Wednesday Update on True Love 12 February 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 12 February 2020

Meethi talking to Damini. What do they think? That whatever they will say I will agree to it? Celebrating someone’s death, enjoying, dancing what is left to think? Do they think that by doing this I will go back? No Meethi wont do this mistake again. I have understood each of them very well. It must be there plan to get me back in that cage. Akash would right now be sitting with his family and mocking me.

Damini tells her not to think of them. Don’t hurt yourself because of them. I would rather say he dint deserve your love. He has hurt you a lot already but not anymore. I want my old Meethi back. The very same Meethi who when used to enter in the house, the whole house echoed her laugh. The whole house used to be happy seeing her happy and chirpy. I want my Meethi, Anni’s daughter back. Now there is only one hope left for me to live which is – you. Vishnu & Mukku stand by the door listening to their convo. Damini continues, I pray to God that he send someone in your life who will take out all the bitterness from your life and give my old Meethi back to me. Now you rest I will get coffee for you. She meets Vishnu who asks permission for speaking with Meethi. She nods & goes from there.
Mukku pats Meethi’s shoulder and welcomes Vishnu inside.

Akash monitor beeps along with the Kal Ho Na Ho instrumental music. Maiyya tries to calm him down but in vain. The nurse rushes in. She reprimands Ekadhish for speaking with the patient when she had advised otherwise. He doesn’t wish to live. Plus his pulse is not stable at all. Even the medicines are not having their effect. Everything is in God’s hands. Ekadish looks on helplessly.

Vishnu seeks forgiveness from Meethi. That guy used my name, my identity to enter your life. He ruined everything for you. Its all because of me. She tells him not to apologize. It was not your fault but mine that I trusted him. Don’t blame yourself.
He cannot stop feeling guilty about it. Somehow I am to be blamed for all of this. I am feeling bad even thinking about it. I came to meet you earlier too before your wedding. I wish I had tried to either meet Mukta or Teacher didi then this wouldn’t have happened. I am yours and teacher didi’s culprit. He turns to leave but stops. Can I request you something? She nods back.
He says if you ever feel like I can help you in anyway then do not hesitate to contact me. She nods and he takes her leave.

Sankrant is sitting before a Ganesha idol. Maiyya joins him. Vakratunda Mahakaya chant begins in the background. She says, my son doesn’t want to live. You make him understand please. He is not listening to me.
Sankrant nods his head in negative. What for? That he live a life of no use. As soon as he recovers and comes back home you will again start prodding him for revenge. When will you change? Or will you ever change or not? He is about to walk off when she keeps her head on his shoulder in a manner of surrender. I agree to what he is saying. Sankrant confirms with her if she agrees to everything that he has asked for. She replies I am ready to forsake the revenge game forever for my son’s life. She cries bitterly as he looks on.

Vishnu comes downstairs and meets Mukku who asks if Meethi said anything. He declines. Plus her sadness wont go away in a minute. When you get cheated by someone so badly it is very hard to forget it. My blood still boils thinking why I couldn’t do anything. Why could I not recognize his truth? He used my name to cheat her and teacher didi. He ruined both their lives. I did a big mistake.
Mukku tries to comfort him. It was not your fault. You dint knew anything. It was our fault that even after knowing his reality I couldn’t expose him in front of everyone. I tried so hard to meet you as well but couldn’t save Meethi’s life.

They both rue wish they would have met earlier at the right time and saved Meethi’s life. He wonders what he can do to bring back the happiness back in Meethi’s life. Somewhere I am responsible for this and I only will rectify everything. Mukku supports him. I am with you in this. Whenever you think of doing something for Meethi then let me know. I will be with you. They both shake hands and he leaves from there.

Kajri’s words keep echoing in Meethi’s head. He is in a very serious condition and needs you. Only you can save him. He needs you or he will die. A sad piercing piya plays as Meethi thinks what if what kajri didi was saying turns out to be true? What if Akash really slit his wrists? If it is true then what should I do I cannot understand. She decides to call Kajri but disconnects the call. I don’t want to ask anything about him. Nothing!
Sad Darmiyaan plays as she sees the jewellery box lying on the table. She takes out the broken mangalsutra from it. Looking at the mangalsutra she recalls how she had taken it off forcibly breaking the threads and scattering the beads on floor. She gets worried. I broke it that day. If because of this something happens to Akash’s life then….?

Sankrant sits beside Akash. He speaks to him so lovingly. Akash, Maiyya has agreed. Now there wont be any revenge. We have nothing to do with any revenge now. Your Meethi will be safe and sound. Maiyya has promised me. Maiyya watches it from the door and nods smiling at Akash. He calms down and his condition gets a bit stable. Sankrant tells him not to act stubborn anymore. Now you have to live for Maiyya, Meethi & me. Now get up for us. Akash smiles slightly. Sankrant & Maiyya smile seeing this.

Meethi meets her inner voice in the mirror. No Meethi you cannot fall weak this time. Meethi says but what if something happens to him because of me? I do not want anything to happen to anyone because of me. Her mirror image tells her not to take the burden of everyone. Did you forget what he did to you? He took you to the forest to kill you. He kept the dagger with him not to save you from anyone or anything but to kill you. Meethi protest but her inner voice shushes her.

It is good that you took off the mangalsutra and wiped the vermilion off your forehead. Think about it. What if Maiyya & Akash made this plan, pressurized Kajri didi to lie to you? Don’t be stupid. Look at me. I am you inner voice. Its not necessary to go back to that cage. Meethi agrees with her. It might be Maiyya & Akash’s plan. They would have definitely pressurized Kajri didi t call me. It is nothing but a trap. Her inner voice tells her to forget everything. You wont go back to that cage again. Meethi is still worried about Akash.
Her inner voice tells her off. What will do with it? Don’t forget that he broke your heart. He hurt you and your mother. You both trusted him so much. It is all a trap. He was never good for you. He was a cheater. He never deserved your love and neither is and nor will be. Meethi wipes her tears determined. She looks back in the mirror to see her reflection missing. Very sad piya plays. Episode ends. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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