Wednesday Update on Strange Love 14th July 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 14th July 2021

Shlok saying Astha……….. She turns and is shocked to see his shaved look. She touches his face and looks at him. She says you bhave shaved your beard and hugs him happily. Mahiya………..plays………….Shlok holds her and reminds her of her promise. She says Kavya will get up. He says so what. She kisses him. Bekhudi………….plays………….. Shlok smiles. She hugs him smiling. Its morning, Kavya gets ready to go for school. Astha stops her and takes her bag. She puts the uniform in it. She asks where is your stick. Kavya says I don’t know where I kept. Astha says how to arrange another stick and thinks of Niranjan’s stick.

She smiles and thinks Baba’s injustice will end here. She asks Kavya to stay here. Sojal comes and asks Kavya whats in her bag. She opens it and Astha stops her from seeing it. Kaka comes and looks on. Astha takes the bag and says give breakfast to Kavya, she is hungry. Sojal says she already had food. She says come and takes the bag. Kaka asks Sojal to make tea. Astha takes the bag again. Kaka praises Sojal and she goes to make tea. Astha thanks Kaka and goes to Niranjan’s room.

Astha holds Niranjan’s stick and says its your last day in this house. Niranjan comes there and she hides. He leaves. Astha hides the stick and leaves. She comes to Kavya and says this is your stick. She keeps it in Kavya’s bag and asks her to break it in her performance. She sends Kavya by the school bus and smiles. Anjali serves breakfast to Niranjan. He says I m invited at Kavya’s school as chief guest. Astha gets tensed and says if Baba goes there, then he will know everything and it will be a big problem.

Anjali asks Astha what happened. Astha signs no. Shlok says we all should go there as Kavya is also………. Astha makes water fall on him and asks him to go and change as he will get ill. Niranjan says relax and asks Shlok what was he saying, about Kavya. Astha signs no to Shlok. Shlok asks can we all go to see the function. Niranjan says yes, they invited family too, we all will go. Astha thinks this is not done Bappa. Niranjan asks everyone to get ready and inform Varad to come there indirectly.

Shlok leaves looking at Astha. Niranjan sees Anjali walking barefoot. He comes to her and says don’t go like this everywhere, do this at home, not outside, as you are my wife. She says yes. He leaves. Jyoti gets Sid’s message and smiles. Anjali comes and sees her smiling. Anjali says we have to go in Kavya’s function, if you stay, I have made the food, take care of yourself at home. Jyoti says I will make what I want. Astha thinks she has to take the stick from Kavya, else it will be problem.

Anjali stops Astha and says we have to leave now in second car, come Sojal. Astha gets tensed. Shlok comes with Niranjan and thinks things can get complicated. Niranjan greets everyone and thanks them for welcoming him so warmly. He gives a speech in support of daughters and girl’s education. He gives them donation. The function starts and there are some performances. Astha looks for Kavya and thinks to stop her. Shlok comes and says program started, come, Kavya is there, all the best. Astha signs no to Kavya but Shlok takes her. Anjali asks Sojal where is Varad. Sojal calls him.

Sojal says why is his phone busy. She sees him talking on phone. She scolds him and says atleast care for your daughter, if not me, come with me. He goes with her. Shlok and Astha sit to see the programs. Kavya’s performance comes next. Niranjan is shocked along with everyone. Anjali looks at Astha. Sojal and Varad are surprised and happy. Everyone clap for her. Niranjan and Anjali are shocked to see Niranjan’s stick. Kavya says her lines about police.

Kavya breaks the chains with the stick and his stick also breaks. Niranjan gets angry. Everyone clap. Niranjan dons a fake smile on his face and claps. The first prize goes to Kavya. Sojal and Varad are happy. Niranjan gives her the prize and looks at his stick broken and fallen on the ground. Niranjan leaves angrily. Anjali goes after him. Shlok thinks whats going on and goes after them.

