Wednesday Update On This is Love Sept 19

Ruhi asks Suhail not to leave her, and just be with him. Suhail wipes her tears and says I m always with you. Lady says manager wants to meet me Sir. Suhail goes. Ruhi sees some men
staring at her. Suhail comes and asks are you okay, shall we go home. She says no, maybe blackmailer is keeping an eye at home, can we go somewhere else, we will go to Shagun’s home, I will feel good, Aaliya will be there.

Mihika and Aaliya are drunk and shout. Romi and Adi ask them to stop drama and come. They ask them to be quiet. Mrs. Bhalla sees them. Romi holds Mihika, and Adi holds Aaliya to shut her mouth. Guard sees them and says guys and girls do such things openly. Mrs. Bhalla shouts to them and says I did not do anything like this openly, you people are shameless, you are fools. Adi says what to do, Dadi is also drunk.

Shagun talks to her friend and tells about decorating the house for her husband. She tells traditions. She says I will kiss Mani under the mistletoe and make up today, the couple who kisses standing under the mistletoe, their love increases. She prays and promises to be loyal to Mani, he is a great guy, please Lord, I hope he forgives me. Mani comes home. He sees her and asks whats this decorations, I thought you will go in some party, don’t try to act like wife. She apologizes and asks him to give her a chance, she wants to keep the marriage. She says I want to kiss you standing under the mistletoe, so that our love increases. He says I don’t believe all this and goes.

Romi and Adi get Mihika and Aaliya home. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Santa and laughs. Romi asks her to leave wine bottle. Adi stops Aaliya from drinking. Romi and Adi get troubled. Mr. Bhalla comes. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says you have come, it means you did not go old, you know its merry christmas today. He asks her to stop drinking. She asks him to come and dance. Romi says I did not make them drink. The women dance. Mr. Bhalla says I know what to do, and tells something to Romi and Adi.

Suhail and Ruhi come to Shagun’s house. Suhail stops the car. He sees a car and turns to Ruhi, getting close. Ruhi slaps him and asks what were you doing. He says sorry, that car was following us, you said someone is following you, I did not want someone to see you, so I did this. She says I m… He says leave it, we should go inside house.

Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Adi get lemon water for the women, and make them drink. They make them sleep. Ruhi hugs Shagun. Shagun says everything will get fine, you both sit, I will get food. Ruhi says I m not hungry. Shagun goes to get icecream. Mani calls Shagun and says I m going to meet my business partner, he wants to meet my wife. She says you want me to come. He says if you want. She says of course, I will come. He says I will message address. Shagun tells Ruhi that she has to go to party with Mani. Ruhi asks her to carry on. Shagun goes.

Suhail asks Ruhi to have icecream. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi says I m at Shagun’s house. Ishita asks did you have food. Ruhi says I did not have food, I m eating icecream….. The call ends. Ishita asks Raman to take her to Shagun’s house. Ruhi gets blackmailer’s call. He says I have taken the money bag, I will make the MMS viral. Suhail asks who are you, you will get money, don’t make MMS viral. Ruhi worries. She says he will make the video viral. Suhail asks her not to worry. She says he has my video. She cries.



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