Wednesday Update on True Love 27th January 2021

Wednesday Update on True Love 27th January 2021

Nandini is happy to see Meethi drinking charnamrit as she had mixed that ash in it only. But she is shocked when Maiyya turns to give some to Rani as well. She intentionally collides with Maiyya, because of which the charnamrit falls. Maiyya scolds Nandini for not being careful while walking. Nandini apologizes to her. I will bring cloth to clean it. she leaves. Rani prays to God to make her Meethi Ma well soon. Meethi says I am fine dear, don’t worry. Go, it is time for you to go to school. Ask Gomti massi to drop you till the bus stop. Rani says don’t worry about me Meethi Ma.

God listens to all my prayers all the time. Maiyya and Meethi smile. Rani hugs Meethi and then leaves. Maiyya suggests Meethi to visit a doc. Meethi assures her that she is perfectly fine now. Don’t know what happened to me yesterday. I am sorry for what happened yesterday. Maiyya again asks her to see a doc as she is worried for her. meethi agrees to do so in case something like that happens again. maiyya tells her about the sankatmochan puja that she has kept especially for her. Bring fresh flowers and decorate temple. Meethi agrees.

Akash is about to leave from his room for office when he notices Meethi all quiet. Are you alright? She nods. He too suggests taking an appointment with the psychiatrist for her. she denies. I am fine. He is upset that she isn’t listening to him at all. You have any idea how you were attacking Maiyya? If it was someone else in your place then I wouldn’t have forgiven that person. Try to understand me, this isn’t a normal thing. you are not understanding it. She replies that she understands it all but this is why I am trying to make you understand. I agree I did very wrong, I have apologized to Maiyya for the same in the morning. This wont happen again. I myself will visit a psychiatrist in case something like that happens again. you want to send me to asylum? He jokes that what will happen to those people if I send you there. You are good here with me only. I am leaving for office. You can call me in case you want to go to a doc. She affirms. He leaves for office.

Nandini looks at Meethi from outside the door. Meethi has her back toward her. Nandini notices the Ganpati idol in Meethi’s room. She recalls Guru Ma’s words about how God’s idol should not be near Meethi or Guru Ma’s magic wont work on her. Nandini taunts Meethi. I think you are going to go to a mental asylum real soon. she walks inside the room. If one or two such incidents happen again then everyone will start believing that you have gone mad. She picks up the Ganpati idol and hides in under her saree. Meethi stands there quietly. Nandini asks her if she thinks that she is behind all this. God wants this as well that I get my right. Don’t worry about anything when you will leave for mental asylum. I am here to take care of everyone. You should only take care of yourself now. Meethi is still mum. Nandini walks out of her room with the Ganpati idol.

Akash is on phone with Damini. She is shocked to know about Meethi. you are telling me now? Akash says initially I felt that it is some bad dream, but we realised tomorrow that it is something big when Meethi attacked Maiyya. I tried to make her agree to pay a visit to doc but she is not ready to listen to me. what should I do? Damini suggests her to send Meethi here (Thakur House). Akash knows that Meethi wont go anywhere without Rani. You please come here. It is only you who can make Meethi understand. I am really worried for her. She agrees to come asap. I will make her agree for a check up. He thanks her. they end the call but Damini is really concerned about Meethi.

Vishnu is on call with Akash. I haven’t got to know anything as of now. But don’t worry I am keeping an eye on him all the time. I will inform you as soon as I get any info. Khanna comes there. Vishnu ends the call by referring Akash as Mukta. I will call you in a while. Akash realises that someone would have come in the cabin. Vishnu tells Khanna that it was his wife. Khanna tells him to have another life outside his home to enjoy life. Someone comes to meet Vishnu so he excuses himself. Khanna eyes Vishnu’s landline. He dials the last dialled number.

Khanna is shocked to hear Akash’s voice. He keeps the phone down without saying anything. I was right. Vishnu is giving all the inside info about me to Akash. This is cheating. Vishnu doesn’t know what he is getting into. Now I will tackle both of them. Vishnu returns. Maybe the peon was mistaken. No one came to meet me. Khanna smiles. Mistakes happen, but the important thing is your learning’s from them and how you decide not to repeat them again. Some mistakes are such which cannot be rectified ever. Vishnu nods. Khanna excuses himself to make a call (fake call to trap Vishnu). He tells someone to bury Aslam’s dead body in ND Cemetery. He repeats Aslam’s name to make sure Vishnu hears him which he does. Khanna smiles looking at Vishnu.

Meethi decorates the temple with fresh flowers. She sends the servant to bring 5 different fruits from the kitchen. We will need them in the puja. He leaves. Doorbell rings. Meethi is pleasantly surprised to see her Anni. Meethi understands it that Akash has requested her to come here today. Don’t listen to him. I am perfectly fine. You have come on the right time. Maiyya has kept sankatmochan puja for me. Damini says I will leave after puja now.

They both come to the temple and are shocked to see the rotten flowers. Meethi wonders how it could be. I was decorating the temple only just before you rang the doorbell. Maiyya must be coming. What will I tell her? Maiyya comes there just then. She is taken aback at the sight of the temple. Who offered rotten flowers in the temple? Gomti too looks around in shock. I had told you to bring fresh flowers to decorate the temple.

Meethi too is confused. I had just set everything on my own a while back. I don’t know how this happened. gomti chants Hanuman Chalisa to ward off evil spirits. Meethi offers to set everything right again. just give me five minutes. maiyya stops her from going near the temple. All this is an indication that an evil spirit has entered in you. Nandini hears this from a distance and smiles. Maiyya continues repeating the same. you shouldn’t go near the temple as it will get impure. Meethi looks at her in shock. Damini too is taken aback to hear all this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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