Niranjan leaving in anger. Anjali and Shlok go after him. Astha gets tensed and follows. Niranjan and Anjali leave in his car. Astha asks Shlok what happened. Shlok says don’t know why he felt bad, we have to go home and find out. They too leave for home. Sojal is happy as Kavya got first prize. Varad is busy on phone. Sojal argues with him for not congratulating Kavya. Renuka talks to Sid. He teases her and she runs after him to beat him. Sid laughs.

Niranjan scolds Anjali. She gives reasons. He asks how did you not know, you should always have answers. Anjali says maybe school people wanted to give you a surprise, Sojal has stopped Kavya from taking part. He says there was someone who made Kavya practice, shame on you to not know it being at home. He says but how did my stick go in Kavya’s hands. He holds her hand and shakes it. He fumes in fury. She cries. He says my rules have broken today.

Shlok and Astha come home. Shlok says I will meet Baba in his room. Niranjan says I m asking you something, give me reply. Kavya comes with the cup and shows it to Niranjan asking where to keep it. Niranjan smiles and talks to her. He asks her who taught you the drama and who gave you the stick. Kavya names Astha. Niranjan and Anjali are shocked. He kisses Kavya and says you gave me a good surprise and made me happy. He asks Kavya to go and play now. Kavya leaves.

Niranjan says I have found out easily who has behind this and you did not do anything, as I don’t forget anything. He says I will teach such a lesson, you will remember whole life, promise. He says I will do what I have always done. She weeps. He says I have many ways to show your place to you. He says go and get ready. Anjali gets scared. Niranjan thinks how Astha brought changes in the house, by celebrating Anjali’s birthday, breaking shoe rack, the potatoes allergy, scholarship to be named after Anjali, breaking door to save Anjali. He says Astha did this, everything is done by Astha.

Shlok asks Anjali where is Baba. Anjali says study. Shlok leaves with Astha. Sojal comes to Kavya and bring chocolates for her. Jaya calls Sojal. Sojal tells her that Kavya won first prize in fancy dress competition. She says thanks to Astha. Jaya asks her to do something, as everyone should praise her. Sojal says you are right. She says don’t worry, I will explain Astha to be away from my daughter. Shlok comes to Niranjan asking what happened, why did you come from there like this, did you feel bad. Niranjan says no, why did you feel so.

Shlok says I m your son, I know you very well, you had anger in your eyes when program ended, you can hide it from everyone, but not me, tell me what mistake I did. Niranjan says no, I saw my dream breaking today. Astha looks on. Niranjan says I wanted to make Kavya doctor or engineer, but acting is not bad, many people do that, but I have big dreams for Kavya, I did not know her mind does not match mine. Shlok says its just school competition, she will become doctor or engineer if you want. Niranjan asks how. Shlok says we will explain her. He apologizes to Niranjan.

Niranjan is shocked knowing Shlok knew this. Shlok says yes, we made her practice. Astha comes and says very sorry. We did this for Kavya’s happiness, we did not know your dreams will break. Niranjan says I m hurt, go and bring some water, I m thirsty. Astha goes. Niranjan tells Shlok that he could have told him before. He acts annoyed. Shlok sits by him and says I m really sorry, your dream is valuable to all of us, Kavya will do what you say. Niranjan says you are my strength and pride. Shlok says I m always with you Baba. Niranjan says don’t worry, I m fine. Shlok asks him to be happy and not worry, and he will fulfill his every dream. Niranjan smiles. Shlok leaves.

Niranjan says you won’t understand these women my son, and their cleverness, never……. Anjali says Niranjan knows everything now, and is scared. She cries thinking what will happen now, what will he do with Astha now. Astha brings water for Niranjan in his study and he comes from behind. She gets tensed. He says what you did opened my eyes. Niranjan says I told Anjali many times that good house bahus does not break rules. He throws the water on plants. He says they maintain rules and take the responsibility to take them ahead for next generation.

He says its your duty to respect rules and be in limits, that’s what an ideal bahu does. Astha says you are right, I m always obey you, but what about that bad traditions, they should end. He throws pens and takes a knife saying be quiet, leave it all on me, I understand whats good and bad. Astha starts crying. Niranjan says I have given education to girls, its my work, the one who listen to me go ahead, and the one who don’t….. I don’t leave them to walk.

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