Wednesday Update on True Love 11th November 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 11th November 2020

Akash wants to know where they are taking him. Asgar tells him that he is being shifted to another jail. Rehmat Ula Khan comes back as soon as they are gone and is surprised to find Commissioner (Asgar) gone. He forgot his ID card. Ansari comes inside. He congratulates Rehmat Ula for capturing an Indian spy. Rehmat Ula thanks him. He would have confessed if Commissioner Sir had not come here. He took him (Akash) to the Central Jail. He shows the ID card to Ansari who immediately realises that it is fake. Someone took him from our jail like that. He looks at Asgar’s photo and wonders who he is.

Divya and Damini go inside to meet MUkku and the baby. They wake her up and congratulate her for the baby. Mukku tells them to not to tell anything to Vishnu yet. I want to give this good news to him.

Meethi is restless thinking about Akash. I have to save him. How do I save him? I have only one option – to tell the truth to Ansari. He only can help me now. He is a good human being. He will definitely help us in going back to India.

Meethi comes downstairs just when Ansari comes in with his constables. Rizvi ji greets him. Ansari has come to arrest all of them. You have helped an Indian woman who has come to Pakistan illegally. You have helped her in staying here which is illegal. He even knows Meethi’s real name which shocks everyone all the more. Meethi requests him to listen to her once. They all are innocent. He tells her to go ahead with her new story. She shares about their going to Aman Ki Dua. She even tells him about Akash being in Pakistan jail. Please help us in going back to our home. He compliments the story but is not ready to believe it. he doubts her to be an Indian terrorist.

You were involved in Jammu train blast and Aman ki Dua too. You will be arrested and this family will be arrested along with you. She is ready to be jailed but requests him to relieve these people. He calls them all culprits in the eyes of law. Saba vents out her frustration yet again. Indians can never be someone’s. They make other people’s life hell wherever they go. the constables take Khalid, Ashfaque and Rizvi ji while Meethi pleads to Ansari to listen to her once. Abbu gets a heart attack. Everyone rushes to him. Meethi shouts for him and her dream breaks. She decides not to tell anything to Ansari as that can create problems for this family. he wont even believe me. Please God show me some way.

Asgar brings Akash to some guesthouse (unknown place). Akash wants to know why he is brought here and what they want from him. asgar tells him to consider him as his friend. I will fulfil your dream for which you have come here. He goes from there followed by his men.

Mukku talks to the baby about meeting Vishnu. The doc who was treating Vishnu tells Dr. Goel (mukta’s doc) about Vishnu’s death. Mukta seems to have heard Vishnu’s name. She is shocked to know that he was admitted to ICU a while ago. She gets worried for him and gets up to go meet Vishnu. She heads for the ICU with her baby in her arms and is shocked to see Vishnu. She asks Jogi, Divya and Damini about Vishnu. she is shocked to see that all the equipments have been removed. She gets panicky. Who has removed all this? No one answers her anything so she shakes Vishnu. divya tells her to control herself as Vishnu is no more.

Mukta doesn’t believe her. Vishnu cannot go anywhere. She asks Vishnu to get up to prove everyone wrong but in vain. She also shows him their baby and even keeps it over him. the baby holds his finger. Vishnu finally breathes which shocks everyone. Mukta gets happy. Meethi comes to meet Akash. They both hug each other happily. he wants to know who brought her here. Asgar steps in. Akash recalls his meeting with Asgar back at the Aman Ki Dua event. She calls Asgar an angel. I am alive and here because of him only. He has done so much for me. akash shares about their meeting at the event. I had even shown Meethi’s photo to you and you had declined knowing Meethi.

Meethi too get curious. Why dint you tell me about it? Asgar replies that they both are Indians while he is a Pakistani. I gave you (meethi) a fake identity and then took you across border. If I would have told him about Meethi then do you have any idea what would have happened? We all have been arrested asap. An Indian girl in Pakistani troop and then that bomb scare. All my plan was ruined and we had to return to Pakistan. I swear I hid it from Meethi for a very little time that I have met Akash but when I had come to know about your entry here in Pakistan then I made up my mind to unite you two. Akash thanks him for his help. Asgar will surely give them an opportunity to thank him. give me some time and I will definitely send you from this country for forever.


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