Wednesday Update on Strange Love 1st September 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 1st September 2021

Shlok leaving Astha to hang to the fan. She asks him to make her come down please. He says on one condition, that you will shut your mouth. She says fine and he gets her down. They have an eyelock. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………plays………….. They get the fresh air through the fan inlet. They look at each other. At home, Niranjan is worried for Shlok and keeps trying his mobile. He says where did Shlok go. He calls the watchman and asks for Shlok. He says how can this be that he is not there, did you lick all cabins yourself, fine. He says where are you Shlok.

Sojal comes to him bringing the milk glass. Sojal tries to tell him about Varad and Mansi. She says she has to tell something. He says hmm, yes tell me. She says Varad….. He says what Varad? She says he has an affair with some girl. Niranjan is shocked. He says you might be mistaken, you should solve the fights. She says no, I m not mistaken, I saw his pics with him. He is shocked and says fine, a husband goes out, what he does and why, a wife should not think about this. Sojal is shocked. He says so I told Anjali to keep her bahus at home, as such thoughts come in mind if they sit idle, an empty mind is devil’s workshop. He says Varad works in media, he meets many people including girls, if he takes a pic, then you should not think he has an affair, he is your husband and you should respect him.

He says Varad has always given you everything, then whats your problem. He says don’t know what are you thinking. She says I have everything, but not his love. He says the problem will be when he gets the girl in this house, I trust him, he won’t do this, if he does, then I will think how to solve this matter, now you go. He scolds her and asking her to understand whether she can go back to her mum’s place. He says you have a good life here and got habitual to it, you are happy here, all this is yours, you are Varad’s wife, don’t take this matter out, else you will also face problems like Anjali and Astha. Sojal is shocked.

He asks her to go and sleep now, its late, good night. Sojal cries and leaves. He says woman always make an issue, don’t know what they get doing this. He says no one used to come with small complaints, anjali used to take care of it. He says he has to do something about Astha and Shlok. Its morning, Shlok and Astha are inside the lift and everyone see them. Niranjan comes and sees them. Shlok scolds the watchman and leaves with Astha. Niranjan asks everyone to go and do their work. He scolds the watchman too.

He thinks its danger if they both come close. He says he has to end it and he knows how. Astha takes tiffin from Anjali. Anjali asks her to come on time, else she will have to spend the night in lift. They smile. She says she was worried. Astha says Shlok is with me, I will come on time, my presentation will end soon. She leaves. Mansi cries. Varad comes to meet her. She hugs him. He asks her why is she crying, tell me. She says you know Sojal came home, she scolded me so much. She has slapped me too, I did not tell you. He says what, serious. She says yes. He says sorry, Sojal should have not done this. He pacifies her.

He says he knows its tough for her, but let it go. Mansi says Sojal will trouble you a lot which I don’t like, so I decided I will go to Singapore tomorrow. He says are you mad, you won’t go anywhere, you accepted her as my wife, she will also have to accept you, sorry for this. He says he can’t live without her and hugs her. Astha sits to make presentation. Shlok comes there with his coffee mug. She gets busy in phone. His hand touches the mug and it falls on Astha’s laptop. He quickly cleans it till she is looking at other side.

He gets tensed as she turns. She sees him cleaning the coffee. Astha says her presentation is gone and cries. She says I m not getting my file. She starts her lecture on how much she worked hard and uses the tissues. He says Astha, don’t cry. She says what will I do now. He says please don’t cry, you know I can’t see you crying. She looks at him. Khuda………………plays……………….He says Astha, I mean I will help you in making your presentation. She says really. He says yes, as coffee got spilled because of me. She looks on. He says I would have given this time to my project but. She says no need to do favor, I will do myself, so I kept your name Sadu.

She says you can’t change and always taunt me. Shlok keeps a file in between them. She says I collected data from many sources, it takes many hours to make presentation and one coffee to spoil it. She scolds him again and says she will do herself. He says he knows, do it fast. He goes to see my files. Astha thinks she saved the presentation and is happy to get the file. She thanks Bappa and does not tell Shlok. She thinks she is foolish to cry, Shlok said he will help me, and I did not take his help, I would have got some time with him, I will ask him to help me. She goes to Shlok and asks him to help her.

She says my presentation went because of you. She asks him to win fairly. She provokes him to help her. He says whose work is it. She nods mine. He says then request, say please. She thinks she will see how he does not help her.

