Wednesday Update on True Love August 22

Tappu at night sitting in one dhaba where few roadside-rowdies eye on her; Tappu feels uncomfortable and steps out of that dhaba but those goons follow her; Tappu hides behind a wall and finally manages to escape from there.

Next morning Tappu is shown sleeping on a bench; She wakes up and looks for some water; A little girl shows her where she can get water but Tappu sees that there is a huge line in front of the tap to get the water;

Tappu then decides to call up her parents since she has nowhere to go but then she decides against it as she feels that if they don’t care for her then she too will not call them up and blurt out her emotions to them.Tappu is clueless now how to get water or where to go when a Ex-Servant named Jyoti spots Tappu .

Jyoti then comes and talks to Tappu; Initially Tappu fails to recognize her but then Jyoti reminds her that 10yrs back she used to work in their house; Hearing this Tappu asks Jyoti that how can she recognize her since she was very small that time on which Jyoti tells Tappu that she had gone to her house once, when she saw her photo; Jyoti then in sarcastic tone asks Tappu what is she doing there on which Tappu gives an excuse that her car broke down and so she is there; Hearing this Jyoti tells Tappu that she knows everything about her since she got the news from their other servant Vimla that she has been kicked out of her house as well; Hearing this Tappu is embarrassed  but is not ready to accept it on which Jyoti tells Tappu that she thought she wanted a place to stay but since she is showing no such need, so she is going now; Jyoti then is about to leave from there when Tappu runs behind Jyoti calling her Jyoti Didi and finally asks her for a shelter to live.  Jyoti then finally decides to give her a shelter without taking any deposit from her but she puts up a condition that she will have to pay monthly Rs.300 for the room;Tappu agrees(But from where she will get money ??..)..

At Jogi’s house, Divya sees the credit card bills of Tappu and comes to know the name of the hotel where Tappu has been staying; So then Divya visits that hotel and from the hotel manager she comes to know that Tappu ran away from the hotel without paying the bills; Divya then blasts the hotel manager for calling her daughter thief and herself pays all the pending bills; Divya now wonders where can her daughter go.

Jyoti brings Tappu to a kholi(room) in a chawl which is quite dirty; Tappu keeps her hand on her nose because of dirty smell on which Jyoti tells Tappu that maybe she won’t b able to live in such place but Tappu says that its fine..she can manage; Tappu is shocked to see how  dirty the room is but she accepts her fate (Finally Tappu will know what is Uttaran, the writer have shown a full circle of life here which is not bad); Jyoti then brings one balti of water and asks Tappu to clean the room herself;

Jyoti also sarcastically tells Tappu that earlier the person who was staying in this room ran away without paying the rent, hopefully she will not do the same or else she knows her house address and so she can go and get the money directly from her house; Hearing this Tappu tells Jyoti that she doesn’t believe in running away; Tappu also warns Jyoti not to tell anyone that she is staying here on which Jyoti tells Tappu not to show her attitude since she is not her servant here.

Tappu then decides to give Jyoti some of the amount as house rent but Jyoti doesn’t accept it and tells her not to show her any money here but to pay the amount at the right time (So finally Tappu is seeing the real world)…

Tappu now decides to clean the room but all of a sudden she sees 2-3rats coming out and so she starts screaming loudly; Tappu goes and sits on top of a table and keeps screaming ” Hearing her loud voice, few village kids come there and pull her leg by telling her that its not chuha but cockroach; Tappu puts her hand on her head and keeps crying on her fate..

At Bundela house Ichha is cooking her own food but is finding it difficult to light up the oven; Ichha starts coughing ; Veer sees this from upstairs and feels bad but is helpless; Veer then asks Kasa Kaka to go and help out Ichha and so Kasa kaka goes and helps Ichha in lighting up the oven; Ichha could feel that Veer only have asked Kasa Kaka to help her out, Episode ends.


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