Wednesday Update On This is Love Sept 19

Wednesday Update On This is Love

Sept 19 Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman that they should be with Ruhi, she is just 17 year old, she is alone. He says we can’t do this, blackmailer can identify us, and police will not let us go there. She says we have to be near her, and do our duty. He asks how. She says its a costume party, its Christmas, we can also go in costume, like we went to meet Pihu, I think this is the way to keep an eye on Ruhi, and protect her. He agrees.

Mihika says Adi and Romi do not know about us, we should just chill, they are enjoying freedom, why are we worried, we can have some cocktail and then dance. Aaliya says I feel weird, we should go home, maybe Adi tried calling me. Mihika asks her to just chill. Aaliya says this drink is different. Mihika says its fruit crush, not alcohol, drink.
The bartender asks waiter why did he give drinks to ladies, it was wine, that was meant for those men. Aaliya likes the drink. Mihika orders more drinks. Bartender says we have to serve same drink, else they will know. Mihika and Aaliya drink more.

Raman dresses as Santa and wishes Merry Christmas to Ruhi. He says I m Papa…. Abhishek sees Raman and says how did Raman reach there, I asked him not to go, Ruhi listen to you, you will not react seeing Raman, just give a small smile and look away, blackmailers will be watching you. Ruhi does as Abhishek says. Raman goes. Ishita dressed as Elf wishes Ruhi. Ruhi sees her and says Ishi Maa….. Ishita gives her balloons. Ruhi smiles.

Mihika and Aaliya get drunk. Mihika says Aaliya, wine is bad, but worse is Bhalla men, they all are mad and make others mad. Aaliya agrees. The bartender sees them. They drink more.

Suhail comes to the party. The man welcomes him and asks did you get gifts for kids. Suhail says yes. He sees Ruhi. The man says maybe she also got some gifts, please come and give gifts to kids. Suhail thinks for whom is Ruhi waiting. The dwarfs come downstairs, and play music. Abhishek sees the dwarf and tells the team to wait till the dwarf takes the bag from Ruhi, you will not leave him. He alerts Ruhi and asks her not to turn till he says. Ruhi worries. The dwarf goes near Ruhi. Ishita looks on. Raman stops the official Santa of the party and says I can pay you, but I have to go inside in party. The man says its my work, I m honest in work, I m Santa, you go, else I will all organizer. Raman goes.

The lights go. The dwarf runs with Ruhi’s bag. Suhail asks Ruhi to wait, I will see. She sees Suhail. Suhail catches dwarf. Raman, Ishita, Ruhi and Abhishek come. Raman asks did you make my daughter’s video, were you blackmailing him. Abhishek says wait Raman, first check the bag. The officer checks and says money isn’t there. He asks dwarf where is money. Dwarf asks what video, I did not do anything, I came to take bag, he will have bag. Raman asks me? Dwarf says deal was that I will give bag to the man in Santa’s getup. Raman says what nonsense. Ruhi says this is not my bag. Dwarf says I gave your bag to Santa. Raman recalls that Santa and gets shocked. He says it means he has given bag to other Santa, whom organizer hired for party. Abhishek says where is he. Raman says he will not go far, come.

Mihika and Aaliya dance. Romi and Adi come there. The man says they got drunk, so I called you, our waiter gave them alcoholic drink by mistake. Adi says how will we take them home. Romi says its fine, we will manage. He asks Adi to take Aaliya. Adi says they are drunk, we can’t take them home, we will drop Aaliya to her home. Romi says no, Mani will think we made her drink, see Mihika’s state, Aaliya will sleep in Simmi’s room. Adi says no. Romi says we will do this, yes. They ask Mihika and Adi to come. Mihika and Aaliya laugh seeing them, assuming they are seeing them on other guys. Romi and Adi say its really us. Mihika calls him monster and screams. They run. Romi and Adi catch them, and take them home.

Raman says blackmailer was infront of eyes and went, I did not identify him. Abhishek says we checked hotel, he is not here. Ishita pacifies Ruhi. Raman says we will talk to party organizer. Abhishek asks them to go police station and wait for him. Ruhi says no, we can’t go there Ishi Maa, he will leak MMS, you all go. Suhail says don’t worry, I m with Ruhi, you all go, I will take care of her. Ishita asks Ruhi will she be fine. Ruhi nods. Ishita asks Suhail to be with her. She hugs Ruhi and asks her to stay in touch.

blackmailer/Santa going to the godown and checking money. He takes money and puts kerosene on the purse. He burns he purse. Mr. Bhalla sleeps. She says he got old and slept so soon, its Christmas today and he is not celebrating, why will I spoil the evening, I will celebrate my way. She sits drinking. She gets drunk and talks. Raman says I can’t believe how did that man leave. Abhishek says calm down, my team is finding him. Ishita says there is risk, if he makes MMS viral. Abhishek says no, he will not do, he just wants money, see he will call you soon, we will catch him. KEEP READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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