Wednesday Update on Promised love 5th May 2021


Wednesday Update on Promised love 5th May 2021

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Noor telling Razia that Adil had called her there. She says he shot Shayra and she got injured. She says I tried to make her escape from here, but Adil came to know and hit her with his car. She says Shayra fell in the valley. She says I am sorry and cries. Razia is shocked and says God can’t snatch her from us. Noor tells that she tried to search Shayra, but couldn’t find her. She searched Adil, but he was untraceable. She says even Police couldn’t help her. She tells that she went to Indore and took help of her friends. She says she had cried and wanted to return, but doesn’t have the courage to come here, as she thought they will hate her. She says she took 5 years to come here. She says she came to know about begum mahal mortgaging. R

azia asks from where did you get so much money? Noor says she will tell later and asks what had happened to her. Razia tells that Azaan went to Adil’s house to search Shayra, but returned empty handed. He got angry and she got hurt while trying to stop him. Noor says Azaan lost everything. Razia says everything will return now. Noor nods her head.

Razia asks her from where she got so much money? Noor struggles to think answer. Razia sees Azaan and calls her shameless girl. She says she is Bhopal’s bahu begum and will be the same. She says whatever you have snatched from me, I will get it back. Noor says badi ammi…Azaan looks on. Razia asks Azaan if he is seeing how she is behaving. Noor asks what wrong did I say, shall I call you heroine and not budiya. Azaan shouts Noor. Razia says she told me that she is bahu begum. Noor says mahal is hers so she is bahu begum. Razia says I have Pasa. Noor says she will get Pasa. Razia says I am back. Noor says it will be fun to compete with her, as she is bored to play with loser like Azaan. She asks Razia what kind of son, she has given birth to. She then calls her tum…and says he don’t take bath, neither he sleeps nor he changes his clothes. She says garbage bin is more clean than him. Razia asks her to stop it. Azaan asks Razia to come with her. Noor says your mouth is stinking. Razia asks Azaan if he really don’t take bath. Azaan asks her not to listen to Noor.

Razia talks to Mashuqa and Dilruba. Mashuqa and Dilruba tell Razia that Azaan was not bathing and not sleeping, but since Noor came, she played a game and made him sleep and take bath. Razia says only Noor can handle Azaan. She thanks Dilruba and Mashuqa for supporting them throughout. Dilruba asks her not to name their honesty as favor. Mashuqa says this house is ours too. She asks if Shayra bibi…Razia looks on and says yes. She then prays for Shayra’s soul and peace for Azaan. She says only Noor can handle Azaan.

Mashuqa says whatever Noor is doing, can be done with love. Razia says love becomes weakness too. She says if Noor talks to Azaan lovingly then Azaan will not feel like fighting with her. Dilruba says we are with her and asks where she was since 5 years. Noor says she took 5 years to get the money and courage to return. She says I can’t tell badi ammi from where did I get this money. Azaan says sorry to Razia and says he couldn’t save the palace and her wealth. Razia says it’s ok. She says we learn from our fall outs. He tells that Shayra is upset with him that she didn’t talk to him.

Azaan tells her that he will call Shayra. He calls her and shows Shayra’s voice message to Razia. He says she don’t pick my call and is upset with me. He says what to do, but I have one more way to talk to her. He says I will go and meet her, I have to tell her that you got fine, she will be very happy. He goes. Razia is shocked and asks Mashuqa what azaan is doing? Mashuqa says Azaan does this every night. Razia asks her to call Noor.

He comes out and calls Shayra. He asks her, where are you? He says today Ammi got fine fully. He asks her to come infront of him like she comes everytime. Razia is shocked and thinks what happened to my son.

Azaan asking Shayra to come out infront of him like she used to come whenever he called her. Just then someone calls him. Azaan calls her and asks where did you go? Razia says what happened to my son. Nor tells that she couldn’t tell truth to Azaan. Azaan asks Shayra not to leave him and runs calling her. Razia says there is nobody here, don’t know where she went. Noor throws a glass of water on his face. Azaan asks what the hell? Noor says this is water, shall be used for bathing and to make someone come out from unconsciousness. She asks him to let her sleep now. He runs behind her. Razia tells Mashuqa that only Noor can take him out of his imagination. Azaan asks what did you do? Noor tells that she is not mad to talk to his wife in night like that. She runs to room and gives towel asking him to wipe his head, else her house will get wet. He goes. Noor thinks when he gets angry, she feels like she got her childhood friend back.

Rubina is restless and tells Khalid that she thinks that badi ammi will issue her name’s warrant. Razia knocks on their room just then. Rubina asks him to go and talk to her, and tell that she is sleeping. She lies down and pretends to sleep. Khalid opens the door. Razia asks were you sleeping? Khalid says I was in the washroom. She asks if Rubina is really sleeping or pretending. She says I came to know everything and wanted to talk to Rubina face to face. She says I wanted to thank you. She says you decided to stay here with Azaan, and not with your abbu and ammi. She says you helped and supported Azaan. She thanks him.

Khalid says you have done your duty as a mother, so when my turn came, how could I back off. She asks if Rubina is happy here and tells that she thought to give her gift. Rubina gets up hearing the gift and pretends to wake up and acts sweets. Razia says I came to give your muh dikhayi tohfa and gives black thread to ward off all the evil sights. Rubina is upset and smiles. Razia says think this as a gift for now, and promises to do her muh dikhayi rasam very soon. She goes. Rubina says she got married in beggars’ family and asks who gives black thread in muh dikhayi. Khalid asks her to go and sleep.

Later in the night, someone knocks on Noor’s door. Noor thinks Azaan came and asks him to let her sleep now. She says she will talk to him tomorrow. She takes the vase to hit him and opens the door. She sees Razia on the door and says I thought Azaan came. Razia says if Azaan had come then will you hit him with vase. Noor says she kept for her safety, to threaten him.

Razia thanks Noor with a hug and thanks her. Noor says any doctor would have treated you, but Azaan can be treated only by her shock therapy. Razia says you said it so easily, but I know it is very difficult for you. She says whatever you are doing is for Azaan and this house betterment, but what you are getting. Noor says Azaan will be fine. Razia says only you can help him and tells that he has lost hope to live. Noor says I can’t do anything alone, and needs your help. Razia says we have to make Azaan face the truth, he has to come out of Shayra’s pain so that he can overcome the pain. She says this will not work with your shock therapy, but your love. She says time has taken us back from where we started. She says you had agreed to marry Azaan 5 years back. She asks her to get this happen now. She says only your love can give a new life to Azaan and can heal his wounds.

Noor asks what are you saying? Razia says you have always loved Azaan and even now you love him. She asks her to give chance to Azaan for her love and for her. Noor says I can’t do this. Razia asks why? She says now even Shayra is no more, then why you are feeling guilty. Noor tells that 5 years have passed and so much has changed in these 5 years. She says not even Azaan, even I am changed, I love Azaan, but don’t love him. Razia looks shocked with her confusing words.