Wednesday Update on Young Love 12 February 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 12 February 2020

Daddu asking Subhadra, whether Anandi is right. Subhadra says yes. Daddu slaps her. Subhadra sheds fake tears. Daddu praises Shiv and Anandi for hiding her truth. He says it would be good if you had not come back. He asks her to leave before he comes back home. There is no place for you. He leaves. Subhadra acts to be sad. Anoop tells Khazan ji that he did illegal business of the stolen antiques and asks for his help. Khazan ji asks how? Anoop says Police refused to trust me. You have to give statement that the things in the farmhouse is mine. Khazan ji says how will they believe me? Anoop requests him, so he agrees.

Nandu and Mannu throw dry leaves on Dadisaa and then hide. Dadisaa wonders who is doing it. Gehna and Ganga look on. Nandu and Mannu come again. Dadisaa sees them going. She makes Ganga wear her dupatta and goes upstairs wearing Ganga’s dupatta to catch them. Nandu says you are here, double role. Dadisaa scolds them and asks them to come with her.

Khazan ji gives the statement that the things kept at the farm house was of Anoop. He says his manager used to come there occasionally. Daddu and Anandi come there. Anoop asks Daddu to let him do this. The constable brings the thief who used to steal the antiques. Vivek says he has made the proofs strong against him. Vinay apologizes. Daddu says he is sad as one of his sons will be arrested. The constable brings Alok. Anoop apologizes to Alok and accepts his crime. Alok asks what was the need to come here. Daddu can’t stay without you. Anoop says he will stay without and will wait for me to return. He says he will wait for the day when he will come home after going through the punishment. He touches Daddu’s feet. Daddu hugs him and cries. He then hugs Alok and surrenders to the Police.

Subhadra packs her stuff and thinks her mind is not working. She thinks where to go and what to do? She sees Alok coming back home. Everyone get emotional. Daddu praises Anoop for proving Alok innocent. He tells everything. A flashback is shown. Meenu says she is proud of Anoop today. He is repenting today with clean heart. Subhadra comes downstairs. Meenu says I am sure God will forgive him. Ira says it will happen. Anandi sees Subhadra there and asks her to meet Alok. Subhadra says yes. Daddu shouts no need. Anandi asks him to forgive her. Daddu says he said clearly that he doesn’t want to see her face then why didn’t she leave.

Meenu comes to her room and is sad. Ira and Alok come there. Meenu says she is very happy. Ira says we are worried about you. Meenu says she is proud of Anoop today and he accepted his mistake. I got my old Anoop back. She cries saying she loves him very much and don’t know when he will be back. Ira hugs her consolably. Alok says we all are missing him and promises to do whatever he can to free Anoop. Meenu cries. Subhadra is in her room and thinks everyone want her to leave, but she won’t leave so easily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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