Wednesday Update on Unforseen Love June 27

Wednesday Update on Unforseen Love 

June 27 Episode

Anjali hugging and thanking Arnav for bringing Shyam back. She says to him, you have returned my life to me. Shyam then takes Anjali to her room. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Everyone except him and Khushi go to Anjali’s room as well. Khushi tries to talk with Arnav but he holds her hand and takes her somewhere.
Everyone is in Anjali’s room. Manorama asks Anjali to something now. Anjali agrees this time. She takes Shyam’s hands in her hand and smiles.
Arnav is angry at Khushi and asks her, how you dared to bring Shyam back to this house? Khushi tells him to listen to her but Arnav goes on.. and says, if someone else had done this then I would understand, but you? You know very well that I hate that man. Khushi says, I know and that’s why I tried to call you but your line was busy. Arnav says, and then you took decision by yourself? Khushi says, just for Di.. Arnav says, she is my sister, I can take decisions for her. Khushi says, I just did for Anjali’s good. Arnav says, what’s good and what’s bad for Di.. I know that very well. As long as Shyam stays near her, she won’t be fine. Khushi says, Di will get fine and it’s only possible when her husband stays with her. She tells him, may be you didn’t notice.. before Shyam came, Di wasn’t even able to move and everyone was thinking something might happen with Di… Arnav says, so you brought him back to this house? In my house? Even after me saying that whoever brings him back will be my enemy. Khushi tells him not to say like this. Read full update with pictures only at . She says, I just did for Di.. Arnav asks her to stop and says, I always knew.. I should never let anyone come close to me because after that.. same people hurt you. I let you came this close to me, that’s why you have crossed your limits today, broke my faith today. Khushi is hurt and has tears in her eyes. She says, I had never thought that you would think like this.. I broke your faith? Didn’t you see Di? Didn’t you see happiness on her face after seeing Shyam? If I didn’t bring Shyam here today then may be Di wouldn’t be with us. Arnav gets angry and tells her to leave from there. Khushi goes closer to him but he backs away and shouts.. GOOOOOO. Khushi gets scared. “Kyun Dard Hai” plays in background and Khushi is crying and then leaves from there. She walks very slow and as soon as she goes outside of room, Arnav closes the door.
In Anjali’s room, Shyam gives food and medicines to Anjali and she takes them happily. Shyam then says, I just didn’t come to meet Anjali.. I came to apologize to you all as well. Nk, in angry tone, says, jiju please leave it. But before he says anything else, Dadi asks him to shut. Everyone except Shyam leaves from there. Dadi tells Nani, I think for the first time, Khushi has done something good. When I said same thing before, no one listened to me.
Shyam also comes out now and says to everyone, I will have to talk with Arnav and tells him what’s the actual issue with Anjali. Dadi gets happy and says, at least there is someone who cares.
Arnav is sitting alone and Shyam comes there. As soon as Arnav sees Shyam, he stands up. Shyam thanks him for letting him come in Raizada house. He also apologizes him and says, I know lots of things happened in last few weeks, but most of them is just misunderstanding. He says, can’t we forget everything and start a new beginning? Shyam then tells Arnav not to blame Khushi for this. Arnav gets mad and holds his neck. He says, don’t dare to take her name. And if you bring tears in my Di’s eyes again then I won’t spare you. Shyam starts coughing and Arnav leaves him. Arnav tells him, don’t think you’ve came back to this house forever.. I just let you in because Di is sick. As soon as she gets fine, I will throw you out from there. Shyam has a smile on his face and leaves from there.
Khushi is back to her house and she’s still crying thinking about what Arnav told her. On the other side, Arnav is also sad. (and I guess he feels like what did I do).
In kitchen, Anjali is making kheer for Shyam. Shyam asks her, why are you doing all this? You’re still not fine. Anjali says, I am fine and gives him kheer. Anjali says, she is very happy now and hugs him. Shyam says, I am even happier than you but I am worrying about Arnav and Khushi. Dadi was saying, arnav didn’t eat anything or talked with anyone. He says, I want everything to be fine and I have a plan for that.
It’s morning now. Arnav is angry at himself and cannot concentrate on anything.
Arnav then calls Khushi. Seeing Arnav’s name, first Khushi gets happy but then disconnects the phone. Arnav tries again and Khushi again disconnects. Arnav says, what the? Khushi then puts her phone between vegetables and Arnav leaves from his room to go somewhere.
Raizada house is being decorated and everyone is wondering what’s going on.
Anjali comes there with Shyam and tells everyone, whether you go or not but I am definitely going to wedding. Everyone is confused. She continues, I know a big incident happened in this house but now it’s time to move on. How long we will get sad thinking about past? Shyam tells Anjali, I did all this for you.. we can’t spoil our future because of our past. Dadi tells Nani, it’s just been a day since Shyam came but he changed everything in this house. Shyam says to himself, I am just trying to make space in everyone’s heart by doing all this. He then tells everyone, lots of preparations are left.
Arnav comes there and says, there is no need. He says, “out, I want all workers out in a minute”. Anjali asks him to listen to her. Arnav doesn’t listen and asks worker to leave from there.
Khushi talking to herself, I know I didn’t pick up his phone but why should I pick up. She then talks with God and says, you know right how he talked with me. Khushi is then looking at her phone and says, maybe he called to sort out everything but why he doesn’t understand that whatever I did was for Di. She then decides to call by herself. She says, but he won’t pick up phone now. Khushi still calls and Arnav picks up. Khushi changes her voice and talk as if she’s Buaji. But Arnav still recognizes her and asks her to stop acting.
