Wednesday Update on This is Love July 11

Wednesday Update on This is Love

July 11 Episode

Pihu talking to Mrs. Bhalla on phone. Shagun comes and sees Pihu. She removes the phone line and asks what happened. Pihu says I was talking to Dadi about tv show, and Dadi disconnected call, why did she do this. Shagun says its okay, what can we do, people change, have this milkshake, mumma will watch tv show with you. She smiles. Ishita wakes up Raman. He sees time and says Pihu will get late for school. She asks him to stop. He goes to Pihu to wake her up. He does not see her and realizes she is gone. Raman and Ishita cry. He says I got habitual, sorry. Ishita hugs him and they cry. Adi sees them crying, and cries. He says its all because of me, I m responsible for all this, Mani supported Shagun for Pihu’s custody because of me, Papa and Ishi Maa are worried,
I have to make things right, but how…. yes I have to do that, Aaliya can help me.
Aaliya talks to Adi and asks what, are you sure, if you decided this, I will support you, I will see you soon. Mani stops Aaliya and asks her why is she doing this, is she going to meet Adi, he is wrong. She says stop it, you punished Amma, you supported Shagun and broke Amma’s heart by making Pihu away, Adi needs me, I won’t leave him alone, like you left Amma alone. She leaves. Shagun looks on worried.
Ruhi asks Adi not to worry. Aaliya meets them at the clinic. Ruhi asks how are you Aaliya. Aaliya says better. They ask Adi to calm down, everything will get fine today. They meet the doctor/hypnotherapist. The doctor asks Adi not to worry, hypnotherapy can make us know things in our subconscious mind, you just think its like a dream, come. She starts the session and asks Adi to think of that day, you are driving, you can see the way, you can see your friend, you gave him lift, where did you go from there. Adi recalls and says I dropped my friend, I started drinking more. She asks where did you go then. Adi recalls going to some park, and seeing someone throwing chemical on Aaliya. He opens eyes. She says just relax, tell me what did you see. He says there was someone, I don’t know who, I was seeing everything blurred, I have seen him running away, I guess its one who attacked on Aaliya. She asks him to relax and gives him water.
She says you will remember everything soon, its first session, go and wash your face, you will feel better. He goes. Ruhi asks Mam whats happening, why does Adi not remember anything. Doctor says its his first session, things will get clear. Aaliya says its clear that Adi is not the culprit, he is the witness. Doctor says yes, he is main witness, he does not remember as maybe something happened, we have to keep another session, I will give you appointment. Adi comes. She asks Adi not to worry, our next session will be fruitful. They leave. Ruhi asks Adi are you fine. Adi says I was there when this happened with Aaliya, I m sorry Aaliya, I could save you if I was not drunk, it happened because of wine, Ishi Maa and Papa used to get angry when I came home drunk. He gets angry. Aaliya hugs him and calms him down. He says we will go office, and help Mihir, he is managing Singhal project along.
Ishita talks to Mihir on phone and says Raman and I will come factory to help you. Mihir says I will manage, you stay at home. She says Raman needs a change, we will come thee and handle project. Raman says we are not going. She asks how will we give double profit to Singhal as we promised. Raman says Mihir will manage, we will go to Pihu’s school, I called ten times to Mani’s house, they are giving excuses and now Pihu went to school, we will go and meet her, don’t I have right to meet her. Mihir asks Ishita to go, he will manage office. Ishita asks Raman won’t Shagun take revenge now, will she let us meet Pihu. Raman says I will say I came to give this book, I have to meet her, why will they not allow me. He goes to get ready. Ishita says I can’t see his state, I really hope his heart does not break.
Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya come to office and see Mihir talking to staff. Adi is worried to talk to Mihir. Mihir meets him. Adi cries and hugs him. Mihir smiles and says no need to give any explanation, your hug explained everything. Mihir goes to Aaliya and asks how are you, you came back to work after big incident, that’s big thing. Aaliya says I will get a change, I want to support you and Adi. Mihir says I think we all should make a new start, I love you all. Ruhi says I hope I can help you. Ruhi tells Aaliya that Adi looks relaxed now. Mihir and Adi talk. Ruhi asks shall we work now. Mihir says yes, production is lagging, it can become big problem if any investor knows it. Singhal comes and says my new partner said right, he doubted that there will be some slip up, this project won’t complete on time, I will make you meet my new partner, he will deal with you. He gets Mani. They all get shocked. Aaliya says Appa…..
