Wednesday Update on Strange Love 9th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 9th June 2021

Astha seeing Shlok sleeping on the sofa. Iss Dil ka ab kya karun…………….. plays…………..She thinks how Shlok saved her from the fire. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu………….. plays…………… She covers Shlok with a quilt. She smiles seeing him. Its morning, Astha gets ready. Someone knocs the door. Its Kaka. Astha opens the door and Kaka laughs seeing Shlok. Astha says don’t tell anything to Shlok. Shlok wakes up and says what Kaka, you scared me. Kaka says laughter is good for health, come with me to see holi preparations. Astha does face painting on Shlok’s face and makes him look like a devil. Anjali does the puja. Aditi joins Sojal and Astha. Astha prays Bappa to help her, so that she can fill some colors in Shlok’s life.

Anjali calls Astha and Sojal and gives them clothes and jewellery for Holi. Astha says can’t we wear a different saree. Anjali looks at her angrily. Astha thinks of wearing clothes like Swati and look like her. Kaka brings Shlok in the hall and everyone laughs seeing him. Shlok asks why are everyone laughing. Aditi takes his photo and shows him laughing. Shlok looks at Astha angrily and leaves. Anjali signs Astha no. Bua asks Jyoti to wear a good saree as they are going to Niranjan’s house. Abhay says lets go in this clothes only. Shlok and everyone get ready in white clothes.

Anjali asks Sojal to take Niranjan’s blessings first. Astha looks at a white dress and thinks she wants to wear this but Anjali said no, I m sorry but I have to wear this, I have to make Shlok come out of Swati’s memories, I have to become Swati. I have to fill color in his life. She says this pink color is my fav, see Shlok how I make you mine. Sojal comes and takes Astha with her. Astha picks some color in her hand. Everyone gather in the hall to do the puja. Anjali and Niranjan apply color to each other first. Niranjan applies tilak to Shlok. Aditi takes Shlok with her and reminds him off their childhood. Abhay comes with Jyoti and his Bua and greets everyone. Astha was about to apply color to Shlok but she turns and leaves.

Abhay asks Jyoti to give Aloo Sabzi to Niranjan. He tells him that soon a new baby is going to come and will eat this dish with you. Everyone smiles. Niranjan says its a good news. Anjali asks Astha to bring sweets for everyone. Sojal says I will bring Thandai for everyone. Shlok hugs Jyoti. Bua tells Abhay that Niranjan did not give anything to Jyoti hearing the good news. Jyoti comes to Astha and says I have to talk to you. Astha hugs her and says congrats, I m very happy for you. Abhay comes and stops Jyoti from saying anything. Abhay asks Jyoti to come and sit with Bua. Astha says yes, you should take rest.

Sojal takes the Bhaang Thandai and gives it to all the women except Aditi and Jyoti. Everyone gets drunk. The Dhol beats starts. Some transgenders talk to Niranjan and says we want to dance as kits Shlok’s first holi. Niranjan agrees smiling and throws the color. Everyone starts dancing and Kaka makes drink the thandai. Astha comes to Shlok to apply color but he stops her holding her hand. He leaves. Anjali is drunk and dances. The song holi khele raghu veera………. plays……….. Sojal and Anjali dances. Astha and Aditi also joins the dance. Shlok dances with Kavya. Astha looks at Shlok. Niranjan comes and sees Anjali dancing in between men and is shocked. Anjali asks Niranjan to join her. Niranjan holds her hand and takes her.

Anjali throws color to his face and laughs. Niranjan gets angry and sees she is drunk. Astha gets dressed like Swati and looks at Shlok. Abhay’s Bua makes Astha drink the Bhaang. Astha gets drunk and laughs. She dances and looks around. She says I m in love with Shlok, I will tell this to Shlok, I love you Shlok. She shouts and laughs. Aditi sees her and says unfortunately you can’t get any name of your love, too bad for you. She mixes a chemical in the color and thinks now let’s see how your love wins.

Aditi mixing the acid in colors. She thinks now I will see how your love wins. Astha comes to Shlok. He is shocked to see her new look. He looks at her clothes and get up. She asks how am I looking, exactly like Swati right, don’t be shy now. She says no one can hear us here, you say and I will hear you, so how do I look. He says Mr. Rude tell anything about girls. She laughs. She wishes him happy holi and applies color to his face. Jyoti looks at Abhay and is tensed. She says Astha is not in her senses, will she understand me. Shlok thinks of Swati and holds Astha. He says you are a big sadist, you enjoy digging my past, you do what I hate, don’t you understand. He says now I understand, you don’t care about my pain. Ve Saiyyan………… plays……………. She cries and says I care about everything related to you.

She says I want to share your pain. I get hurt whenever you are in pain. She says I feel hurt seeing you like this. She laughs. He says why do you want to do all this, what do you want. She says very good question, I want to do all this because I love you Shlok. She shouts that she loves him and laughs. She says I now know you completely thats why I fell in love with you. I know you hate me and our relation is ending soon. She says I know you won’t love me but I won’t regret that I did not admit my love, so today I m saying you I love you. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon………….. She shouts I love you Shlok…….. He stares at her. She says I love you very very much.

She hugs him and he stands still. Aditi looks at them. Mann ke munder pe baitha hai gher ke………….. plays………….. Astha throws color on Shlok and says this is the color of my love Shlok. She says this is my color of my trust on you and throws many colors. She says this one is the upcoming happiness’ color. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu………… plays…………….. Kaka looks on and smiles. She runs. Kaka asks Shlok to go and apply color to Astha. Aditi gives him the color plate.

Shlok runs after Astha. She laughs. Shlok comes to her and is about to throw color on her. Someone else comes and takes the color. His hand burns. Shlok is shocked to see acid in the color. Shlok asks everyone to stop playing with colors. The man asks for water. Shlok and Niranjan helps him by putting water on his hands. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Shlok says there was something mixed in the color. Niranjan gives him some money and asks him to go to hospital. Aditi looks on. Niranjan asks who brought this color. Kaka says I brought colors, but I have tested the colors, I don’t know how this happened.

Astha says Shlok you were going to burn me, I did not know you hate me so much, tell me why did you do this with me. Niranjan says stop, and asks everyone to go inside. He apologizes to the guests and says the holi is over now. Abhay says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, we will leave now. Abhay takes Jyoti and leaves. Aditi says Astha you have to face may troubles, I won’t let you and Shlok unite. Anjali apologizes to Niranjan and says I did a big mistake. He says my wife was drunk and dancing, do you thinks its only a mistake. She says I did not know how this happened, I kept the Thandai different for men and women. Nirajan scolds her. Anjali cries.

Niranjan says think what will your bahu do seeing you. He says you have made me ashamed today. He says people were laughing seeing you dance, what will they say about you behind our back. She says I will not do this again, I m sorry, forgive me one time. He says you say this every time and do mistakes again. She says punish me else I will punish myself. She says I can’t live with you, I will stay outside this door and spend my night standing for one months, then I will realize my mistake. He leaves.

Shlok and Astha are in their room. Shlok looks at her. She laughs. Music plays……………. Shlok also starts laughing. She starts crying. He looks at her shocked. She says I m in love with you again. He laughs. She says I did wrong, I should have not done this. She says why did I do this. She comes to him and says tell me something. She says you always fight with me but I love you. He says you are mad to love me, do I deserve love, if you have done the mistake, then bear it. She says you hate me right, I m leaving. She falls and he laughs. She says I fell in love with you and hurting myself. She says I will not fall in love, I will rise in love. He says first stand. She says you are very bad, I m going. He laughs. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………….. plays……………