Wednesday Update on True Love 29th July 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 29th July 2020

Mukta had made up her mind to resign but the receptionist stops her. Don’t do this mistake. You have been promoted as Chief Personal Secretary. Yuvi is watching all this from his cabin. Mukku is happy and thinks of calling Vishnu. yuvi says you dint follow your heart. You would have been saved if you would have resigned. Now you are only one step away from your fall. You wont be able to come out of it.

Meethi is playing with Kanha’s son. Meethi is happy that Akash has handled papa’s business very nicely. He is doing everything correctly its just me who stops him from going further. I have become a burden on him because of this wheelchair. Damini tells her not to think like this. You stood on your feet that day right? This is all because of Akash’s love. meethi agrees. He thinks I will be fine soon and will be able to walk again. But I am scared. What if I am not well soon? Damini is sure of Akash. He will definitely help you come out of this situation. Kanha is also very sure about it. Your love will overcome all the difficulties. Meethi thanks him and goes out to meet Jogi and Divya. Damini wants to write a letter to Akash.

Mukku tells Vishnu about her promotion. Yuvi is standing nearby only and listening to her conversation. He simply walks off from there before she can see him. She has come to print some papers. When she checks the machine, she finds a paper which says you are very beautiful. She looks at Yuvi (he has his back towards her) and then at the paper and gets thinking.

A car is driving very fast so the traffic police constable stops it. Rathore is in that car. He tells him that it is a crime to have film over mirror plus you are not wearing seat belt. Rathore murmurs he has done many more crimes. I am not carrying my license with me today. I wasn’t able to think properly so came out on a drive just like that. The constable asks him to pay fine atleast. Rathore hasn’t brought his wallet too. The constable suggests towing his car. You can come and pay after which you can take you car back. Chaubey’s car is passing from there and he asks his driver to stop. Looks like it is some wealthy party. He gets down to go see for himself.

The constable murmurs about his arrival. Rathore too watches it from the side mirror and is taken aback. Chaubey is approaching his car. Rathore wears his shades and closes the mirror a little. Chaubey talks to the constable (Shinde). I don’t care how wealthy the person is who breaks law. I don’t care. He knocks at the mirror asking Rathore to get down. Rathore stays put. Chaubey opens the door himself but the constable stops him. he had stopped by to ask for some route. Chaubey gives his intro. Rathore thanks them and drives off. Chaubey is upset that the people today have become too much aware of the law and everything.

Meethi is looking at hers, Damini’s Iccha’s pic. Akash comes there so she wipes her tears. Why is my Meethi crying? She shows him that pic. Anni has given it to me. she said whenever you feel low or sad in life then look at your mom’s face and when you feel that my pain is greater than mom’s then I should give up. But it will never happen because my pain is nothing in front of what my mom has gone through. She even had to bear her kids’ hatred. Akash agrees with her. But whom Anni supports, that person never gives up hope. As her every word is a blessing for her kids. Meethi gives him the envelope that Anni has sent for him while she goes to give sweets to Maiyya.

Akash opens it to find some money and a letter inside it. The letter says, the money is less but the blessing is way bigger. I want to say one thing. When a girl gets married then she leaves behind all her relations and expects that one person alone can fulfil all those relations for her, that is her husband. My Meethi is lucky to have you….who can protect her as well and if required, will teach her to walk too. I am thinking right Akash? Yours, Anni. Akash touches the letter on his head promising to be with Meethi in every step of life. I will be her protector and her saviour too.

Yuvi is watching Mukku on the CCTV Camera of his office. Mukku looks lost. The manager is also there. Yuvi appreciates him. now the distances between us have lessened. Only 2 days have lessened all the distances. The manager is confused as to why is Yuvi giving her so much of importance. First job; then promotion and salary raise and now these cameras. Do you have some personal enmity with her? yuvi’s demeanour changes and he pushes off the files from his table. The manager apologises and leaves from there. Yuvi remarks that there is personal enmity. I have to ruin you Mukta..just the way you did to me sometime back.

Remember my dear Mukku Nukku do you remember that day? The whole flashback of Yuvi trying to molest Mukku and then Iccha saving her is shown; how Iccha had given her word against him and the court sentence. You and my mom sent me behind bars. What did you think? I will forget everything and do penitence once I am out? I was making one decision every night in jail – the day I come out I will take my revenge. He opted for plastic surgery and got a new face. Mukta Rathore, no Mrs. Mukta Kashyap…I am back in your life with a new face and identity – Yuvraj Singh Bundela! Now its impossible for you to stay safe.

Chaubey is delighted to see the gold bangle in Ambika’s hands. He thinks about their worth and asks her what she wants. She wants 60,000 cash. He is about to make a call to Ekadish but she stops him. I want it from you. He acts miser and she almost loses her cool. I am not used to hear a no. He agrees to give it to her. But what will you do with that much money? She is planning some surprise for her in-laws…a dangerous surprise!

Meethi is looking for her gold bangles. Ambika comes there. Meethi shares her worries. They were given by Anni and now I am not able to find them. ambika asks her if she has even been to a hill station like Shimla. Meethi denies. ambika gets happy. I have booked tickets for all of us. It would be fun in January’s winter, snow and shopping. I and you will celebrate our honeymoons with our respective husbands. Akash and Sankrant come there. Akash tells her it is all Ambika’s surprise plan. Meethi tells him to let the newly married couple go there. What will we do there? I anyways will become a burden for everyone there.

Akash recalls Anni’s letter. Instrumental tune plays in the background. He sits down next to her. has anyone ever said that? She tells him she wont be able to roam around in Shimla with this wheelchair. They also wont be able to enjoy because of us. He says I will stay with you everywhere all the time. Sankrant also insists. Akash says no one will go if you wont go. Ambika is ready to cancel the plan as well. Sankrant also doesn’t want to go without her. meethi gets thinking. She agrees finally. The tickets are for tomorrow morning. Ambika is happy. Now the game will be fun. I will make your honeymoon differently. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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