Wednesday Update on The Power of Love 27th July 2022


Wednesday Update on The Power of Love 27th July 2022

Bihari introducing himself to Bondita. He says a servant serves his master and does all the work. She asks why, does master doesn’t have any work. Bihari says they are all fine. He thinks she is very smart. Anirudh sees the decorations done on the terrace for Saudamini. He recalls her and gets sad. Bondita gets to see the house. Bihari asks her not to go to Trilochan’s room. He says I have to hide from Binoy if he learns that I got her to his room. She says this room will be for Sampoorna. She sees all the rooms. She says I don’t need more rooms, you keep it. He thanks her. She sees the decorations. She likes everything. She sits on the cradle. She says I m the owner now, no one tells anything to owner. Anirudh looks on. Bondita says Mama and Mami said true, my husband’s house is very big, I will stay here well with my mum, I will rule in my Sasural with my husband.

Anirudh shouts on Bihari. He asks am I mad, answer me, I have to answer, I will answer, but will anyone listen, what I did and why. He throws things. She gets scared. He asks anyone to listen to him. Bondita runs away and hides. She says I will complain about him when Maa comes, he is a wild man, not a nice man. She feels hungry. She stops Batuk and asks where to go to have food. He asks at this time. She asks is there any time to have food. He says there is a time in this house. She questions a lot. He says you will get food tomorrow.

Trilochan says I thought you went to meet Saudamini, accept the mistake and rectify it, go and meet your dad and Saudamini, this problem can be dealt, don’t be stubborn, its hurting you. Anirudh goes. Trilochan asks Somnath to go to Saudamini and tell what Anirudh did. Somnath comes to Saudamini. She says I will become your Baudhi soon, certainly, Anirudh will propose me, where is he, did he call me, am I looking good, lets go. Somnath cries and says I came to say.

She says he said he did some special preparations, I m dying to see his proposal, he will be mesmerized seeing me, lets bet, forget it, you also know that I will win. He says you will lose the bet today, Anirudh has come back, but not alone, he got a bride along. She gets shocked. He says he got married. She cries. He says he made someone else our Baudhi, but Trilochan thinks its his madness, even dad won’t accept it, you will become our Baudhi, you know Anirudh, he loses senses in anger and does anything. She shouts why did Anirudh do this, why did he give my place to someone else. She throws things in anger. Somnath cries. Bondita looks for some food. She can’t tolerate hunger. She checks the kitchen. She drops the huge box. She worries and runs. Bihari comes there. Everyone comes and looks on.

Bondita talking to Anirudh’s family. She talks innocently. She says I don’t see time, even for eating or talking, I m the owner of the house. Trilochan gets angry. He taunts Anirudh. Anirudh defends Bondita. He says she is a kid, what will she do if she feels hungry. He asks Bondita to eat as much as she wants. He serves her the food in plenty. He says it won’t be a pride if a kid stays hungry in our house. Trilochan scolds Bihari. He says I m the owner of the house, don’t anger me, else I will burn you with my anger. Somnath says dad was calling you, will you meet him. Anirudh goes.

Anirudh comes to talk to Binoy. He says I married that girl to save her life. Binoy asks what will be wrong if I get angry, I wished to shoot you, then I thought it will hurt me, then I thought of it as your dad and understood you, come on, have a drink, I know there is a storm in your heart, we have all the right to think after doing, we have tolerated many such storms. He asks Anirudh to drink. Batuk asks will you eat so much food. Bondita says my hunger is also much, I finish all the food. She sits eating.

Sampoorna and Saurabh do the rasams. Saurabh’s mum praises Sampoorna. A lady creates troubles for Sampoorna. Binoy makes Anirudh drink more. He says you will become a big barrister, fight for your love, go and meet Saudamini, she is broken on hearing about your marriage. Anirudh says don’t take her name.

Bondita says you said the house has strict rules, I got food after 10pm, will you have it. Batuk says yes. Bondita says I m owner of the house, you will get punished if you break rules. Batuk says I m a landlord, no one punishes us. Bondita asks him to go and sleep, follow her command, she is the owner. He gets an idea and smiles.

Binoy asks Anirudh to go and meet Saudamini, Bhaumik went for some work, go and give courage to her. Anirudh asks how do I get courage. Binoy asks him to drink. He says Somnath told her about your marriage, she couldn’t hear it completely and shouted badly, go, I will manage the rest, just think about Mini. Anirudh says I will meet Saudamini, I had promised her that I will propose her. He cries. Binoy sends him and smiles.

Batuk gets a mango and asks Bondita to have it. Bondita asks why isn’t there any smell. Batuk says we have such mangoes, if you don’t believe me, then leave it, do you want it, give me food and then you will get mango. He takes the sweets from her and runs. She tries to bite the mango. Her tooth aches. He laughs. She thinks this mango is fake. Binoy says Anirudh wanted to become great and married that girl, but I will not accept that girl in this house, we have to end this marriage and make the girl away, I know her uncle is your Samdhi, but she shouldn’t stay here, she didn’t become Sati, she will become a child widow. Munshi says but Anirudh married her. Binoy says Anirudh married her after her marriage with that man, our society doesn’t permit second marriage, I have called the widows so that they take the girl to Vrindavan, once she goes there, she won’t be able to come back, why shall Anirudh bear the bad fate of her, go now and finish this work, she shouldn’t be here till the morning. Munshi goes.

The widows come. Munshi gives money. The widow says we will do the duty, that girl will stay with us now. Saudamini cries. She asks Dadi to leave her alone. Anirudh comes and asks where are you. Saudamini doesn’t meet him. Bondita asks where is my husband, Maa said never to leave him, what to do if he left me. Munshi feels bad. Bondita says who made the customs, its wrong, my mum also stays like this, I don’t like wearing white clothes and bald, I like long hair, I want to dress up my mum like this, I will get colourful clothes for you. The lady scolds her. Munshi signs her. The ladies ask her to come. Bondita refuses and shouts to Anirudh.

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