Wednesday Update on Promised Love 17th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Promised Love 17th February 2021

Azaan telling that he can’t promise that this will be their last fight, but he can try. He says he can compensate for the fight and gets romantic. Noor comes to the Police station wearing Burqa and tells that she wants to meet Khalid. Inspector asks who is she? She says she is his relative. Inspector asks her to come. She goes to him and apologizes to him, says she used him for her motive. Khalid doesn’t understand and asks her not to tell that. Noor says I will leave and goes. Khalid thinks very soon they will be together.

Azaan takes Shayra to swimming pool. Shayra asks what is this madness? He says he is trying to calm down her anger and don’t want any bitterness between them. He says sorry and says he can see anything, but not tears in her eyes. Yeh ishq jaan lega plays..He kisses her cheeks and asks her to smile for him. He asks her to say what to do to bring smile on her face. Shayra asks will you do what I ask you? Azaan says yes. Shayra says may be I ask you something which you can’t do. Azaan says I can give my life for your happiness and says what’s more you will ask than this. He asks her to say what to do. Shayra asks him to divorce her and marry Noor.

Azaan laughs and asks her to stay away from Noor. He says I thought your sense of humor is good, but yours is bad than hers and says you can’t joke also. Shayra says she is not joking. Azaan says this time is not for joke, but for love. He says he is going to room and asks her to come in sometime. He says he has planned a surprise for her. She says but….Noor is there and listened to them. She says what do you think that Azaan will agree. Shayra says he is thinking that I am joking. Noor says you are just saying and not forcing him. She says if you convince him to marry me then I will live, else will be alive in everyone’s memories.

Mashuqa cries and tells Dilruba that Khalid can’t do anything wrong and curses Noor. She says begum sahiba will realize her mistake and bring Khalid back. Razia calls Surayya and Asgar home. Surayya says Khalid cried a lot, we left him alone in lock up. Razia says you would have taught him good values. She says I have decided to give his share of property and wealth to charity. Asgar says you can’t do this? Surayya says you don’t have the right to do this as this wealth is of his dada. Razia says she is elder and fulfilling the responsibility given by her sasur. She says I asked lawyer to get the papers ready. Surayya gets upset.

Shayra comes to room and finds Azaan shirtless and wearing towel. He asks why she is feeling shy and says you didn’t feel shy to come in my heart. She says you are in towel. He thanks her for ruining his surprise and says I couldn’t light all the candles. Shayra says she wants to talk to him. He says you can talk, but I have a condition, first conversation should be related to love and second conversation should be related to love only. He tries to kiss her. Noor walks in their room and calls Azaan.

Azaan asks why did she come in his room. Noor says since when you are Paraya? He asks Shayra to learn from Noor, how to show right on other’s thing. He asks them to talk and goes to wear his clothes. Azaan tells Noor from bathroom what Shayra had said. He comes out wearing clothes and says Shayra asked me to divorce her and marry you and smiles. Noor asks why is he smiling, sits on their bed decorated with flowers and says why can’t we marry. Azaan says never. She asks why? Azaan says I am already married.

Noor says there is a solution and asks him to leave his wife. Azaan is shocked. He says second reason is I love my wife a lot. Noor says you love me also. Azaan says that is different. He says reason no 3. Noor says I don’t want to hear and asks do you have reason not to marry me. Azaan says yes. Shayra says if I ask you. Azaan says yes, I can give my life for you. He asks Noor not to step on the flowers. He goes as Razia calls him. Noor says Azaan has some other plans and asks her to convince him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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