Wednesday Update on Promised Love 24th March 2021


Wednesday Update on Promised Love 24th March 2021

Azaan coming to Razia. Razia makes him meet Ismail Sheikh, Ayub’s friend. Ismail says you are smart like your father and asks if he is coming? Azaan gets upset. Razia asks him to enjoy the party and not to think all this. Shayra tells Mashuqa that she will come there in 2 mins. Mashuqa tells Dilruba through Bluetooth device. Dilruba tells the same to Azaan. Azaan tells the guests that he wants to introduce his wife officially and asks them to welcome the most amazing woman in the world, for whom he can give his life and who is more dear to him than his own life.

Everyone sees Noor coming down and the spot light falls on her. The guest gossip saying why she is wearing mujra dress. Qazala asks Razia, you said that they are taking divorce and asks what is this? Razia asks her not to say and says where is Shayra? Dilruba switches on the lights. Azaan tells Noor that he has planned this surprise for Shayra and asks what did you wear? Shayra knocks on the door. Razia asks Noor why she is wearing such clothes? Noor says Shayra gave me these clothes.

Qazala says I knew that this Servant’s daughter will ruin my party and humiliates Noor infront of everyone. Noor says I wore it thinking it is costume party. Surayya taunts her to be bahu of Razia. Noor says she is Ammi’s daughter. Surayya and Razia blame Noor. Noor cries and says it is given by Shayra. Surayya asks why did you wear? Noor says Aladdin said that it is costume party. Asgar calls Aladdin. Qazala asks Aladdin, did you tell Noor that it is costume party. Aladdin says he was talking to his friend and he was referring clothes as costume. The guest lady taunts Noor and Azaan.

The guest lady says may be Azaan changed his decision to divorce Noor. They instigate Noor against Shayra and says the clothes are suiting her well. Qazala increases the fire and humiliates her. Aladdin comes to Shayra and opens the door. He asks who locked you in room. He tells Shayra that Noor ruined Azaan’s surprise and instigates her against Noor. He then calls Qazala and says I had closed the door and now opened it. Shayra is coming there. Azaan apologizes to the guest. The guest asks Azaan to make them see the mujra. Azaan gets angry on the guest. Shayra comes there and he asks where was you? Shayra says someone locked me in room. Noor comes with Razia and looks at Shayra. Shayra asks what did you wear? Noor says you gave it to me. Shayra asks what are you saying? Razia says Azaan…Azaan says just give me 2 mins and takes them with him. The guest tells that Azan called them to party and left.

Azaan takes them to room. Noor asks Shayra why did you give me these clothes. Shayra asks I can say that you locked me in room. Azaan asks Noor why did she spoil his surprise and says you knew that I am going to introduce Shayra to guest as my wife. Shayra asks Azaan to go and says they will sort out. Azaan goes. Shayra asks Noor if she trust her and tells everything. She says I gave you dress, but do you think that I will humiliate you. Qazala acts and tells Azaan that they shouldn’t have kept the party and says if Noor refuses to divorce him then. Azaan asks her not to worry. Shayra comes and tells the guests that the party is thrown to welcome Dadi. She says Noor will perform a special dance for which she has worn special costume. Noor comes and dances on the song main deewani hogayi….The guest gossip what is this bad joke. Razia is shocked. Shayra also joins Noor and dances with her to save her from humiliation. Razia smiles seeing them dancing together. Noor holds Azaan’s hand and takes her closer to Shayra. The guest lady appreciates the dance. Azaan compliments Shayra for saving the situation. Shayra says woman is woman’s biggest strength. She says everything is sorted now. Noor smiles looking at Qazala. Qazala fumes.

Shayra telling everyone that she hopes that they like the family performance. She says this is not only Dadi’s welcome party, but Azaan and Noor’s break up party as they are divorcing each other. Noor says Shayra said right, I am divorcing him as he is always of Shayra. She says my friendship is very stronger with him, like wise Azaan and Shayra’s love is also very stronger. She says whoever tries to separate them, I will play their band. Everyone claps. Surayya says it is not easy to break their friendship. Qazala tells that she can do a sin to fulfill her aim. Later Azaan tells Razia that all misunderstanding are cleared finally. Shayra says not until now. Noor says we want an answer from Dadi Ammi. They hold each other hands and come near Qazala.

Qazala says you people are staring as if I did a sin. Noor says you know well. Shayra says the dress which I gave to Noor is given to me by you and you had told me not to tell her that this is a gift from you. Noor says you want me to wear this dress intentionally. Azaan asks what is this nonsense? Shayra says Dadi ammi gave dresses to Noor and me. She says my dress is good, but Noor’s dress is…Noor says Qazala has done a crime. Azaan says enough and takes a stand for his Dadi. He asks why do you always blame Dadi for everything. Noor asks what do you think that I will get myself insulted and will become Zohra bi. Qazala says enough and slaps Surayya. She asks Surayya to say? Surayya asks what? Qazala asks her to agree that she did this thing. Razia asks what? Noor says this is not done by Chachi. Qazala slaps Surayya and takes her to room. She shows the dress to Noor and says this was the one gifted by me. She signs Surayya. Surayya says I have changed the dress. Noor asks when did you change the dresses? Shayra recalls and says when you collide with me. Surayya says yes. Qazala asks Surayya to apologize to Razia. Surayya apologizes to Razia and says forgive me this time. Before Razia could say anything, Qazala says she has forgiven you this time and asks Razia to forgive her. Razia is about to speak again, but Qazala acts to get Asthma attack and asks Azaan not to send Surayya and Asgar to Sultanpur. Azaan says nobody will go anywhere and takes Qazala to her room.

Later Azaan reads weather report. Shayra gets upset and throws water on the laptop. He asks her to tell. Shayra says you have become biased seeing Dadi came and not is not listening to Ammi also. Azaan says he just wants Dadi to be at home and giving her respect which she deserves. He asks do you want Dadi to go from here like Noor. Noor comes and says she wants it. She tells him that Shayra has saved her respect today and says you are blaming her. She says just as Dadi acted to get Asthma attack, you are getting worried for her. She asks Shayra to divorce him and says lawyer will give the discount. Azaan asks her to go out and takes her out. Electricity goes. A man keeps hand on the glass window. Azaan comes to her and sees her in candle light. He kisses her on her cheeks. Shayra hugs him. The man turns out to be Aladdin. He thinks they are uniting again.

Surayya tells Asgar that she got a gift without getting anything. Asgar laughs and says gift was sure when you called Ammijaan here. Qazala comes there. Surayya says why did you slap me and trapped me? Qazala says whenever I get trapped, you will become bali ka bakra. Surayya asks her to take Asgar’s name next time. Qazala says he got the slaps that day. She says you need me to stay at home and says we can’t break Shayra, Azaan and Noor’s unity and show the right place to Razia. She tells Surayya that the pain which she has given her is less than the pain which she will give to Razia.