Wednesday Update on Strange Love 8th September 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 8th September 2021

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The event going on and people chanting Ram Chandra Ki Jai. Anjali comes there in auto and sees Shlok at the stage. She shouts Shlok and he does not see her. She sees the Raavan Idol and keeps shouting Shlok. She says I won’t let anything happen to Astha and runs to find AStha. Astha shouts for help. Niranjan is still there. He says the death drama will start in some time, even when no one sees you, I will have fun to see it. She shouts help. He says I will proof that evil will win over evil. Anjali comes there and sees Astha tied. Astha says Aai save me. Niranjan holds Anjali. Anjali says leave her, what are you doing.

Anjali says she is your bahu, open your eyes, how can you kill her. He says stop it, I m doing this right, you are lucky to see your bahu burning. Anjali cries saying no. Niranjan says see there Anjali, Shlok is going to burn your bahu now, he will kill her now. Anjali and Astha are shocked. Astha struggles to get free.

Astha cries and shouts for help. Anjali shouts Shlok. Niranjan also shouts Shlok to imitate her and asks her to shut up. He holds her while she screams. The lady does Shlok’s Aarti and he looks at the Raavan, which is very far.

Shlok looks at the Raavan. Niranjan asks the goons to leave now. They leave. Shlok takes the bow and arrow, and ignites fire to it. Astha shouts Shlok…………..Shlok leaves the arrow with fire at the Raavan. The Raavan starts burning. Some mantras plays in BG………………… Astha and Anjali panic. Niranjan holds Anjali as she cries to save Astha. Astha shouts Shlok and he hears her.

Niranjan says your Astha’s story is over, she has burnt now. Anjali scolds him and says you should not be called human, you burnt your son’s happiness. He says forget this, nothing happened here, Astha is dying by burning, now you don’t have any support and no enemy for me, he hurts her more. Anjali cries. Astha still shouts Shlok. Shlok sees her in the video going on. He says Astha……………….He runs to save Astha. He comes to Astha and frees her. She cries. He asks are you fine Astha and hugs her. He says how did you come here. She says Baba………. He says are you mad, this can’t happen.

Niranjan asks Anjali to come now, as Astha will be burnt and got Swaaha by now. Anjali slaps Niranjan shocking him. She beats him more still being in anger. She says your sin pots is full now. She says I m not lying, I was going to die now, Niranjan has sent the goons here to kill me, he is also here. Shlok says he won’t come with her, he won’t believe even if Lord says this. She says she sent his MMS too, but he did not see it. She says look at me, I was dying today, you saved my life, so hear me once. He says no., I don’t want to listen, he is my Lord. Anjali says she is not afraid of him and she is ashamed to be called his wife.

She says she did not say anything when he did so much against her and her children, you have ruined his happiness, why did you do this. She says you say you love Shlok, is this your love, you have mad Swati out of his life and he stopped living, when he learnt living again, you made him away from Astha, why are you punishing him, you made me a bad mum in my children’s hand, you made me a puppet, my children hate me, you are a bad husband and bad father, you are expert in cheating people, you have killed Astha…… She cries and asks why did he do this.

She says one day Shlok will see your truth, as even Lord will not forgive you. Niranjan slaps her and says Shlok is my son. If I do its day, its day, if I say its night, its night for him. I m Lord for him. He says he will not know my truth. He says I did everything with Jyoti, and I tortured you always and today I have burnt Astha Kirloskar…. Shlok’s blindly trusts me and I will not let it break. She says when Shlok sees his truth, his trust will break and then he will be alone. No one will be there, not even Shlok. Niranjan says he can be more bad, you can’t think of it. She sees the other side. He turns to see and is shocked seeing Shlok and Astha standing behind.

Anjali is relieved seeing Astha alive. Shlok and Niranjan look at each other. Yada Yada hi dharmasya………….plays…………… Niranjan says Shlok and moves towards him. Shlok steps back and looks at him angrily. Niranjan starts acting to fool Shlok. He blames Anjali for everything and asks him not to trust Anjali, she is very cunning and made me angry, she made me say bitter words. He holds Shlok and says this is because of Anjali. Shlok moves his hand away.