Khushi is shocked as he recognized her. Arnav disconnects the phone. Khushi says, he got ears or “machine of catching lies”. She then sends him a text message saying, sorry for not picking up phone before and then talking in Buaji’s voice.. please call me back. Khushi is desperately waiting for Arnav’s call. She eats all jalebis in the mean time and Arnav still hasn’t called her. She says, this is enough now and is about to dial his number, but at the same time, Khushi’s home phone rings. She says, so he’s calling now and that too on home’s line. Khushi goes near phone and then says, let him wait little too now.. after 10 rings or so, she finally picks up.
It’s Manorama who called but Khushi thinks it’s Arnav talking in her voice. So she says, don’t use my formula on me, okay? Manorama gets mad and tells Khushi to give phone to Buaji. Khushi gets shocked.. she apologizes and says, I thought it was someone else. Khushi then gives phone to Buaji and leaves from there.
Anjali comes to Arnav. She tells him, you can see right? I can walk.. I am happy.. I am smiling.. do you know why? Because my Shyam has came back. Arnav gets angry. Anjali notices that and asks him to sit down. She says, he came back because of Khushi. He told me everything and I know, you’re very angry with Khushi. But I am fine today because of Khushi.. you’re angry with Khushi because she didn’t listen to you right? But why don’t you think like she went against you because she wanted to save me whom you love more than yourself. Khushi did all this just for me because she knows.. if you see me happy then you will be happy as well. Nani comes there and says, Anjali is right.
Nani says, Khushi did what a good bahu is supposed to do. Arnav is not saying anything. Nani and Anjali leave from there.
Anjali is disappointed as Arnav didn’t listen to her either. Nk and Manorama tell her not to worry and they go to talk with Arnav now.
First comes Manorama to his room and starts doing some weird rituals stuff. Arnav asks her what are you doing? She says, I just heard a good news that your and Khushi’s marriage got cancelled so all this is necessary now. Arnav is getting annoyed. She gives him a coconut and tells him to break that on Khushi’s head. Arnav is shocked and asks on Khushi’s head? Nk comes there and says, she’s is here now. Manorama says, we need to take ‘shagun’ stuff back too. Arnav asks Nk, what are you saying? Nk says, this ritual is required to end this rishta. Arnav leaves from there with a coconut in his hand.
Khushi and Buaji are at Raizada house. Dadi whispers to Nani, when Arnav doesn’t want to marry her then why are we forcing Arnav? I don’t like this girl anyways. Nani says, Arnav never refused to marry because he loves her a lot. Arnav comes down there. He asks, what’s going on? He sees coconut in buaji’s hand as well and asks her what is she doing? Buaji gives that to Anjali and then she notices coconut in Arnav’s hand. she asks what are you doing with coconut? Arnav says, this.. khushi’s head.. and then he shuts. Everyone is confused. He says, that’s not the point.. when did I say that I am breaking this wedding?
Aaksh says, you told us to get rid off of this decoration right? Arnav says, I just meant that.. everyone is laughing. Nani says, when did we say that we are breaking this marriage? We called Khushi and Buaji to put mehendi on Khushi’s hand properly. Anjali is putting mehendi on her hand now. Nk tells Arnav, we were just pulling your leg. Nk says, whatever had to happen is happened.. now say sorry to Khushi and let’s get back on track.
Khushi says to herself, him and sorry? Arnav changes the topic and asks so what’s next ritual? Nani says, next is haldi. Arnav says, great then let’s start preparation. Dadi is not happy and leaves from there.
Arnav is working on his laptop on a side and Khushi is in living room with everyone. He gives her smile and Khushi turns away her face. Arnav has expressions like… oh really? He then calls Nk and says, tell her that I am calling her. Nk says, what if she refused to come. Arnav says, she won’t say no.. just tell her to come fast as I am not used to waiting for people.
Nk goes to Khushi and tells her that Arnav is calling her. Khushi says, tell him I won’t come. Nk says what Arnav told him, you can’t say no.. I am not used to waiting for people. Khushi says, I don’t go to such people. Nk says, Arnav is angry there and you’re telling me all this to tell him? Khushi says, nothing is new in that.. he’s always angry. Go tell him.. I am not his slave. Nk goes to Arnav and tells him in his broken hindi.. Khushi shouts and correct his hindi.
Arnav tells him, go and tell her not to show ‘guroor’ (ego). Nk is confused with all this big hindi words and he calls Khushi and then gives phone to Arnav. He tells Arnav to talk with her now directly. Arnav and Khushi just look at each other and don’t say a word. Nk says, wow this is amazing.. someone has said it right.. love is blind and stupid as well. Arnav gives phone back to Nk. Khushi is shocked and angry as Arnav didn’t say a word.
Khushi gets a call from an office worker. He tells Khushi, I am trying to call Arnav but his line is busy and home line is busy as well. Khushi says, so what do I do? He tells her to go to Arnav and tell him that some deal is cancelled for which he was very nervous. Khushi gets shocked and says what?
Khushi is worried now. Worker says please give him this information urgently. Khushi rushes to Arnav’s room and tells him everything.
Arnav says, if deal cancelled then it’s cancelled.. it’s okay. Khushi says to herself, huh? he can’t say “thank you” and can’t say “sorry” either. She is leaving and Arnav holds her hand and stops her. He asks her to repeat what office worker said. Khushi says, he said deal got cancelled.
Arnav gets a call from same worker and Arnav says, yes deal is done.. Khushi is here now. Thanks.
Khushi is shocked and says so you purposely made him to call me? Arnav asks her, so deal is final or no? Khushi says, so I am a deal for you? Arnav says, of course.. you’re biggest deal of my life. Khushi says, you cheated.. Arnav says, if I had called you straight way then would you come? Khushi says, no.. I wouldn’t because you disconnected my phone. Arnav says, you also disconnected mine.. 3 times. Khushi says, I was angry at you.. you broke my heart.. Arnav says, “sorry”.