Wednesday Update on True Love July 25

Wednesday Update on True Love

July 25 Episode

Nani nervously explains to Veer that she just came to talk to Taps. Taps leaves to drop Nani downstairs. Veer thinks about the Vansh-Ichcha’s wedding day, and how Taps was acting suspicious, and how Vansh came downstairs looking distraught. He realizes that all this time Nani and Taps were behind this, and vows to reveal the entire truth. Veer thinks that till then, his act of being nice to Taps will go on. Downstairs, Taps goes to Ichcha and taunts her for blaming someone like Veer who always wanted the best for Vansh. She tells Ichcha that she knows she’s doing this to take revenge, and she wants Taps to lose her husband too. Taps leaves. Later that night, Taps checks her cell and gets a msg from Sid. He is asking about the 5 crore and shows her he has Veer’s number with him.

In the Bundela haveli, Mai and Umed talk about Vansh.

The next morning Taps shows up at the Thakur haveli and meets Damini. Damini explains that Nani, Jogi, and Divya have gone to the mandir. Taps asks for Damini to make her a salad and juice, and leaves upstairs. She manages to find the key and heads for the safe. Meanwhile downstairs, Masoom asks who Damini is making the salad for. When Damini answers, Masoom comments on how often Taps visits her maayka and wonders what her sasural thinks of that. Damini goes upstairs to give her the salad. She doesn’t find her in her room and goes towards the study. There, Taps wipes the safe clean, stuffing all the money in a large bag. Masoom calls Damini downstairs before she can reach the study. Taps thinks to herself that she can’t bring the bag down, so she will throw it out the window and pick it up as she is leaving.