Wednesday Update on True Love 28th October 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 28th October 2020

Meethi hears someone’s voice and goes to see. She sees Nusrat apologizing to a guy. Looks like they both like each other. He has brought a gift but she cannot take anything from him. he insists. I have spent my entire money to buy it. please don’t deny if our love is true. Nusrat takes it cries as she hugs it tightly. Meethi understands that Nusrat loves someone else while she has agreed to marry someone else. This is why she is always so sad. Nusrat goes from there crying.

Akash looks at Meethi’s photos on his laptop. He gets a call from someone. He agrees to reach somewhere in 10 minutes. He copies all the photos in a usb and gets up to go. Kajri comes there just then. She is about to give him that cd when she hears one of the massi’s calling out for Maiyya. She agrees to talk to him later. He leaves.

Nusrat is sadly clutching onto the gift when Meethi comes there. She quickly composes herself and invites Meethi. she talks about the incident at the factory. She apologizes on his behalf. He must have done it to hide your vermilion from Ansari ji. Meethi asks about her friend who had come to meet her. what’s his name? Nusrat is taken aback / nervous. She gets up denying knowing anyone. Meethi takes the gift which she had kept under the pillow and shows it to her. Nusrat tells her not to share it with anyone. meethi agrees not to tell anyone. But do tell me if I can help you in some way. I will definitely help you. You can trust me for that. She gives it back to her.

Asgar was passing by but stops to ask Nusrat about the noise at window. Nusrat recalls the morning incident. He wants to know whose window was it. Meethi lies that she was trying to close the window when something fell on it. He reminds her to tell him in case she needs anything. It is our responsibility to take care of you now. She thanks him. Nusrat thanks her for saving her as her brother leaves. Meethi asks for this gift from Nusrat. Nusrat offers to give another necklace to her which is much more beautiful than this. Meethi smiles. Nothing can be greater than love. That letter was sent by him only, right? She knows that Nusrat is hiding truth from them. you looked so glum in your own mehendi. It clearly shows on your face. You love someone one while you are marrying someone else. Why? Nusrat shows her the gifts brought by her dad which are of green colour.

She doesn’t like green colour but never told him about it. he is my dad. How can I hurt him? I love him this much that I can do this small sacrifice for his sake. Meethi understands her point. But if she marries against her wish then will her dad be happy? he will understand that you wont be happy ever. You and he will stay upset over it for life. There is no point of living a relation which doesn’t make you happy. it will be much better if you tell truth to everyone. It is very important that you both share a relation that has love in it. He (her husband) will take care of her likes and dislikes, is ready to die for you and with whom you want to spend your whole life. Nusrat declines. I cannot hurt dad. Maybe this is what’s written in my destiny. meethi gets sad listening to the word destiny.

Gomti comes to tell Ekadish that the cd isn’t there. She is worried if Akash got it. Did that stupid Pavitra take it with her to Aatishgarh? Gomti tells her that she left as she was scared of Akash. If he gets to know about it then he will throw them out of the house. This is why she left. Maiyya tells Gomti to come with her. just then they notice Kajri going out of the house. Kajri is hiding something under her saree which she notices. She takes the cd and slaps Kajri. Will you tell Akash? Kajri will definitely tell it to her. She holds Kajri by the neck but Gomti spots a car coming towards their house and warns Maiyya. Gomti takes Kajri with her. she is told to lock her in a room. Maiyya breaks the cd and throws it away.

Rathore and Jogi come there to meet Akash. She has no idea where he is. I have no idea about his whereabouts nowadays. He is very sad since Meethi has left this house. Jogi interrupts her. Meethi dint leave on her own. She went away so that Akash can marry again and you get a heir. Meethi has given a very big sacrifice for all of you. I feel that you knew about it. Rathore asks her to come straight to the point. She stays put. He knows that there is no point talking to her. he reminds her that Meethi is the daughter of their house. It will be very good for her if she isn’t one of the reasons why she left. He leaves with Jogi.

Asgar calls out for Nusrat. She is a little lost which she notices. She was thinking about Meethi. she is really good. He agrees. Where is she? He is shocked to know that she has gone in his room only. Bhabhi had got new clothes so she has gone to bring them only. He wonders what if she checks the bags that were delivered yester night. It contains weapons and stuff to be used to make bombs. He tells Nusrat to let him know if she needs anything. She nods while he rushes to his room.

Meethi reaches Asgar’s room. She calls out for Zubeida asking for the clothes. She get sinside wondering if anyone is there or not. nusrat wanted clothes. Are they in these bags? She checks a bag and finds carpets inside it. She is opening Asgar’s bag to check for clothes when he comes running inside stop her in time. She is taken aback by his gesture. She recalls the guy she had met in the train. He asks her if she wanted anything. She tells him that she felt as if the same thing happened to her a while back. Someone had snatched his bag in a similar manner a few days back.

He talks about her being guest. If you want anything then you should order. You don’t need to work yourself you should tell people. He asks her if she wants anything. She tells about Nusrat wanting her clothes. He agrees to get them delivered to her room via Zubeida. You can go from here. She leaves. He closes the door as soon as she is gone. He is upset at Zubeida for being so irresponsible. I will have to teach her a lesson. How can she leave my stuff in open? He takes out the guns and bombs from the bag. I have to finish my mission. I need another Fidayin. Meethi = Fida. She will become the Fidayin. He keeps the stuff back in his bag. She comes in front of me at all the wrong times. I am always scared what if she recognizes me. I will have to be careful that she never gets doubtful on me. Hope the guest will not become a problem. I will have to do something so that she trusts me most.

A servant comes to tell Meethi that her new clothes have been kept in her room. She thanks him but he instead tells her to thank Ashfaque. He was after the tailor saying you are the guest of this house. You shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Asgar comes to meet Meethi. He can understand that she would want to talk to her loved ones some way. Email or phone call isn’t possible owing to the train blast but postcards are not are much scrunity. He gives postcards to Meethi promising her that he will post them somehow. She is grateful to him for his help. You made my fake passport that day to save me and now this. I will definitely tell my family members about you when I will go back.

They will be forever indebted to you and so will I be. It will be something to write in history the way you, being a Pakistani, helped me, and Indian. He talks about guests being loved dearly. We too consider guests like Gods. It is our responsibility that we make you reach your home safely. Once Nusrat gets married I myself will do it. they both head to opposite sides. She is full of praises for him and wishes him happiness and luck. Hope no problem befalls on him and his family. I am fully sure that only Asgar can send me back home. Asgar muses that she wants to go home. He will do it. I will get it done that for you Pakistan is your country. God is giving him such a big responsibility. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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