Wednesday Update on True Love 9th December 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 9th December 2020

Sankrant asks for 2 lakhs from Akash which surprises him. he understands that Sankrant needs it for Ambika. Don’t ruin yourself for that woman. Sankrant tells him to speak with respect. She is not a beggar that she will ask me for money. I told you I need it for myself. Akash tries to dismiss it but Meethi tells Akash to give it to him. akash doesn’t mind it but he knows that Sankrant needs it for Ambika. He has already made a big mistake in the past. Sankrant gets angry. Yes I made a mistake. Have you not done any? Akash agrees he has made many mistakes. But I have learnt from them. I agree I have hurt your bhabhi but I have corrected things too. Today I know the difference between right and wrong too.

Malvika stops to hear from outside the door. you cannot trust a woman like Ambika. Sankrant tells him to give money if he wants to but stop lecturing me about Ambika. She is a human being too. Humans make mistakes. Meethi calms them down. She requests Akash and he has no option but to give it. malvika smiles. There has only built a crack in these brothers’ bond very soon the walls of this house will have similar cracks. No one will get to know when the house will burn down because of it.

Akash gives money to Meethi who in turn gives it to Sankrant. You can tell if you need more money. Whatever is in this house belongs to all of us only. He thanks her and leaves. Akash is irked with Meethi for supporting Sankrant. You know he is taking it for Ambika. He will ruin himself for that girl. she knows he needs them more than money right now. He shouldn’t feel that we are not with him or the relation can break anytime. I don’t want this ever. Akash looks frustrated.

Malvika tells everything to Ambika. Ambika is happy that things will turn easy for them if Akash and Meethi continue doing such foolishness. I should end the call as Sankrant would be reaching anytime now. I will have to do some drama. Malvika wishes her luck. Sankrant knocks at the door just then. Ambika puts glycerine in her eyes. She starts her drama when she realises Sankrant has walked inside. I have done so much wrong with Sankrant and have hurt him but he thinks good about me. I wont trouble him anymore. I will go away from here. He tells her against it. he has arranged everything for her. she requests him not to do anything like that. Your family still doesn’t trust me but he says he does.

I have full faith that you have changed. I wont take you to my home as I know you don’t want to go there but from today onwards you are my responsibility. She reminds him that they are divorced now. he knows they still share a relation. Things don’t end with mere signatures. She folds her hands before him to thank him but he tells her not to talk like that. There is nothing like favours between a husband and a wife. I too have made mistakes and will rectify them. she smiles as he picks up her stuff to leave for the new place that he has chosen for her.

Ekadish and Gomti are talking to the priest. He tells Maiyya that she will become a grandmother. Maiyya wonders how that can be. My elder DIL cannot become a mother while my younger son’s marriage has broken. He points out that her elder son only will give her her first heir. Maiyya is pleasantly surprised. It means my DIL can become a mom. She promises to donate gold in temple if that happens.

Rani wakes up. She collides with the cupboard as she is still in sleep and a skateboard falls in front of her.

Downstairs, Gomti wants to know if there will be any problem in things. He affirms that there will be. It is very near you. Maiyya asks for a solution. He suggests her not to try to remove the problem as it will create more problems for them only. But that only can become a saviour if you will compromise or learn to deal with it properly. Rani is playing with the skateboard. Maiyya is confused. Rani falls on the sofa next to Maiyya. Rani is irked seeing another oldie. Priest points out about the problem that he just mentioned.

Meethi comes to Rani’s room but is taken aback when she doesn’t find her there. She calls out for Rani but there is no reply. Where has she gone? Hope she hasn’t met Maiyya by some chance. She heads downstairs.

Maiyya asks Rani who she is. You got this (skateboard) from the cupboard upstairs? She mistakes Rani to be some thief. She tells Gomti to call police station. Rani starts running. Maiyya and Gomti finally catch her when she slips. Rani tells her to leave her as she has got hurt in the knee but Maiyya is in no mood to let go. Maiyya checks Rani if she has stolen something. Gomti picks up the phone but Meethi disconnects it.

Maiyya tells Meethi about the thief (Rani). Meethi tells her that Rani is not a thief. I have brought her here. She is my friend’s daughter. She will live here for a few days. Maiyya is confused seeing Rani’s dressing sense. Your friend’s daughter? Maiyya calls Rani bandariya (female monkey). Why dint you tell me about it? meethi takes Rani to her room to freshen up. Rani takes the skateboard with her. Gomti points out to her sister that she finds something fishy in here. Maiyya sends her to kitchen instead.

Ambika is in five star hotel. She opens champagne as she talks to her mother. Sankrant has brought many clothes for me too. Malvika wishes how she could have been there as well. I would have enjoyed on Sankrant’s behalf. Ambika jokes that she is thinking of getting a sea facing apartment from Sankrant for her. malvika tells her to keep herself in check. You will wear simple sarees when he will come to meet you. Continue acting like a simple girl to make Sankrant and his family believe that you have changed for good and you are not interested in their money anymore. They will only come to take you when you will give them what their elder DIL cannot give them – their heir. Ambika ends the call and enjoys her drink.

Meethi is nursing Rani’s wounds. Rani is against it. I get hurt every day. It isn’t necessary. Meethi tells her to take some rest. Stay here for a while and you will feel better. Where do you live? Rani stops midway as she recalls her mom’s words. Meethi wonders about how she starts talking so much all of a sudden but goes quiet the next minute. Why so? What’s the matter? Do you not want to share things about yourself and your mother? You got scared to see that uncle too. You took glass in your hands and acted all defensive. You always ask me if any men will come here. Why so? Has something happened with you? Does anyone at your home beats or threatens you for something? Your dad? I promise I wont tell anyone else if you will share it with me. Rani says men are not good.

Malvika hears Meethi’s voice from the guestroom and gets curious. Rani tells Meethi that the men of her locality aren’t good at all. They beat all the ladies. My mom is from brothel. Meethi is shocked. Men are not good. Plus they say foul stuff. Meethi is distracted by Malvika’s voice as she calls out for her. Meethi wonders if Malvika heard it too. Seems like she hasn’t! She asks about Rani. Why did you guys stop talking all of a sudden? I haven’t heard a kid’s voice here in this house. This girl is so cute. Have you started working here since today? meethi denies. she is my friend’s daughter. She will live with us for a few days now. Malvika questions her more about it. malvika asks Rani if she will play with her. Meethi shakes her head slightly. Rani declines. I don’t play with elders. Malvika is taken aback by her response. Meethi covers up saying Rani has just come here. Give her some time. She will mingle up with you. Malvika nods. You guys talk. I will go check if Ma ji has taken her medicines. Meethi is relieved to see her go. Malvika still eyes them suspiciously.

Meethi closes the door as soon as Malvika is gone. Rani wants to know how many women live here. She compares Malvika to a thief. Do you all stay here together like the women of my area? Meethi is in tears. She apologizes to Rani. Rani tells her not to cry. You don’t look good when you cry. Meethi tells her not to tell anyone about what all she had told her just now. promise me. rani shows her her doll. Whenever my mom makes me promise something, she gives me Rs. 100 and a toy. This was given to me by my mom. What will you give me? meethi agrees to give her anything that she wants. Rani asks for magazines that has actors photos in it. meethi promises to get it for her. she wipes her tears and tells Rani to get ready. I will wait for you downstairs. Rani asks for cake. It was very tasty. Meethi has got more for her. She is amazed at the connect that she is feeling with Rani. It feels like she is one of my own. Hope she doesn’t have to go through any trouble because of me. there is no kid in this house as I cannot become a mom. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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