Wednesday Update on My Identity 28th April 2021

Wednesday Update on My Identity 28th April 2021

Avni asking doctor how is Neil. Doctor says we did his dressing, he is unconscious. Avni says no Neil, don’t be so annoyed, that I can’t say sorry to you. Gurumaa says Neil has to die, be successful. She blesses Dayaben. Amol asks what’s all this, no guards and doors are open. Dayaben says all doors are open for pandit ji. Gurumaa says remember you have to come here till sunrise. They leave. Dayaben says now we have to kill Neil to help pandit ji again, I will tell you when time comes.

Avni goes to Neil and says you have to come back to me Neil, you said you are my true friend, you can’t leave me, please give me a chance to say sorry, I promise I will never fight with you again, I will never get angry. She holds her ears and apologizes. She says if you don’t listen to me, I will leave from here, I realized I don’t want anything except your support, please open your eyes once, come back. Bebe and Shweta come there and see Avni. Avni says I was just going. She leaves.

Neela consoles Avni. She says Neil will come back to you, don’t lose courage. Avni nods. Bebe prays. Riya goes to Shweta and says Neil will get fine, don’t worry. She sees Ali and goes to him. She offers help to Ali. Ali says please go, I don’t want your help. She says we are friends, what happened. He says if Neil was not fighting with death, I would have told your truth to Neil and Avni. He goes. Amol hides Dayaben. Ali calls out Amol and asks where were you. Amol lies.

Prakash asks Bebe to go home. Bebe says take Shweta, I won’t go. Shweta also refuses to go. He says I will call you if I need. Avni says I won’t go leaving Neil. Neela says I m not asking you to leave, come with me. They collide with Dayaben. Dayaben is in cleaner’s disguise. Neela says sorry and goes. Amol calls Dayaben and asks her to get ready. She says I m ready. Neela says Lord always supported you. Avni asks what do you want. Neela says just pray to Lord for Neil. Avni says no, he will never listen to me. She goes. Neela prays for Neil and holds a flickering diya, along with Dayaben. Dayaben is in doctor’s disguise now.

Neela recalls Dayaben and says who was that doctor, her eyes. She asks her to stop. Amol comes in between and asks for Avni. Neela says wait for her in cafe, I will send her. Amol calls Riya and says you have to distract Ali, I m sending Avni there. She goes to Ali and argues with him. Neela asks Avni to go cafe and have food, Amol is waiting there. Amol looks on and thinks Avni will be with Riya and Ali, I hope Riya doesn’t do any mistake. He recalls Dayaben’s plan to use Ali and Riya and keep Avni away. He says everything will get fine now Dadi.

Riya asks where did your ethics go, you are blaming me now, you had plan to propose Avni there, you remember the decorations you did for Avni. She sees Avni and smiles. Avni looks on. Ali shouts stop it Riya, yes I did arrangements in Coorg, I went there for Avni. Avni gets shocked. Neela asks for lady surgeons, senior ones. Nurse says all lady surgeons are young. Neela thinks was that doctor Dayaben, I have to find out.

Riya says your idea to propose Avni flopped, so you have fixed bomb in dahi handi to kill Neil and get Avni. Avni gets shocked. Ali asks what nonsense. Riya says I m saying truth. Ali sees Avni and runs to her, asking is she fine. Avni asks is it true what Riya is saying, did you plan all that decorations, I felt you are my true friend, there is no one with me, say truth please. Ali says I m ready to support you, but I can’t tell you anything now. She goes.

Dayaben takes nurse’s disguise and says its time…. The light goes. Avni says why do I feel something wrong is going to happen. She says mum…. Neil…. and tries to reach the ward. Dayaben lies to guard. DD comes and stops her. Prakash asks DD to come with him and take report. DD allows her. Dayaben goes to Neil. She says I have killed Aisha this way and now you, I took similar pillow, blame will go on your best friend Ali, poor Avni how will she fight with me and Amol. Neela says Dayaben is in jail, how can she come here, no…. Dayaben says just some pain then game over. She removes the oxygen mask and suffocates him with the pillow. Neil struggles.

Dayaben suffocating Neil with a pillow. Neil struggles and falls down. Avni comes there shouting Neil. Dayaben hides. Avni gets shocked seeing Neil fallen and calls the hospital staff. Dayaben leaves from there. Neela sees the other nurse and stops her. She says sorry, I felt its someone else. Doctor says Neil is more critical now, if liver transplant doesn’t happen in 24 hours then… Shweta says just save him. Doctor says its impossible to get donor so soon. Avni says you prepare for the transplant, leave everything on me, I won’t let anything happen to Neil. Doctor says his state is much critical. The nurse gives prospective donors list, if they can help in making calls and finding a match.

Bebe cries and says why did this happen with my Tillu, he is such a nice helpful guy. Avni and DD make calls and try. Neela says you know Bebe, I never told any stories to Avni with a moral, she was burning in revenge fire, she didn’t care for anything, I was afraid that my daughter can have something less, today she is proving me right, she didn’t need any story, she is becoming an example, she is doing what Savitri did for her husband, Avni won’t let anything happen to Neil, trust her.

