Wednesday Update on This is Love 22 January 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 22 January 2020

Ishita saying Yug isn’t Adi, stop this drama. Raman gets Karan’s message and says good job. He says this marriage will happen tomorrow, I will talk to pandit. He goes. Ishita says tomorrow, where is Rohan, he isn’t answering. Rohan says pandit, my manager gave me your number, puja has to happen tomorrow.

Pandit says I have to go for conducting a marriage, I will then come to your place, I will get the puja items, I m getting items for Bhallas also. Rohan asks whose marriage is it. Pandit says Aaliya Bhalla. Rohan asks who is she getting married to. Pandit says Aditya Bhalla, Raman wants the marriage to take place tomorrow, you are sure about puja right.

Rohan gets shocked. He says how is that possible, Aaliya and Yug’s marriage, how can Ishita do this, I

will stop this wedding, I don’t need anyone, I will not let this happen. He calls Karan and says Aaliya is marrying Yug, I m going to Bhalla house. Karan asks what, come home, what will I tell mom. Rohan says they have troubled me a lot, Aaliya is going away.

Karan says you can go there tomorrow, mom is asking about you, if she finds out, she won’t go to London for her treatment, she is our mom, her health will suffer, once she goes, I promise I will come with you and stop the marriage come home. Rohan says maybe you are right, I will come. Karan says I have to tell this to Raman.
Raman says marriage will happen tomorrow morning.

Aaliya thanks her. Mihika says we will take care of everything. Ruhi says lets get ready for mehendi. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to talk to caterers. Mrs. Bhalla says there should be some music here, call Kiran also, she will be happy. Amma says I will see if she comes. Yug says I want to talk to you. He asks Raman is there any problem. Raman says no, Rohan has signed the divorce papers. Yug asks did he sign it.

Raman says Adi, we should focus on Aaliya, don’t you want to see her happy. Yug nods. Raman says smile and be happy, I will manage everything. He gets Karan’s call. Karan says Rohan got to know about Aaliya and Yug’s marriage. Raman asks how, Ishita has called him for sure.

Karan says no, I blocked her number, he got to know by the pandit, I will come with him tomorrow and do a drama, my name shouldn’t come, you will get divorce papers, you handle it. Raman says don’t worry, and thanks. He says I had to thank this idiot, Rohan you can’t stop this marriage. Aaliya gets mehendi on her hands and smiles. Shagun calls Ishita and asks her to come to Iyer house for a talk. Ishita goes. Everyone is happy. Mani comes. Ruhi dances. Simmi says Ishita has called, she wants to talk to you.

Raman and Mani go with her. Aaliya and Yug smile. Ishita says he is a lawyer, Mr. Nair. She asks Nair to tell them why this marriage can’t happen. Raman says we have all legal documents. Ishita says Aaliya and Rohan are legally wedded. Raman says Rohan should be here and protest, he isn’t here, he supposedly loves Aaliya, can he go out of town knowing a marriage is happening here, Rohan accepts this marriage, why do you have a problem. Ishita says Rohan loves Aaliya a lot, he is letting Yug here for Aaliya’s sake, I will still try to call him.

Raman says its his loss if he can’t come. Nair says Aaliya is still Rohan’s wife. Raman says I know its a marriage certificate, but I also have legal docs, nothing is illegal, I know my wife wants everything legal. Ishita asks what docs do you have. He says I will show you when time comes, you are Aaliya’s mum, come and be part of her happiness. Shagun asks what’s going on. Ishita says why is Rohan’s phone not reachable. Raman says Rohan has signed divorce papers. Mani says I just want Aaliya to be happy. Raman says me too.

Muskaan gets angry. A maid gets food for her and says I have returned from village, children are fine. Muskaan takes her at knife point and threatens. She ties her up and takes the maid’s clothes. She goes. Shamshad asks did Muskaan sleep, did she take medicines. She nods and leaves. Ishita sees everyone. Simmi and Ishita worry. Ishita says I don’t understand anything Simmi. Simmi says come with me.

Ishita says everyone is happy, am I wrong. Simmi says you aren’t wrong, you are doing this so that no one makes a mistake. Ishita says I will talk to Aaliya. Simmi says she isn’t mentally prepared now. Ishita says I won’t let her get hurt. Aaliya gets ready. Ishita comes. Aaliya asks aren’t you ready yet, how do I look. She says I think I did right, my Adi came back, I know you are upset for Rohan, make him understand. Ishita thinks it will be dangerous to say anything to Aaliya. Aaliya says Raman said I m not wrong.

Ishita thinks Raman did this. She says we could have got more time to prepare things. Aaliya says I m very happy, what matters is, my Adi came back. Ishita says I will send Ruhi to help you. Aaliya says get ready. Ishita goes to talk to Raman. Raman welcomes Mani. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to understand Raman’s point, Adi is a nice guy, maybe Aaliya gets fine. Ishita says Mani do something, its wrong, can’t you just stop it.

Raman asks pandit to come. Ishita says do whatever you want to, I will go and get stay order. He says just go fast, marriage will happen. She runs out and leaves in her car. Rohan comes there with Karan. Karan says calm down, listen, you are very angry, you know Aaliya’s state, don’t do this. Rohan says stay out of it. Raman gets Aaliya. Aaliya asks where is Ishita. Raman says she went to clinic for her emergency. She asks is my marriage not imp for her. He says patients come first for her, come, don’t be upset. Mani gets Yug. Yug comes to Aaliya and compliments. She smiles.

Shagun saying Ishita where are you. Raman asks pandit to start the rasam. Rohan and Karan come. Rohan says stop this nonsense, there won’t be any marriage happening. Raman says Rohan, what happened. Rohan says I won’t listen to you. Raman says enough, get out of here. Rohan says Aaliya, I m your husband, just open your eyes. Aaliya says I m not your wife, Rohan stop it, our marriage is not valid, as Adi is alive. Rohan says he isn’t… Yug says don’t you dare talk to her like this, get out. Raman says Rohan you aren’t Aaliya’s husband, its divorce papers, you had signed it, she isn’t your wife, she is a divorcee, she can marry anyone she wants. Rohan checks the papers. He gets shocked.

Mani says don’t interrupt the marriage if you care for her.

Rohan says I haven’t signed the papers. Raman says you have signed on it, divorce has happened, please leave. Rohan leaves. Karan says Raman you broke Rohan’s heart and cheated him. Raman says go and handle your brother, out. Karan goes to Rohan. Rohan says I don’t remember signing the papers, where is Ishita. Karan says she is also with her husband, she would have gone to get jaimala, come with me. Ishita comes to meet Mr. Nair. The lady says he will come in some time. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2



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