Niranjan putting all the blame on Anjali for his bad words. He holds Shlok and Shlok moves down his hands shocking him, Niranjan asks him to understand. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says I love you a lot son. Astha hugs Anjali. Niranjan shouts Shlok. Astha says I m fine, I will go to Shlok, I have to see him. Niranjan says what happened is not right. Anjali says my son broke again because of you, this time I will have to see him, he needs his Aai, he needs me today. She leaves. Shlok leaves in his car while Astha shouts Shlok. Niranjan is in shock and says I failed in explaining my Shlok, that I love him a lot.

Astha follows Shlok in the auto and cries. She thinks I wanted Shlok to know Baba’s truth, but not break down like this. Shlok thinks about Niranjan’s words. Astha thinks Shlok is driving so fast, his car is not seen, please Bappa make me reach him and emotionally support him. Anjali comes home and looks for Shlok. She gets worried. She calls Shlok and he does not get the call. Niranjan comes calling out Shlok. She says he is not at home, if anything happens to him, you will be responsible. She says you are responsible. She says don’t lie to yourself, ask your heart, I will not forgive you if anything happens to him. He asks her to talk in low tone.

She says she is not afraid of him. He hurts her and says you feel you won and my son won’t come back to me. She says its very late now, Shlok has seen his truth by his eyes. He says enough now. Varad comes with Sojal and Jaya. Varad stops Niranjan and asks what is he saying and why is he behaving like this. Anjali asks Varad to find Shlok. Varad asks but what happened. She says I will tell you later, first you. Varad says fine and leaves. Sojal asks Jaya to take Kavya and go. Sojal asks Anjali what happened. Anjali cries. Niranjan keeps trying Shlok’s number. Astha takes the auto driver’s phone and calls Shlok. She says what to do, and calls Anjali. Astha cries and says she is not able to find Shlok, he is broken and not taking my call, I m afraid, if he takes any wrong step. Anjali is shocked.

Anjali says nothing will happen to Shlok. Niranjan asks Anjali where is my son. Anjali says you don’t have any right to ask about Shlok. Anjali calls Shlok. Shlok thinks about Anjali and how she has been the culprit in her eyes, and how he has always hurt her by disowning her. Niranjan calls Shlok, but he disconnects the call repeatedly. Niranjan says please pick my call Shlok . Shlok recalls Astha’s words that baba was behind everything. He did the fire accident intentionally. Shlok recalls asking Astha to get out of his house. Astha continues to search for him in an auto. The auto driver stops and says his auto can’t go beyond it. Astha steps out of auto.

Anjali removes the rope and scolds Niranjan. She says no one will ask about you as everyone knows your truth, is anything happens to my son then……… He says nothing will happen to my son……………. Shlok stops somewhere and its dawn. He has been driving all night. He thinks about Niranjan’s words. He thinks how he blamed Anjali for Jyoti’s matter. He thinks how he scolded Astha and wanted to end his marriage with her. Astha sees him and shouts Shlok, as he moves towards the cliff end. She runs to him and pulls him back as he was about to fall down the cliff.

She says what are you doing. He says Astha leave me. She slaps him asking what was he doing. She holds his collar and he comes to his senses. He says why did Baba do this with me, I blindly trusted him and obeyed his words. Why did he break my trust? She says listen to me. He says my life has no meaning now, I want to die. She stops him and stops him for her sake. They both cry. He says I did so much wrong with you. He says Mrs Agnihotri, I have hurt her so much and always blamed her for everything. She says everything will be fine. She hugs him. He says I want to die, I don’t want to live.

She says fine, even I can’t live without you, first I will die to be with you till my last moment. Shlok stops her saying are you mad, how can you think this. She says how you can think I can live without you. She cries and hugs him. She says we will be together. She tells about Anjali, who prays for his long life daily, don’t take away her son, its time for loving her, she wants her son. She says everyone does mistakes, but you have to rectify it. He says I don’t think I can keep you happy ever. She says you want to die, this won’t end the problems, no, this is life. If we fall, we have to get up and walk again.

He says I did not listen to you, and have scolded you. She says you are my strength, I can’t see you becoming weak, please come home, Anjali is much worried. She asks will you come with me. Shlok looks on.