Teacher does not permit Raman and Ishita to meet Pihu, and says its last year notebook, don’t make such reasons, Shagun did not allow you to meet. Raman requests her. Teacher says don’t do anything that school has to take legal action. Ishita says we were missing Pihu. Teacher says I can’t help, sorry, I got copy from court. She goes. Raman gets angry and says I will wait outside till school hours end, then I will meet her. A lady says don’t worry Mr. Bhalla, I have seen you loving Pihu as her mum, I will get Pihu and make you meet her, what if you can’t go to meet her inside, I will get Pihu here, you can wait. Raman and Ishita get glad.
Mani talks to Singhal about the project. Singhal agrees. Mihir asks staff to get back to work. Ruhi asks Aaliya to take Adi to coffee shop and calm him. Ishita tells Raman that she will go when Pihu comes, you hug her. Pihu comes and meets Raman. Ishita hides and sees them. Raman hugs Pihu and says I have missed you a lot. He asks her to see what he got for her, her fav chocolates. Shagun comes and throws it. Raman gets angry.
Mihir asks Ruhi why is she checking Singhal’s profile. She says I m trying to check his background, do you know his family. Mihir says he has a daughter Kajal. She says Kajal Singhal, I heard this name. She checks and says she is Ruhaan’s fan, her name is in Ruhaan’s meeting wishlist, I know what to do now, we will convince Singhal, Ruhaan will do this
work which Ruhi could not. Shagun tells Raman that he is not permitted to meet Pihu.
The lady asks Raman how can he do this, I did not know he is not permitted, sorry Shagun. Shagun says its okay, some people don’t understand. Shagun goes with Pihu. Raman and Ishita ask the lady what did she say. The lady says I said this to help you, its my son’s birthday tomorrow, Shagun will now allow Pihu to come, you guys come, I did not book entertainers till now. Ishita says Raman, we can become entertainers. He says Shagun will know. She says no, we can do this for Pihu. She asks lady not to hire anyone, we will come. They thank the lady. The lady says I m a mother and can understand, don’t thank me.
Raman and Ishita collide in corridor and argue. They smile. They talk about buying costumes for the party. She says we have to practice, I don’t want anyone to know this, I planned the games too, we have to do good acting that no one doubts. He says perfect, nothing should go wrong. Amma comes and asks what wrong. Ishita says we were talking about new project. Raman says yes, and asks Ishita to get files. Ishita says I will get files, meet me downstairs. They go. Amma says they think I don’t understand their lie, I have to ask Santoshi.
Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu has gone and house got lonely. Amma says we will meet her, Mani won’t stop her. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu will be going in friend’s birthday party tomorrow. Amma says I have a plan, we will meet her there. Mrs. Bhalla asks how, no one invited us. Amma says I will ask Aaliya about it, then we will go. Mrs. Bhalla asks what about Shagun. Amma says I have a plan for it. They decide the dish to make for Pihu. Amma says if Ishita and Raman know this, they won’t let us go, come. Mrs. Bhalla goes to cook tomato chicken dish.
Ruhi talks to Mihir about Singhal’s matter. He asks her to tell her if there is any development. Adi comes and asks him will she come along to hypnotherapist clinic, I got appointment, get ready, Aaliya will meet us there. Ruhi agrees. He asks her if there anything. She says no. He corrects the book which she was holding upside down, and says you can tell me if there is anything. She says nothing. He goes. She says I did not get Kajal’s message, I will carry Ruhaan’s clothes and will leave from there.
Raman talks to Ishita on phone. He sees tomato chicken and makes Neelu pack the dish for Pihu. He goes downstairs and tells Ishita that he got late, sorry. She says I got gifts for Pihu, we will give her, I don’t know she will like it or not. He says you are her mum and knows her choice, she will like it, I got her fav dish tomato chicken also. She says come, we have to go to costume shop.
Mrs. Bhalla goes to pack tiffin or Pihu. She sees the leftover dish and thinks where did it all go. She calls Neelu to ask. She sees Mr. Bhalla and thinks he has finished it. She asks him why did he eat tomato chicken, he should have asked once. He says I did not eat it, ask Neelu. She says I know you have done this. Amma comes and stops Mrs. Bhalla from taking Pihu’s name. She tells her plan of going in party, we can’t go like this, we have to get disguise, we will get costumes and even Shagun won’t identify us. Mrs. Bhalla agrees and praises her. Amma says we have to leave now, come.
The lady welcomes everyone in her son’s birthday party. She waits for Raman and Ishita. The boy asks shall I cut cake, all my friends came. She asks him to wait, she called special guests, don’t know how will they look, but they will entertain you all. Raman and Ishita come as joker and Charlie Chaplin. The kids get glad. Raman asks can anyone identify us. The lady tells them that no one can identity them, their costume is good. Ishita asks for Pihu. Shagun comes with Pihu. Raman and Ishita smile seeing Pihu.