Wednesday Update on True Love 16th September 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 16th September 2020

Maiyya is practicing what she has studied in the school but she is doing it all wrong. Meethi notices this and sits down to teach her on her own. Maiyya is irked. I have other stuff to do as well but Meethi makes her sit. Maiyya doesn’t want to learn two different things here and there. Meethi teaches her sweetly. She will also take her exam after a month’s time. Maiyya excuses herself to drink water. Door bell rings and Rathore comes to invite her, Akash and Sankrant for the Baisakhi party at his home tonight. He feels bad for Sankrant. It will be a good change for him. She agrees but knows he will take a little more time.

I and Akash will definitely come. He is happy to know that she has taken the responsibility of Damini paathshala. She nods. I don’t know if I will be able to do it like mom. He has full faith in her. I always see your mom in you and whatever you are unable to do, your mom will make you do with her blessings. She thanks him. I had gone to police station today and saw Ambika. He says she should be in the mental hospital instead. She explains that being her dad he will and only he can take her out from all this. You will have to make her understand. He doesn’t want to talk about someone with whom he has no relation. He leaves for he has to do preps at home. Meethi stands there only and the afternoon incident flashes before her eyes. Why do I hear that woman’s scream all the time? I couldn’t do anything for her.

Yuvi has booked the whole restaurant for Mukta. He pours champagne in two glasses as he waits for Mukta. I have spent every night in jail thinking of you. You ruined Yuvraaj SIngh Bundela. I will fulfill that incomplete wish of mine. I couldn’t fulfill it that night but I will certainly do it tonight. I promise you wont be able to show your face to anyone after tonight. He mixes something in one of the glasses. Come soon I am waiting for you Mukta. Vishnu comes there just then.

Yuvi has his back towards him. He smiles broadly thinking it will be Mukta but his smile disappears as he sees Vishnu standing in front of him. What are you doing here? Vishnu asks him if he was waiting for someone else, his wife. Yuvi calls it some misunderstanding. Vishnu already doubted him but now is sure that his intentions were evil which is why he called Mukta here. Vishnu slaps him which angers Yuvi and they both start fighting. Vishnu beats him badly. You tried to create rift between me and Mukta by making me her junior. Now I know why you promoted her so soon. All this termination was a sham to gain Mukta. Those gifts, being generous in front of her was all a lie to impress her.

Yuvi’s face is hurt badly and Vishnu also breaks a bottle on his head. Vishnu grabs a chair to hurt Yuvi but stops as he looks at the tattoo on his hand with the initials YB. A chant plays as Vishnu recalls how Mukta had once told him about Yuvraaj SIngh Bundela, Yuvi; Akash meeting Meethi’s brother outside their company. He makes Yuvi stand and takes his full name which shocks Yuvi. You are Iccha ji’s son, Meethi’s brother Yuvraaj. I will have to show your real face to everyone. He throws him on the floor and Yuvi grabs hold of his head as it is hurting a lot. Vishnu goes out leaving Yuvi behind. Yuvi calls someone for help. He tries to get up but in vain.

Meethi is ready for the Baisakhi Party. The afternoon incident keeps flashing before her eyes. Akash too is ready. He finds her lost in thoughts. She says since I am back from jail I feel the pain of every woman. She narrates the whole incident to him and how she tried to stop them but could not. I had gone to the police station to register a complaint but couldn’t gather the courage to do it. That woman’s screams are still echoing in my head. I feel as if I know her and have heard her voice but have no idea where. I couldn’t do anything for her. I don’t know what to do. We should help her for she is in trouble. He suggests to register a complaint before going to the party which makes her happy.

Vishnu is on his way home. He wants to tell Yuvi’s truth to Mukta. Everyone should know it. Don’t know what all he will be planning. He tries Mukta’s number but it is unavailable.

Yuvi’s manager comes to help him. He is shocked to see his state. Yuvi asks him not to tell anything to anyone. I have to leave this town asap book my ticket. He takes him to hospital for dressing otherwise there will be problem at airport. Yuvi reluctantly agrees.

Vishnu reaches home and tries to clean the blood marks from his shirt and hands. He isn’t Yuvaan but Yuvraaj Singh Bundela. He calls Mukta and she finally picks it. He tries to tell her Yuvi’s truth but his voice is drowned in the noise of dhols. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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