Wednesday Update on Promised Love 10th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Promised Love 10th February 2021

Noor slapping Shayra. Azaan says Noor and holds Shayra. Shayra cries badly. Surayya congrats Asgar and says time has come to break relations and Razia’s ego. She says they have become enemies. Azaan asks how dare you slap her? Noor says how dare she to touch my Ammi, whom she killed. She asks him to tell her not to touch her. She turns to Razia and says you are standing with your bahu and thought my Ammi as Servant also. Razia says I always thought Meenu as my sister and you as my daughter. Noor says this is not right else you would have stand by me. Razia says Noor. She asks her to understand that Shayra did a mistake and not a crime. She says it was an accident.

Noor says it was my Ammi’s murder. Saba blames Shayra and says if she had snatched my Ammi then I would have killed her. Azaan says Saba. Surayya gets happy. Razia scolds Saba for interfering in elders talk. Asgar says time has come to say bye to yasmeen bi. Surayya comes to Noor and acts to pacify with her. She whispers to her that they don’t value your tears and can’t share their wealth and others’ pain. She says they will act now when yasmeen bi body is taken for funeral. She says if she really cares for yasmeen or you, then Shayra would have been in jail. Noor cries. Shayra tells Noor that she feels her pain and apologizes. Noor says you will get punishment from law and God. Azaan says funeral time came.

Noor gets up and says nobody will attend the funeral from all of you. She turns to Razia and says if you want to attend then you have to return the right of friendship and have to choose between my Ammi and bahu. She says you have to promise that you will get my Ammi’s criminal punished. Shayra cries. Razia asks her not to do this and says Meenu will never want any innocent person to get punished. Noor says she is not innocent and says Ammi will be at peace when Shayra gets punished. Azaan is about to hold the yasmeen’s dead body. Noor stops him. Azaan says enough and tells that she was his Ammi also. He says she used to take care of him like her own son and says she is my Ammi and I am her son, I will see who will stop me from doing my Ammi’s funeral. He says matter is not about you and Shayra, but about my Ammi, and nobody will stop me from bidding her bye. He cries and says sorry for failing to save her. He apologizes to her.

After sometime, he covers yasmeen’s face. Shayra comes near the dead body. Noor pushes her making her fall badly. She tells Azaan that Shayra stays here then her Ammi’s janaza will not go. Razia takes Shayra away from there. Azaan thinks of yasmeen’s words that he can’t lift her. Asgar, Khalid and others hold the janaza and take from there. Noor breaks down and cries. Razia and Shayra see from the window. Teri nazar se…Maa song plays….Noor comes out and cries thinking about her mother. Razia also recalls the good times with yasmeen. Noor shouts Ammi. Razia says Alvida Meenu, Allah shall give you Jannat. Shayra cries and goes inside. Surayya tells Razia that now she realize why you loved her so much and says we shall become each other support, I can’t take Yasmeen’s place, but don’t feel alone. Razia hugs her and cries.

Shayra cries badly and thinks of promising Yasmeen. Razia pacifies her. Shayra is inconsolable. Noor comes to her burnt room and imagines Yasmeen there. She takes out the laddoos kept by yasmeen and starts eating it (strangely, the laddoos are not burnt in fire) Azaan and Shayra cries seeing her. Surayya comes to Shayra and tells that Noor has nobody at her side, not even her best friend. She says few relations are snatched and few relations are broken. Shayra goes. Surayya gets shocked when Asgar keeps hand on her shoulder. She says you scared me. Asgar says Jashn came days and asks her to give them injury and I will make it wound. She smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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