Wednesday Update on True Love 23rd December 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 23rd December 2020

Mukta and Nani get emotional as they get Manav. Mukta kisses him lovingly. Ratna is glad to get hold of Rani. I will lock you in a cage that you wont even dream of flying anymore. Mukta notices Rani trying to free herself from Ratna Bai’s clutches. Mukta gives Manav to Nani. They both sit inside the car. Mukta looks at Rani one more time who is struggling to free her hand from Ratna Bai’s hold. She puts her taxi in reverse while Rani runs towards them shouting for her Driver Didi to stop but in vain. Ratna Bai enjoys the drama. Rani looks at her sadly.

Akash and Meethi reach the brothel looking for Rani. She shows Rani’s pic to a guy who suggests her to leave from here as they wont get Rani. Meethi refuses to leave without her daughter. Akash gives him (to Ratna Bai indirectly) that they can do whatever they want to stop them! they leave. The guy calls someone to tell them about two people who have come looking for Rani.

Ratna Bai’s goon catches hold of Rani. He pulls her towards their cars. Mukta comes there in her taxi and stops it at a little distance. She calls out for Rani to run. Rani bites the hand of the goon and runs towards the taxi with Ratna Bai’s goon running after her so as to catch her. Nani tells Mukku to drive off, leave that Rani. Mukku tells her to take care of Manav. She calls out for Rani again, give me your hand. The goon catches hold of Rani just when she reaches near the door of the taxi. Mukta has no option but to drive away. rani calls out for her driver didi but the goons don’t leave her this time. Ratna Bai wants to take revenge from Rani. Your mother has created problems for me, now it is time for you to pay back. mukta mentally apologizes to Rani.

The guy keeps an eye on Meethi and Akash as they search every single room of the brothel to find Rani. Meethi tells Akash to find Rani anyhow. He thinks that maybe Rani gone to Mukta and Vishnu’s house. They both leave for Vishnu’s place.

Mukta cannot get Rani’s pleadings out of her head as she stops the car. I cannot leave her with those goons. Nani asks her if Rani matters more to her than Manav. Mukta is worried as to what they will tell Meethi. nani wants her to focus on Manav only but Mukta is in tears as she thinks about Meethi and Rani.

Malvika asks Maiyya if everything went well. Maiyya nods. The problem is gone finally. Was Meethi crying a lot? She gets to know that Meethi and Akash have gone out to find Rani. Maiyya is sure they wont be able to find Rani this time. Maiyya again gives some money to Malvika for helping her (in meeting Nani). Did anyone ask about me? malvika denies. no one even realised it that you were not at home. Maiyya is relieved. The good thing will be when Akash comes back with Meethi. Where will they search for Rani!

At Thakur House, everyone is relieved to see Manav back. Meethi and Akash come there too. They are happy to see Manav back home safe and sound. Meethi realises what must have happened as they had asked for Rani. How did they agree? Akash tells them that Rani is missing. We tried looking for her everywhere but in vain. Do you guys have any idea about her? Everyone is quiet and tensed. Nani takes Manav from Meethi on the pretext of taking him inside but stays put. Rani isn’t here. We don’t know where she has gone to. She tells Akash to take Meethi home. Meethi asks Mukta why she is quiet. Do you know where Rani is? Mukta tells her that she couldn’t bring back Rani. Meethi is shocked.

Akash says you could have told me atleast. I too wanted to save Manav but I dint want to lose Rani in the process. We could have saved both of them if you would have spoken to me about it. What did you do! Meethi iss hocked to know that Mukta had taken Rani with her. Mukta tries to explain that she had to take Rani to bring back Manav. Meethi wants to know where Rani is. Tell me where have you left her, who all were there? Look at me. tell me where she is. We will bring her back. Mukku apologizes to her once again. I became selfish for Manav and took Rani to Ratna Bai.

Ratna Bai brings Rani to her place. She tells her men to keep an eye on Rani 24×7. She threatens Rani not to think of running from here or she will be beaten badly. Goons assure her that they will take care of Rani. Ratna Bai decides to call her client as half of her money is stuck.

Mukku narrates everything to Meethi. I tried to save her but wasn’t successful. Meethi says you put another kid’s life at stake to save another kid! Nani tells her to stop. Did you give birth to that Rani? She is back from where she had come. How can you compare her to our Manav! Mukta has given birth to him. why are you questioning ask? Ask your MIL who too doesn’t want that bad blood to stay with you. Akash is shocked. Nani suggests Meethi to forget Rani. They are dangerous people, you might lose your life in the process.

Meethi doesn’t care. I am Rani’s Ma, I can retort back as well. I will set fire to Ratna Bai’s brothel if anything happens to Rani. Divya cannot understand why Meethi is acting stubborn. Meethi comments that they find Mukta right in doing what she did. I am acting stubborn! I am wrong, why? Divya talks about own blood. Why cannot you understand this difference? What’s Manav’s fault in this? It is good that you and Mukta thought of giving new life to someone but it couldn’t happen. Why should Manav suffer because of it? meethi replies that they think it is right but she doesn’t think the same. jogi speaks up too. I can understand your emotions but tell us if you or anyone else if happy since the day Rani has come in your life? Don’t take me wrong. I know you will take time to forget Rani but it will be good if you don’t insist on bringing back Rani.

Meethi is shocked to hear it from her Bade Papa. He nods. I am worried for you as you are my granddaughter. Meethi points out sadly that she is like his granddaughter and not the real one. Everyone is taken aback. There is no blood relation yet you worry about me. you want me to forget Rani? If it was about Mukta then would you have said the same to Manav? Damini shouts at Meethi to stop. Go home and think calmly about what I had said to you. Think over Mukta’s actions. She tells Akash to take Meethi home.

Meethi agrees with them all. I should go home and think on my own as my thinking is different from yours. you people are right that a prostitute’s daughter should go back to that place. This is why you all sent her there as well. Manav is the son of Thakur family, son of a good mother, which is why he has the right to live happily (luxuriously) but Rani has no right for the same as she is the daughter of a prostitute – in Maiyya’a words – bad blood! This is what the society thinks and follows but I refuse to abide by what the society says. A prostitute’s daughter has as much right to live as a Thakur’s son. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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