Wednesday Update on This is Love 29th July 2020

Wednesday Update on This is Love 29th July 2020

Shardul says I met Ishita and she felt it was some coincidence, I went there to take revenge, I offered her help, she accepted my help as she trusted me, Sudha and Ishita made Raman away and made me take his place, Sudha trained me about Raman’s behavior, I learnt it well, I asked her about Raman, but she didn’t tell me anything. Arijit says you kept pretending to save his company, while I was ruining it. Shardul says everyone would have suspected me if I made a mistake, Karan nearly caught me, but Ishita saved me, she convinced everyone that I m Raman.

Arijit says everything was going well, Neeti got unwell, I had to bring her here, your stupid wife had come here to make our tension high. Shardul smiles and says don’t know how I married her, I suggested Ishita that I would go as Shardul to Natasha so that we find the person wanting to destroy Bhallas, she agreed, Natasha thinks she is smart, she doesn’t know that I know about the diamonds, we used Tara and got them arrested. Arijit says I m losing my patience, we have to find out where is Raman before Neeti comes in senses forever, we have to kill him, its good you got Neeti.

Shardul says I was scared seeing her, I wanted to hug her. Arijit says its good you were with her. Shardul says Neeti made sketches of your house, they wanted me to call me, I tried to warn you but couldn’t, I knew you will manage the situation, you did. Arijit says yes, I shed many fake tears, we have to find a fake Namita to prove that Neeti is my and Namita’s illegitimate daughter, didn’t you get hint about Raman. Shardul says no, maybe she kept Raman in hospital or any isolated place.

Arijit says we have to find out soon. Raman is seen in hospital. Ishita says I m scared that Malhotra can inform Arijit. Shardul says its Ishita’s call, I asked Malhotra to lie. Arijit says she made entire family believe you are Raman. Shardul says yes, she loves Raman a lot, she can even live with a stranger in a room for him, but her character is clean. Arijit says Ishita is a criminal, she has saved her murderer husband. Aaliya asks Ishita not to worry, Raman will be fine. Ishita calls again. She asks where are you, we all are worried. Shardul says I m fine, Malhotra was here, he didn’t tell anything about Arijit, I spoke to him smartly, so that he doesn’t doubt, I m sure he would tell Arijit about this meeting. She says fine, come home. Arijit asks him to go and find out about Raman, take care of Neeti. Shardul hugs him and leaves.

He comes home. Ishita says you got so late, we were tensed. Yug says I won’t let you go alone. Raman says I m fine, I got no info about Arijit, I m worried for Neeti, we can’t confirm if arijit is her dad or not. Ishita says leave it, go and sleep now. Shardul comes to Ishita. She makes separate bedding. He says sorry, I couldn’t find the person who wants to harm Raman, you always supported me, thank you. She says I don’t know why you are blaming yourself, you are here as Raman, you handles the family and entire business, its just you holding everything together.

He asks how long will this go on, I m sure he got fine. She says yes, I m sure he will come out of coma, he has to get fine for my sake, I m alive for his sake, he has to live for my sake. He says I m sure he will get fine, you lied to family for his sake, he is a lucky man, I m sure he is a good man that you love him, I wanted to meet him, can I meet him. She says of course, you can meet him, but I don’t want anyone to follow you, people like you are rare, I want you to meet him some day.

Its morning, Simmi asks for bhai dooj gift. Shardul says sorry I forgot, I will take you on shopping. Mihika says I have to look after Neeti, I will take breakfast for Neeti. Shardul thinks I wish I could take breakfast for her, but not now, I will find Raman first. He asks Mihika to take laddoo for Neeti. Mihika goes and calls out Neeti. She sees her drawing. She gets shocked seeing Raman’s drawing. She clicks pics. Neeti comes. Mihika says I got your breakfast and fav laddoos. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla go for shopping with Shardul. Mihika asks Ishita to see the drawing. Ishita says she has drawn Raman’s old face, how does she know him. Mihika says Raman didn’t tell us about him. Ishita says look at the detail, like she has clear image of Raman in his mind, what’s the connection. Arijit said Neeti is his illegitimate child, I don’t understand.


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