DD says there is no match for liver donor. Avni says no DD, don’t lose courage, we will find the donor. She thanks someone and tells DD that they found a match. Doctor says we have less time to get liver to the hospital. Avni says it won’t be late, how can we lose hope so soon. Avni says we can use green corridor to get ambulance on time by moving traffic. DD says we can do this, I will talk to commissioner and start process. Avni says I will not move back to make this possible, you get road map. DD goes.

Avni shows the route that could be shortest one to reach hospital, we just need each other’s support. She asks doctor to start operation preparations, I will manage the rest. Ali says tell me what you need. Avni goes with Ali. Avni records a message and tells about her heart relation with her husband Neil, you all will see this video tomorrow morning, you all can help me in saving my husband, he is a brave police officer, who has saved many innocent girls, help me, Neil could have joined family business to have a good life, but he has become an ACP, he is fighting with his life and death, he is asking your help today, I request you all to keep route from airport to hospital vacant, he needs liver for one hour, make a green corridor for ambulance. Kareena sends the video to friend and asks her to share it on social media.

Everyone sees the news and volunteer to vacate the road. Gurumaa and Dayaben see Avni’s news. Gurumaa says this girl has fire in her eyes, don’t think she is weak, she can do anything to save her husband’s life. Dayaben says she lost to me before also, she failed to snatch my Amol. Dayaben says she was a 12 year old girl that time, this girl is a wife, this mangalsutra will give her power.

Avni applies the sindoor and recalls Neil. Neela comes and applies her tilak with a blessing to be always a Suhagan. She says goodness didn’t end in world yet. Avni says I will have food when Neil feeds me by his hands. Neela gives her a yellow saree and says go like Savitri and save your Satyavaan.

Avni and everyone wait for the flight. Amol looks on. Ali says its good news, all the roads are free, don’t worry, your try won’t fail. Prakash says its all because of you. DD says flight landed, they will just come. Avni sees the car tyre punctured. Amol calls Dayaben and says work is done, I tried to get his accident done but Neil is an ACP. She says Gurumaa has done all arrangements.

The man says all the four tyres are punctured, we have less time, liver will get damaged if we don’t hook this with ambulance. Neil is taken for operation. Shweta cries. Bebe prays for Neil. A shooter aims at the liver. Dayaben prays to Maa. Avni hears a man asking for a electric coffin. Avni says I regret for what happened with your dad, I need your help, my husband is in critical state, he needs liver transplant, we got the liver from Chennai, we have to reach hospital, can we take your car.

Gurumaa says I m trying my best, the box which has liver, my men have aimed at it, in some time that box will blast. Dayaben says Neil shouldn’t get saved, else it will be Avni’s win and my failure, I can’t lose. Gurumaa says just you will win. Dayaben says I trust you. Avni says none knows the sorrow of losing someone, please help me. The girl agrees. The shooter shoots at the box. They get saved. Avni and DD rush and leave in the car. DD gets informed about the sniper. He asks the man to find out who is Neil’s enemy. Gurumaa says don’t worry, I have thought something. They all see the news. Reporter tells about Avni trying to get liver at the hospital, the box was shot by someone, we have to praise Avni’s efforts, our prayers are with Neil.

Avni sees the wooden tree log on the road and stops the car. DD says we have no time to take other route. Avni says we can run to the hospital. DD says if liver gets damaged then. She says we have no time, help me in moving this tree. They push the tree. People come to help. Avni smiles. Avni and DD reach the hospital with the liver. She gives the box to the doctor. The operation begins. Bebe holds Avni’s feet and apologizes. Everyone gets shocked.

Bebe says I m very ashamed, I know my mistake is too big. Avni says no. Bebe says forgive me, I have called you illegitimate when the truth is…. our thinking is illegitimate, we blamed your birth, and forgot to see your deeds. She stops Shweta and says I won’t let you go, truth is if your son is alive today, its because of Avni, we could have not done this. Bebe says we should learn from Avni and her mum Aisha, how to raise a daughter. She apologizes to Neela. She says Avni is really Savitri, she got her Satyavaan from death. Avni says it means I m not unlucky. Prakash says no, we are lucky to get you as our bahu. Everyone smiles. Operation ends. Doctor comes and says good news, transplant was successful. Avni and everyone get happy. Avni recalls her moments with Neil.

Gurumaa sees a lady cleaning her stuff and gets angry. The lady apologizes for her mistake. Gurumaa says its fine, humans make mistake. She hurts the lady badly. Avni meets Neil and says everything got fine, Bebe said I m not illegitimate, I wanted to hear this since long, you always regarded my sorrow and fight like yours, then my win is also yours, open eyes fast so that I can congratulate you. Neela looks on. Avni holds Neil’s hand and says I was so stupid to think you are a hurdle for me, but you solved my problems, you are fine now. He holds his face and smiles.