Wednesday Update on True Love 6th January 2021


Wednesday Update on True Love 6th January 2021

Chameli stands in the door and Maiya is shocked to see her. Akash walks in with Rani and Meethi tells Chameli to come in. As soon as Chameli is about enter Maiye tells her to stop, Meethi says that you are mistaken as this is Chameli while Maiya says that you don’t know her but I do and this is Nandini. She comes to Nandini and tells her to get lost and abuses her. She shuts everyone who talks in front of her and says that I didn’t before but now I won’t stay quite. She says that this girl is the wrong of my son and says that her every breath is sin. She snatches Rani from Akash’s hand and tells the two of them to get lost.

Nandini stops Maiya and says that you can abuse me but not my daughter as by abusing her you are abusing yourself. Maiya asks the explanation from Nandini when she tells that Rani is Akash’s daughter. Nandini confirms to what she just said. Vishnu is in his room, while Nani istalking to Mukta about Vishnu and his worthlessness. Vishnu hits the cupboard and decides to use Chameli’s bag but then says that I it Chameli’s. Mukta comes and he tells her to give it back to Chameli and leaves.
Maiya is angry and says that I will pull your tounge if you say my son’s name again. She thinks that Nandini is lying and says that first you used my daughter and now my son. She says that I am not a fool and will not tolerate this. Nandini says that you have talked a lot and says that I have protected Rani from my world and says that I will explain all how this happened. She says that either believe it or not but Meethi must know this truth.
Nandini starts to tell the tale of her and Akash and how they were going to be together. The story tells how Akash wanted to stop her while she was anxious to go to Mumbai and become an actress. Akash says to Nandini that I want to marry you but you want to leave me. Nandini is with the dream of becoming a heroin and leaves for Mumbai promising to come back after a year.

Nandini says that came to Mumbai did a film but that film was never made. My heart used to say that go back to Akash and then again it said to wait. After a few days I learned that I was pregnant then Rani was born and got trapped and Nandini became Chameli. Maiya turns back while Nandini says that she is telling the truth and swears about it. Nandini says that I am the one wrong not my daughter as she has done nothing wrong. Nandini says that does my Rani doesn’t has the right to grow with her family like other kids.

Nandini says that she doesn’t want anything but don’t take the right of her daughter from her. She says to Maiya that Rani is your heir and blood. I didn’t send Rani to your home and didn’t know that the driver knew Meethi. Nandini says that this is perhaps what the lord wants. Nandini tells Rani to go her father and that she will find a great family here. Rani says to Chameli that why are they abusing you while Nandini says that she is elder and can do so.

Rani says that I won’t go in and will stay with you. Nandini says that I can’t live with you and must forget me. Maiya requests Maiya to accept this girl while Meethi asks Akash to why he is quite. Meethi asks Akash that why don’t you do anything as you know that she telling the truth. Akash walks up to the door and tells Nandini to come in, while Maiya says that she won’t. Maiya wants Akash to swear on her so that he never talks to Nandini again, Akash does so and Maiya tells Nandini to leave.
Meethi stops Nandini and says that Akash wants to talk to you while Maiya wants to let them go. Now Meethi wants Akash to swear and says that Nandini can’t leave like this and tells Maiya to take her swear back for the sake of both their relations. Maiya nods hear head in a positive manner.


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