Wednesday Update on Strange Love 18th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 18th August 2021

Kavya saying she won’t become Radha. Sojal says don’t be stubborn, girls become Radha in Janmashtami. Kavya says she wants to become Krishna. Sojal scolds her and blames Astha for spoiling her. Kavya argues. Anjali sees Sojal about to slap Kavya and says Sojal……… stopping her. Anjali takes Kaavya with her. Mansi talks to Varad and asks now what, after this division, it does not sound good. He says I don’t know, Astha and Shlok are living separated. Mansi says exactly as you feel bad seeing us. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing, I m kidding. He asks whats going on, you are talking much like this, see I know we are not able to spend time together, Kavya is growing up, she needs me, I have to spend time with her.

He says she made a family drawing for school and she showed me. He says all family members were together, and I was standing far, I asked her and she said you are always in office and don’t spend time with me, I felt very bad and hurt hearing that. Mansi says you saw yourself far in drawing and you are hurt, can you imagine how much hurt I m. I miss you a lot. He hugs her and says he understands, he is with her and says don’t forget I love you the most. She smiles and says hmm…. Stay here tonight, I m asking because…………. He says fine, I m staying, smile now.

Anjali makes Kavya dress up like Lord Krishna. Kavya asks Anjali why is Sojal angry that girls can’t become Kanha. Anjali says there is no difference between boy and girl, you will become Krishna. Astha thinks of FB where Anjali restricted Kavya to play with boy’s toys. Astha is glad seeing major change in Anjali. Kavya kisses Anjali and says I love you. Anjali says I also. Kavya runs happily and bumps into Niranjan. Anjali comes after her to stop her. She gets tensed seeing Niranjan.

Patel comes and greets them. He asks what the rope. Anjali says Kavya was playing and says she will remove it. Patel invites them for Janmashtami function. Anjali says she will come like every year. Niranjan says he will come for puja surely. Patel leaves. Niranjan asks Anjali by what right will she come with him, as she is not Anjali Agnihotri now, just Anjali. He says her respect and position is because of him and his name. He says he and his sons will go in the puja, you don’ have any status to go out of this house, don’t dare to be seen around there. He leaves. Anjali says he has taken all my rights, when I agreed to him all my life, I did all duties and he has unseen all my sacrifices, he easily said I can’t go there.

Astha makes the laddoos. Anjali comes to her. Astha says she made the Prasad. Anjali asks her to send her in evening. Astha says Janmashtami is special, we will go. Anjali says no, we can’t go. Astha asks why, you said you take idol every year. Anjali says only Niranjan will go, and he restricted us to come there. We will send Prasad by someone’s hands. Astha says Ajju decided everything is decided, and Baba can’t do anything. Anjali says we won’t go, as I don’t want anyone to know our family problems.

Niranjan says he has to call Shlok about Janmashtami. Shlok comes and says he has important meeting in evening. Niranjan asks him to postpone it, as they have to go in Janmashtami function. Shlok says but Anjali goes every year, why are we going, meeting is important. Niranjan clarifies and says I will ask Sojal to bring idol and Prasad. Sojal is busy talking to Jaya. The landline rings and Sojal asks the maid to take it. Niranjan asks for Sojal. He tells the maid to get the idol and Prasad, she should not forget it. The maid does not hear it in Sojal’s talk and gives wrong message. Sojal goes to decide her saree and jewellery.

Sid takes pics with Anaya. Riya clicks it. Jyoti asks Renuka what else to make in Prasad. Renuka says no, you go and get clicked. Sid gives Anaya to Renuka and Riya clicks the pics. Anaya looks cute. Sid’s dad says Anaya is looking good. Renuka says she will care for Sid’s child. Sid says Anaya is also my daughter. Renuka asks him to give her a grandchild. Sid says you already have one, Anaya. Jyoti gets upset. Niranjan, Shlok and Varad come in the Janmashtami function. Patel asks for the idol. Niranjan says yes, Sojal will bring it.

Sojal comes with Kavya. Niranjan asks about the idol. He asks her to bring it. Sojal says what, I did not get it, Anjali brings it every year. Niranjan says I told on phone. Sojal says no Baba. Patel asks for idol again. Niranjan tries to explain him, Varad asks Sojal whats this, Baba is facing embarrassment because of you. Shlok asks what to do now, shops will also be closed at this time. Anjali comes with the Baal Gopaal Idol. She says she got the idol and Astha brings the Prasad. Niranjan is shocked seeing her. Anjali defends Sojal. Patel says its good you came, you always make new couple place the idol, but this time you have one in your family, so why don’t you make Shlok and Astha do this good work. Anjali smiles and looks at Niranjan. Astha looks at Shlok. Niranjan gets angry.

