Wednesday Update on True Love 18 March 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 18 March 2020

Everyone asking the God to show them a way to get out of the current mess. After Vishnu and Meethi put their wedding card in front of the God’s idol, the priest tells them to do a circle around temple and then 7 rounds around a tree. Vishnu and Meethi go for a circle around temple. Vishnu tells Meethi that it’s getting out of control now. Meethi says they will tell the truth to Damini before Mehendi ceremony.

Inside the temple, Mukta cannot control her emotions and goes away. The priest gives a thaal. Damini is busy praying, so Akash takes it and says he will give it to Meethi. Mukta meets some ladies who ask her if she came alone or with everyone. Mukta goes in with them. Damini tells them that Meethi is getting married. Vishnu and Meethi return. Damini introduces Vishnu to them.

Next scene, Meethi is doing 7 rounds around the tree. Akash is following her and tries to say something, but Meethi doesn’t let him say. Akash also does all 7 rounds with her. After they finish, Akash says, I was trying to tell you that the priest had said to do rounds with your to-be husband. Meethi realizes her mistake and says, so what? In end I will taking 7 pheres of wedding with him only, and then you keep laughing at yourself for your entire life. Meethi leaves from there.

Inside the temple, the ladies say, but we heard few months ago that Meethi is getting married. Before Damini says anything, Akash interrupts, yes, this is my wife’s 2nd marriage and I am inviting to you to attend her wedding. If you have time, then tonight is her mehendi ceremony. We will be very happy, if you attend it.

Next scene, Nirbhay is tied somewhere. Two guys come to him, and Nirbhay acts as if he’s unconscious. The guys get worried and releases him to take to the doctor. After they release him, Nirbhay beats them and tries to run away, but another guy puts a gun on his head and asks him to put a blindfold on his eye. After Nirbhay does that, the guy says, it’s time you meet someone your own. He takes him somewhere.

Nirbhay gets surprised hearing Maiyya’s voice. Maiyya takes off the blindfold. Nirbhay asks her, how can you kidnap me? I call you Maiyya and respected more than my own mother. Maiyya says, so now you’re remembering all your relationships? What had happened to you when you were planning to make my life hell with your father and sister? Those flashbacks are shown and then how Maiyya had heard everything.

Kanha is trying to give medicine to Damini, but she says, I am absolutely fine. I don’t like eating so many medicines every day. Meethi and Vishnu are approaching to her room. Damini tells Kahna to tell doctor that she is fine now, all her tension has gone away. Everyone is happy, Meethi is getting married, and a child is coming in this house as well. She says, so now even the God calls me to him, then I don’t have any problem. Meethi and Vishnu hear that. Meethi tells Damini not to say like this. Meethi gives medicine to Damini and she has no choice, but to follow her orders.

After that, Damini puts Vishnu and Meethi’s hands in each other hand and say, you know what this mean, right? That no matter what you won’t leave each other. After this Damini asks them, you came together.. you wanted to say something? Vishnu says, Meethi wanted to tell you something. Meethi doesn’t have guts to say the truth now. She says, I wanted to say that you will have to take medicines every day. Damini says, okay I will do whatever you say. I will take them every day. You don’t worry. Kanha is leaving. Damini also goes with him to see if mehendi function preparations are done or no.

At Aatishgadh, Agarth’s sister tells him, this Surabhi.. don’t know in what trouble she put Nirbhay on rakhi day. Maiyya enters and says, Rathore took Surabhi with him. And Rathore and Nirbhay must have fought. Agarth gets angry at Rathore and says he won’t spare him if anything happened to Nirbhay. Maiyya and Agarth’s sister tell him to calm down and they will have to plan very carefully otherwise it would hurt them only.

Meethi apologizes to Vishnu and says, I won’t be able to tell truth to Anni. Vishnu too agrees after he saw excitement and happiness in Damini. He asks her what to do then. Meethi says, they will have to marry for real now. Vishnu is stunned. She asks him whether he will support her. Vishnu remembers his promise that he made to Iccha and then says that whatever he is today, it’s because of Iccha and will do anything to save her family from a trouble. He agrees for the marriage. Meethi joins her hand to him and thanks him.

Mehendi function begins. Meethi is coming down. Akash sees her and cannot take his eyes off her. Meethi too notices him, but she then avoids looking at him. Akash kisses a flower and throws it at her. Meethi turns back and looks Akash smiling at her. Akash tells her that she looks beautiful with gestures. Meethi turns her face and walks away.

The mehendi girl starts putting mehendi in her hands. She keeps looking at Akash, and he keeps teasing her showing her flowers. Kanha comes to him and asks, if dinner preparation is done. Akash is lost in Meethi’s thoughts. Kanha asks him again. Akash says, I will do it right now. He leaves. Kanha cannot believe it. The mehendi girl asks Meethi for her to-be husband name to put in mehendi. Meethi doesn’t say anything. One of the family members says, she is feeling shy, it’s V for Vishnu. Damini goes away from there.

Akash comes to Meethi and offers her a juice. He says, but there is mehendi in your hand.. if you want, then I can help you? Meethi doesn’t answer anything. Akash says, as you wish. He’s leaving, but Meethi stops him. She goes to him and says, for your information mehendi is done in my hand. She shows it to him, and says, see whose name is written. Akash looks at it and smiles and says, madam, it’s A. See from my angle, you will see it’s A.. A for Akash. Meethi says, if you see from my angle, then you will see V. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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