Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 25th August 2021


Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 25th August 2021

Ishani asking Jessica is she fine. Jessica says relax, I danced and slipped down, its a record. Juhi says the wedding food and goof ups are always remembered. Juhi gets a message and says I have a news for you all, its good news, don’t worry, I got an email from a hospital in Houston, the oncologist is ready to take Jessica’s case. Everyone slaps. Jessica says Jignesh I will be fine, think again about your long term commitment. She asks Sid will she get fine. She tells her dreams. Everyone gets emotional hearing her.

Nurse asks how do we arrange the money to reach there. Sid says we will arrange it somehow. Nurse says its not so easy but thanks. Juhi says be assured of it. Ishani asks how. Juhi says nurse Philo had spread a lot of love, every employee, doctor and nurse have accumulated the money for Jessica. Nurse thanks them and cries. Juhi says Shashank always says that Sanjivani is a family. Vardaan says I will get diabetes by this over drama. Rishabh comes and says Sid is like a sickness. Vardaan says yes, he is the root of all the problems, I have to handle something big. Rishabh goes. Vardaan sees Anjali.

Sid dances with a girl. Ishani gets jealous. Rishabh compliments Ishani and says really sorry, forgive me, you are a good doctor, lets enjoy in the party, we should dance together, just one dance. She dances with him. Sid gets jealous.

He pulls Ishani to himself. They dance. Rishabh looks on. Jignesh asks Jessica to write his name clearly. Jessica gets her mehendi design. Sid comes and says nurse Philo is calling Jignesh and Navneet. They go. Sid asks nurse to get Jessica’s medicines. He says you can pretend that you slipped, but Shashank and I knew it, get this injection, else we have to stop the mehendi. She says no, don’t tell anyone. He gives her the injection. He says when you fall in love with someone, we will hide any matter, we will tolerate any pain for the happiness. Vardaan says this is a boring function, get some dance. Rishabh says I don’t want to. Vardaan says take Romeo and Juliet on the dance floor, didn’t you understand, go and understand.

Ishani looks for Sid. Asha jokes. Sid sees Ishani. Rahil signs and smiles. Asha thinks Ishani your time has come. Guddu comes and asks Sid to apply mehendi. Sid asks why. Rahil jokes. Guddu says I won’t talk to you. Sid asks why. Rahil says you can just get mehendi tattoo. Sid says fine, apply it. Guddu asks what shall I write. Sid says anything.

Rahil tells something. Guddu writes Ishani. Asha smiles and writes Sid’s name in Ishani’s hand. Guddu asks who is in your heart. Rahil says her name starts with I…. I don’t know. Rishabh says we will enjoy doctor, no seniors and juniors. He announces Shashank and Juhi’s dance. He says Jessica has told that elders have to be happy as well, she needs your blessing. Shashank asks did Jessica say this. Rishabh says yes. Anjali says dad can’t dance, his BP is high. Shashank says I don’t know dance. Rishabh says a little dance, please, come on. Anjali says no, he can’t dance, please. Shashank says for the sake of the kids, when would I dance if not in this age, Rishabh I won’t forgive you. Rishabh says please, just a little bit.

Shashank gives his hand to Juhi. She holds his hand. Vardaan smiles. Ishani says it will be dance of Sanjivani’s superstars. Shashank says promise me that you all will respect me the same way as before, Juhi knows I don’t know dance, my respect depends on you now. Shava shava….plays…. Shashank and Juhi dance. Anjali gets angry. Everyone dances with them. Sid and Ishani don’t see their names written on their hands. The song stops. Guddu jokes. The song plays again. Juhi says our conversation was also incomplete, tell me, is it a yes or no. Shashank takes her aside. He says I have told you, you have the answer for this, do you think its love. Anjali sees them and gets angry. Juhi goes. Shashank thinks I took much time to understand, if this isn’t love, then what is it.

Rahil praising Sid and Ishani’s jodi. Ishani sees Sid and her heart beats faster. She says I have to take medicines and goes. Sid goes. Rahil jokes that he got the name written. He does shayari. Sid gets shocked seeing Ishani’s name on his hand. Vardaan comes to Anjali. He shows the earrings and asks how is it. She scolds him. She says I don’t want anything, stay away from me. He says Anjali, I got this for Jessica, marriage gift, I was just showing it to you, I don’t like to come close to you and get insulted, I have tried to stay away, don’t know why, I don’t stay away, I have apologized to you, sorry Anjali, I won’t be sorry to say my feelings. She says I m not interested, please stop making me uncomfortable. She goes.

He thinks nothing will happen if I act like hero, I have to think something big. Sid recalls Ishani. He gets shocked. Rahil says you both are in love, Ishani’s love can be seen since long, you also say it, you are in love. Sid says no, this can’t happen. Rahil gets shocked.

Anjali thinks of Juhi and hits the glasses. She gets angry. She thinks I vented anger on Vardaan, I have to talk to him. She goes to Vardaan. She says I forgive you. He says thanks. She asks him to come. She holds his hand. She thinks now dad will know my pain. He thinks I didn’t know this spark will turn into love so soon. Sid says one who knows the result of love runs away from it. He scratches his hand to remove Ishani’s hand. Rahil stops him. Ishani sees Sid’s name on her hand. Asha smiles and teases her. Sid says pain, sorrow, loneliness, death accepted, but I don’t accept love. Asha says I will tell Sid. Ishani says no, don’t go. Asha says you are confused, I will go to him. Ishani asks her to stop. Rahil says I wasn’t serious, Guddu was joking. Sid walks away. Rahil thinks I never saw Sid like this. Ishani collides with Sid. They fall over the bean bag, that bursts out.

Ishani says I m sorry, I didn’t see. He sees his name in her mehendi. He pushes her aside and gets up. He scolds her. She cries. He says I don’t want to see you everywhere, stay away from me. He goes and thinks I scolded Ishani, its my mistake also, I should have not bonded with her that she falls in love with me, I have to stay away and stop the past from repeating. Ishani cries. Asha asks what happened. Ishani hugs her. Nurse asks shall I give painkiller injection. Sid says this pain won’t go, I tried a lot. She says I m talking about the patient. Sid comes to senses. He goes to see patient. Ishani says Sid doesn’t want to see my face, why did he behave like this, I can’t breath. Asha says maybe he had some bet, don’t worry, it maybe a prank. Ishani says his eyes, the way he spoke to me, I m shivering, maybe I made some mistake, its my first love, I don’t want to lose him. Asha consoles her. Asha says when you lose someone, you should not let him go. Ishani smiles and runs to Sid.