Astha asking Shlok to help her in the presentation. Shlok asks her to request. She thinks to make him help her. She gets an idea and praises herself. Sojal thinks about Varad and Mansi. Kavya comes and asks her to play with her. Sojal scolds her and cries. Anjali sees her crying and thinks what happened. Shlok helps Astha and she makes him write the points. She thinks he wrote it better than me. Music plays……………. She looks at him and tries getting closer. He says come, sit in my lap. She says not a bad idea and sits in his lap. She says see, I m an obedient wife. He says move you do yourself if you want.

Astha says she will not let Shlok go, he has to do the presentation as he has ruined it. She thinks she will talk to Anjali till Shlok works. She goes to make the call. He says he is not her PA, she is time passing on phone and he is doing her work. She says she was calling mum. Ankush cooks something. Kalindi and Ajju come home and see something on the stove. Kalindi asks whats all this, everything is burnt, did you not see, what are you doing, if you wanted somethine, you should have told me. He cries while cutting the onions. Kalindi laughs. He says what, why should I tell you, who are you to me, and if my mum had interest in marriage, so what I had many servants after me, my dad got brain damage and gave everything to you.

Kalindi asks him to change for the good. He says he is spoilt brat, leave me on my state, sign and give me my property, then I will change. She says no. He says then too bad, bear me. She asks where are you going. He asks did I ask you when you left me in childhood, so you don’t have any right to ask me. Shlok says its done. She says how so soon. He says I m not slow like you, check it. She hugs him and says you love me a lot. She kisses him and thanks him. They have an eyelock. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………………plays…………. He starts leaving and says Shlok I love you. He says no need to show love, go home by yourself, I will not leave you. She says yes, this is what I want, don’t leave me. He says nothing can happen of you and leaves. She says there is no work now so will go home now.

Sojal keeps crying. Anjali sees her sitting near the house temple and asks what happened. Sojal says Aai…….. She stops seeing Anjali at the other side of the rope. Anjali asks what happened and sees the rope. She crosses the rope and comes to Sojal, asking what happened. Sojal says why did you come, if Baba and Shlok see you, they will scold you. Anjali says she can’t see her like this, what if they scold her, she is her mum and can’t see her in pain, I m your mum and mum in law, won’t you tell me. Sojal hugs Anjali. Anjali says tell me, pain gets less when shared.

Sojal says how to tell you. She says Varad does not love me, he loves someone else. Anjali is shocked. Sojal says he has an affair. Anjali says how can this happen. Astha hears this and says what, what are you saying. She asks how can this be, Varad can’t cheat you, I have seen him since one year, he always supported truth, he can’t do wrong with anyone, not with you, how can he do this, you might be mistaken. Sojal says she knows him since 7 years and its not necessary that its true whats seen, I m not wrong, I went to that girl’s house, I saw Varad going out in morning staying at night, and they both have accepted they have affair.

She asks did you not notice why he does not come home at nights. Astha asks who is she. Sojal says your friend Mansi. Astha and Anjali are shocked. Sojal says call her at home again, you got her here always. She says Astha has burnt my house. Astha says you are misunderstanding me, I could not believe it. Sojal says I have caught them red handed and they accepted it. Anjali says she will talk to Niranjan. Sojal says no use, I told him and he told me not to care what Varad does outside the house. Anjali and Astha are shocked. Anjali says I was so wrong, I thought he wants to rule other’s life, I was sure he wants to keep family united, its big thing that Varad is doing this, but he should not support him.

Astha thinks about Mansi. She says come with me, lets go to Mansi’s home to talk to her. Astha holds Sojal’s hand and takes her. Anjali looks on. Ajju and Kalindi see Ankush spoiling kids by making them play carom and bet for money. Kalindi asks whats all this. Ankush says kids are playing carom, whats your problem, if you want peace, go to graveyard and lie with my dad. He asks Ajju did she get the shock.He says no questions now, leave. He asks her not to come and send some juice by Ajju. Kalindi gets angry.

Mansi sees her and Varad’s pic and thinks no one can make us apart. The door bell rings. Its Astha and Sojal. Mansi sees Astha holding Sojal’s hand and both looking angry. Mansi says Astha you here. Astha asks is it right what Sojal said. Mansi says yes, its true. She says I don’t think you should get into it. Astha says why, its my house’s matter. She says I regarded you friend, and you are doing this wrong. Mansi says whats wrong, love can happen anytime, if Varad loves me and not Sojal, whats wrong. Astha says the love which is hidden from world is wrong, Varad is married to Sojal, every couple fight, it does not mean he loves you, you are wrong, and have to leave from his life one day. Mansi says you don’t need to tell me what I m doing, ok fine I will leave Varad. Sojal is stunned.