Wednesday Update On True Love Sept 19

Wednesday Update On True Love

Sept 19 Episode

Jogi in emotional tone confessing to Ichha that he was indeed responsible for her father’s death and he is sorry for this but if she wants she can give him the required punishment on which Ichha too becomes emotional and admits that she has always considered him only as her father because when her real father died,that time she din’t even knew the meaning of father ;Ichha also tells Jogi that he was not at fault sinse it was an accident ;Ichha also admits that as a daughter she has lived all the phases of her childhood with him only and so he is her real father ..Both then hug each other in an emotional moment when Ichha admits that she actually had lost faith in her relationships once she came to know the truth and so she decided to go away from them but then Veer explained to her never to loose trust on her beliefs and then she realised her mistake ;Jogi too admits that he had hidden this truth from her because he was scared of the fact that he might loose her forever on which Ichha tells Jogi that he has always taught her to face the truth and so today she is glad that everything is out in the open and now no truth is hidden between them (I wonder why Jogi din’t ask Ichha about whol told her this truth ?? )

In the main hall,Maasoom asks for her Naek(Money) from Veer sinse she is his saali(sister-in-law) ;So then Veer gives her the money and Maasoom is happy about it (Since whendid ¬†Masoom became Ichha’s sister ? );Divya is preparing kheer in the kitchen but is not looking too happy with the turn of events ;Masoom comes there to the kitchen and tells Divya about how Veer gave her the naek sinse she has that right as Veer’s saali ;Divya in a sad tone asks Masoom whether Veer has given her that money on which Masoom answers in the positive and also sarcastically asks Divya whether Tappu becomes Veer’s saali or something else now ;Hearing this Divya in a strict tone asks Masoom not to cross her limits and then tells her to look after the kheer (Well Tappu cannot become Veer’s saali because its a danger then …ok bad Joke )

Nani and Tappu r in the car on their way back home when Nani is tensed about Ichha’s return but Tappu is hving a smile on her face with the thought that Ichha will never come back to Jogi or Divya after knowing the truth about her father and so Ichha will never share her parent’s love now .. Tappu and Nani finally return home and r shocked to see Veer sitting there along with Umed ;Tappu first smiles seeing Veer but then remembers all that has happened between them and becomes sad again ;Veer gives some angry looks to Tappu ;Divya sees Tappu and Veer face-off and decides to b a peacemaker between the two ;So then Divya tells Veer that “I know u r shocked to see Tappu here but she has changed now..she has realised her mistakes and has even redeemed herself..Jogi too has forgiven her now and we hv accepted her in this house…Veer I hope ,u too will forget everything and will forgive her” ;Hearing this Veer remembers how his brother Vansh commited suicide because of Tappu and so he keeps looking at Tappu with hatred filled eyes when the episode ends (I doubt Veer is forgiving Tappu so easily ..After all drama needs to draggggg na )

Tappu giving her shocked expression close-ups for first 3 mins seeing Veer in front of her eyes ;Veer gives his angry young man looks to Tappu for next 2 mins ;Jogi and Ichha then come out of the room and see Tappu-Nani standing there in the middle of the hall with their shocked expressions ;So Ichha-Jogi too give some confused/shocked/embarassment type expressions for next 3 mins (For a moment I thought I m watching some silent movie..Sorry bad joke );Tappu then sees Ichha’s sindoor and mangalsutra and comes to know that she and Veer r married now..so tears of shock and disbelief comes out of her face and she keeps looking at them for next 3 mins ;Jogi then walks towards Tappu and tells her that Veer-Ichha got married on which Tappu is unable to control her tears and emotions but she tries her best to smile in front of all(Rashmi did good acting here ).KEEP READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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