he has to manage Kamli’s marriage expenses. The worker says I heard groom’s family refused for marriage. Akhiraj Singh gets angry. The worker says he has someone in mind for Kamli. He says they are from rich family and will bear the marriage expenses. Akhiraj Singh asks whether groom is not right. Kamli comes to her room and takes out the handkerchief with KG made on it with thread and blood. She recalls Gopal completing it with his blood and gets emotional. Gopal throws paper chit in her room. She reads it and gets emotional. Gopal writes that he waits for her daily and asks her to come on the window. He promises to marry her. Kamli gets teary eyed and smiles.

Gopal buys bangles for Kamli for 80 Rs. He says he has only 100 Rs and asks how to manage a month in 20 mins. The shopkeeper asks him to buy bangles of 20 Rs. Gopal says he can do anything for Kamli and tells about SRK’s dialogue of Ek Chutki Sindoor. Akhiraj Singh tells Harki that groom is coming to see Kamli and asks her to keep Nimboli away from there. Harki says ok and goes to convince Kamli. Kamli refuses to marry. Harki asks why you don’t want to marry? And asks what is going on in your mind. Nimboli hears them. Harki gives her 15 mins to get ready else asks her to get slap by Akhiraj Singh. Harki sees Nimboli listening and twists her ears. She takes her along with her and locks her in the kothri.

Nimboli requests her to leave. Harki scolds her. Nimboli asks how you will do all the work alone. Harki says she doesn’t need her help and asks her to stay there. She locks her and goes. Nimboli gets worried thinking how she will help Kamli. She thinks if Kamli’s marriage is fixed and if she does something. Nimboli gets an idea and gets grain from the box. She gets the straws and smiles.

Akhiraj Singh asks Harki to get ready and says they can come at any time. He asks her to wear costly lehenga. Kundan comes and says they have come in a big car. Akhiraj and Harki go out. Nimboli tries to see through window. Akhiraj Singh welcomes them. Gopal sees them and hides. Groom’s mum asks him to get down. He refuses. His mum convinces him to come out of car. Everyone wait to see his face. The groom gets down. Kundan is shocked to see him. Akhiraj Singh smiles. Harki is shocked to see mad guy.

Groom’s mum asking him to come out. He steps down the car. Akhiraj Singh looks happily. Kundan gets shocked to see him mad. Harki also gets shocked. Gopal looks at him from far. Nimboli tries to see. The groom hides behind his mum. His father asks him to greet bride’s father. He greets Akhiraj singh. Harki greets groom’s parents sadly.

Kundan tries to put garland in the groom’s neck. He jumps and hides behind his mother. His mother asks him to wear it, so he wears and smells the flower. Akhiraj Singh asks him to come inside. Harki sees him holding his mum’s pallu and gets tensed. Kundan gets happy seeing the big car. Gopal gets tensed and leaves. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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