Wednesday Update on True Love 19th August 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 19th August 2020

Meethi wakes up a sleeping Akash by pulling his nose. They both keep looking at each other sweetly. He asks her where she is going after dressing up so well. Are you taking me out for dinner? She takes his hand and leads him to the garden. It is beautifully decorated with a special table for them. He is completely floored by this gesture. She wishes him happy Valentine’s Day. This is my gift for you. Did you like it? He kisses her hands. Beautiful, just like you! He forgot the day. I haven’t planned anything such. She wants her gift right now and asks for it by holding out her hand. He agrees to give it tomorrow but she stays put. I want it right now. He checks his pocket but then hides something in his hands behind his back. She takes it from him and gets super happy.

This is the best gift for me. he is taken aback. This is a five rupees coin only. She explains that today you gave me everything that you had with you. He is surprised by her sweetness and kisses her on the forehead. You are the most precious gift of my life. You made my day so special. I wont forget this ever. There is so much tension at home and yet. She wishes him again with love. He gets excited as he looks at the cake. They both decide to head to cut the cake which she has made but then he gets down on his knees. Mere haath mein plays. Will you be my valentine forever? She gives her hand in his with a smile. He carries her in his arms till the table. They both cut it together and then feed it to each other. They blow out the rest of the candles.

Next morning, Mukku asks her receptionist about the timing of the interview. She goes and tells Vishnu that his interview will begin 10 minutes. But I will have to go now or I will be late. Afterwards ask the receptionist about my cabin and she will direct you. Don’t go without meeting me. He looks very nervous. She tells him to have faith on himself. Your interview will be good. Vishnu nods. She leaves for her cabin.

Yuvi is telling his employee that Vishnu Kashyap is such a nice, well educated man. He was insulted in the party because of us we owe an apology to him. mukku is at the door listening to all this. Yuvi continues, we aren’t favouring him by giving him this job but in a way we are compensating him. I have seen all the applications. We cannot find such a good candidate. Don’t forget the name. The guy leaves nodding. Mukku asks for his permission to come in which leaves him smiling. When did you come? She tells him that she did knock but he may not have noticed.
I had come to give you this file. He says I never wanted you to know that I am doing something for you. She appreciates him. I dint think you will give so much importance to the party incident. Thank you for whatever you have done for me and for what all you are doing for Vishnu today. I wont be able to repay you ever. He requests her not to let Vishnu know about it. His self respect would be hurt if he will get to know about it. She agrees to keep it a secret. She leaves after giving him the file. Yuvi is thinking all about revenge. I too have seen bad days. I will ruin you Mukku Nukku. He smiles an evil smile.

Maiyya comes to talk to Meethi but she isn’t interested. You do a crime like kidnapping, lie to me and yet you expect me to believe you? Meethi leaves from there before Maiyya can say something. Ambika comes there singing a bhajan. Maiyya comments that she is singing as if no one is as pure as her. I will serve you right, just wait. Ambika continues to pray around Tulsi plant. Maiyya tells her not to act. You are a hypocrite. Ambika doesn’t mind it. What will you do by separating my sons from me? Ambika says you are cent percent right but I am the purest soul here in this house for everyone else while you are a witch. It would be good for you to stay away from me. maiyya is sure one day her plan will reverse.

Ambika says you are compelling me to prove you wrong in front of your own sons. Maiyya holds her hand challenging her as to what she will do. My elder DIL is with me. I wont have to do anything. She will end your chapter one day. Ambika smiles. She picks up the ghee container and drops it on the floor. The glass shreds to pieces which spread around. maiyya looks on confused as Ambika takes a round around the plant and then steps on the glass piece. The puja thaal falls from her hand as she screams out loudly. Maiyya looks tense. Have you gone mad?

Ambika calls out for everyone. Meethi is the first one to come and Ambika starts to act or cry. Everyone else comes there too by then. Ambika asks her to be careful as there are glass pieces lying around. I pray here every morning. Don’t know who has done this. Sankrant takes the glass piece out of her feet. Pavitra says it out loud that I recall how we mixed glass pieces in aalta that day. Maiyya looks at her angrily. Meethi too remembers it and looks up. Ambika says this is what happened to you in Aatishgarh right? Same thing is happening with me here.

Sankrant pulls out another glass piece from Ambika’s feet. Maiyya calls Ambika a liar, a hypocrite but Akash asks her to stop it. We have understood everything who can do this. Maiyya calls her a witch. She herself broke the bottle and then stepped onto it. Sankrant too doesn’t buy it. A fool only would believe it. Maiyya calls them all a fool. She is fooling everyone. She is the clever daughter of Chaubey. She told me on the face that she will ruin my whole family. Ambika begins to act all helpless again. Why don’t you kill me instead? Why are you after me? End this revenge in one go. Why are you blaming me falsely? Maiyya gets angry. I will end your story today. sankrant holds her hand asking her to stop. She is my wife. If something happens to her this time then I will forget / forgo our relation, understand? Ambika smiles but then again pretends to cry as they look at her. Epi ends on Meethi’s face. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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