Patel asking Shlok and Astha to place the idol. Niranjan says Shlok……… Shlok says Ji Baba. Anjali gives the idol to Astha and asks her to put it in the cradle. Anjali thinks in FB, how Sojal takes Kavya and says Anjali and Astha will not come, we will go before. She saw Sojal going without Baal Gopaal idol. Sita says she said you take every year, so this year too you will take it. Shlok and Astha place the idol in the cradle. Everyone smile. They pray. Patel asks Shlok and Astha to move the cradle to swing the idol. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha touches it and a lady stops her, saying not by hand, but by thread, and place haldi and Kumkum first. Astha does the rituals as told to her. The lady says this girl does not know anything, do Lord’s work by right hand, not left.

Shlok scolds the lady and says you are also human, what if Astha made a mistake, you are saying as if she made the idol fall, you elders should explain us, why are you making it an issue, she came here for first time, what if she does any small mistake. Varad and Anjali smile seeing Shlok defending Astha. Astha and Niranjan looks shocked. Shlok realizes his words and stops.

Shlok holds the thread with right hand and Astha holds it too, to swing the cradle and idol. Anjali tells Niranjan that even Lord can’t separate lovers, I request you to leave them, and not risk their happiness for your benefit, see they are looking so good together. He says I did not think you will give me advice one day. He looks at her angrily. He asks her not to test her patience. Anjali says fine, if you feel peace by beating me, fine beat me, but forgive our kids, I have seen Shlok breaking because of Swati, I can’t see him again like that, you love Shlok a lot, why are you spoiling his life. He says he is making his life better, where is it written that love can’t change to hatred. He says he loves Shlok a lot, that’s why he will kick out Astha this time. She asks her to wipe her tears.

Sid works in the office and his colleague wishes him Happy Janmashtami. He says Varad is giving half day. Sid gets glad and says he wants to see few flats. Varad hears him. He says he has his parents, sister too with his wife, he will talk to Varad or get any freelance work. Sid comes to talk to Varad and asks did you call me. Varad says yes and gives him sweets. Sid asks how do you know I m shifting in new home. Varad says really? But this is for your promotion. Sid thanks him and says my wife will be really happy knowing this, I mean your Taai. Varad says he will drop him home.

Renuka asks Jyoti when will Sid come. Sid walks in excitedly and shows his promotion letter. Jyoti says wow, your salary got double and you got promotion. She hugs him. Sid’s dad does hmmmm and he moves away. Riya smiles. Sid says you are lucky for me Jyoti. Riya says now we won’t go anywhere and smiles. Sid’s dad says congrats Renuka, Sid got promoted. She is annoyed that Sid shared happiness with Jyoti’s first. Jyoti gives her the letter and says its happening because of your blessings. She signs Sid. Sid says really Maa, I m here because of your blessings. He makes her eat sweets and she smiles.

Astha works in kitchen and says Shlok is sneezing since he came from office, and calls maid Sita to give the hot milk to Shlok, also give the towel. Astha says Shlok is still a kid. Anjali hears this and smiles seeing Astha’s love for Shlok. Shlok looks for towel. Sita brings milk and gives towel. He asks how did you know. Sita says Astha told me and she sent this milk. He says take it back, and tell her I don’t need her help. He says stop, keep it here. He says I don’t know how does Astha know so much about me. He drinks the milk. Varad sees this and smiles seeing Shlok’s love.

Sojal gives money to Sita and asks her to get some breakfast. She says tell them to send 5 people breakfast every day. Anjali and Astha hear this and react. Astha says don’t worry, I will make it. Niranjan is in his room talking to himself, that he has get out Astha’s love from Shlok’s heart. Shlok comes and asks what. Niranjan says we have to leave for office, don’t know what to do, as I m not feeling well. He says he is not hungry, he will have just juice. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says your this love and worry for me, makes me love you the most my son. Astha is in kitchen making the food. Shlok asks Sita to tell Sojal to make juice for Niranjan. Sita says Sojal went to drop Kavya to school. He says then you make it. Sita says I don’t know how to make it. He says fine, I will make it.

Astha sees it and says its Nimbu. Sita tells him its Nimbu. He says what, its so big, its Nimbu. He gets fruits and Sita leaves for cleaning house. Astha tries to help him, but he refuses to take her help. Astha thinks what is he doing. Shlok grinds the fruits with the skin. She says what is he doing. Shlok adds water and starts the grinder. Its not over his shirt. Astha laughs. She asks is he fine. He looks at her. Music plays………………………….. He looks at her and puts flour on her angrily stunning her.