Wednesday Update on love or Poison 5th May 2021


Wednesday Update on love or Poison 5th May 2021

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Sitara is constantly chanting mantras. Vrinda says we cannot do anything now. We cannot bring the magical element inside and neither can we stop Rajguru. All 3 of you can do something though. Join your energies and create a wall. It might do something. Her sisters create a shield around Vrinda. Vrinda’s condition is worsening. They think to send their elements outside so it can bring their sister’s element back inside. They join their elements.

Colors new show Gathbandhan is promoted by Viraj and his mother. Rani Sa leaves telling Viraj to take rest.

Viraj asks Nethra what she is doing. She hands over Viraj’s clothes to Aryan. Viraj asks her if she really wants them to camp in this condition. Aryan nods. This is why we planned to take you out for a change. Samrat adds that this is the only time they all can spend together. You wont spend time with us like this after your wedding. Nethra suggests Viraj to rest tonight. We leave tomorrow. Viraj says it isn’t possible till the time I have that spy around me. She has gone to tell Ma what we are up to. I am sure Ma will say no. Rani Sa asks him what if she says yes. Viraj is surprised. You don’t have any problem? Rani Sa says I had but Sitara made me agree. I don’t need to worry about you till the time Sitara is with you. Nethra asks her why Sitara will go with them. Rani Sa replies that Viraj wont go anywhere without Sitara. It is Maharaj and Rajguru’s order. We must abide by it. Nethra and Samrat look unhappy.

Vrinda’s element and her sisters’ element keep hitting at the door. Vrinda prays to Mahamata to do something. A lady dances next to Rajguru while he is busy in his prayers. She ends up hitting the plate kept in front of him. Flower petals fall on him thereby breaking his concentration. Vrinda’s element manages to get inside the wall. Rajguru looks at the lady. She laughs at him and disappears. Rajguru realises what just happened. It shouldn’t have happened. Vrinda will be alive if it reaches her. She will become aware of the fact that Sitara is alive too!

Vrinda and her sisters get their elements back. They share a hug. Vrinda says I made myself so weak that I dint even try to find out the truth about my daughter. Albeli says the truth is out. Chabeeli nods. Our Sitara is alive. Surili says our elements couldn’t break the wall. What just happened? Vrinda shares that she (Mahamata) heard her voice.

Kuldeep asks Rajguru what will happen now. Now Vrinda will try to reach Sitara. Rajguru nods. We have to keep Sitara away not just from Vishkanya’s but also from any kind of poison or their secret will be out in open. Sitara asks them what secret they are talking about. Rajguru and Kuldeep go quiet. Rajguru says we were talking about Vishkanya’s. Viraj does not believe in it. I have erased his memories about them yet he must not find out about them. Kuldeep assures him that they will take care of it. He asks Sitara where she is off to.

Sitara reminds him about the camp. Rajguru tells her not to leave Viraj’s side even for a second. She nods. He blesses her. Sitara tells her Baba to take care of himself. He nods. Sitara goes. Kuldeep tells Rajguru that he cannot believe it that he blessed Sitara even after knowing that she is a Vishkanya. Rajguru says she isn’t just a Vishkanya but your daughter too. She has your good upbringing too. Virtue is always greater than poison. Kuldeep says we cannot ignore Vishkanya’s though. Vrinda can go to any extent to get Sitara. We have to be careful.

Nethra is ready for the trip but is very much irritated because of Sitara. I want to kill her! Samrat tells her to calm down. Viraj will be yours after marriage. Aryan nods. We have to continue this drama till the wedding. You got to be careful till then. Samrat seconds him. Samrat’s mother enters saying that they wont lose anything till the time she is here. Samrat is surprised to see her. His mother asks a guy to come inside. A guy enters. She shares that he masters the skill of attacking people by putting poisonous syringes in the pipe. He will aim them at Sitara. Forget about going to the trip, Sitara wont be able to even stand on her feet! Nethra can then happily go her trip with Viraj. Nethra asks her if it can happen. Samrat’s mother says it is what is going to happen. Remember to make Viraj fall for you completely this time. Nethra smiles. Aryan and Samrat are pleased too. Nethra hugs Samrat’s mother.

Sitara knocks at Viraj’s room. Even girls take less time to get ready. Everyone has left. Even the bags have been kept in the car. Viraj sighs. It was fine till the time she was my friend. She has become a problem since she has become my guard. It isn’t just she who cannot trouble me. I can do that too. He calls her inside. She turns around seeing the buttons of his shirt open. He smiles. I will embarrass her so much that she will run away from me herself. He asks Sitara why she got shy. You are here to help me. Do it. The buttons are torn. Please fix it. She asks him if he has only one shirt. He denies. I only want to wear this one though.

You can refuse if you don’t want to do it. You can say no to your father and Rajguru. Sitara realises the real intention behind his drama. I never break my promise. It isn’t in my blood. She tells him she will do it. I know how to sew. She hesitantly starts sewing the buttons. Viraj looks at her. They both feel awkward. Viraj’s phone starts ringing. Before going out, he murmurs that she wont leave him so easily. Sitara says I have vowed to protect you. It was a promise taken by my father. I will never make him look down.

Nethra, Aryan and Samrat are waiting in the jeep. She drops the camera intentionally seeing Viraj and Sitara. Viraj says it is dead. Nethra pretends to be sad. How will we take camping photos? He suggests taking his and begins to go when Nethra suggests sending his bodyguard to bring it. Viraj requests Sitara to bring it. Sitara agrees. She is concerned about him but he assures her they aren’t going anywhere. We are waiting here only. Aryan mentally bids adieu to Sitara. You wont return now!

Sitara comes to Viraj’s room. She begins searching the drawers. The guy peeks at her from the window. Rajguru’s and Samrat’s mom’s words echo in the background. The guy aims poisonous syringe at Sitara.

The guy aims poisonous syringe at Sitara. Sitara notices him in the mirror and moves just in time to save herself from the syringe. She keeps shifting to save herself.

Viraj is getting impatient. It would have been better if I had gone myself. Nethra says neither the camera nor Sitara is important. Let’s go. We will spend some time together. Aryan seconds her. We know you don’t like her around you much. He heads to his room to bring his wallet. Nethra gets tensed that he might find out about the guy.

Sitara saves herself and picks a dagger. She aims her dagger. He is hurt at his wrist and starts running away. Sitara chases him. Viraj notices them and throws a small flower pot at the guy so as to nab him. Nethra, Samrat and Aryan come in just then. Samrat’s mother is shocked to see the guy in Viraj’s arms. Viraj questions the guy and asks Sitara what just happened. She tells him that he was attacking her using poisonous syringes. Viraj beats the guy asking him who he is. Who sent you here? He looks at Samrat’s mother who shakes her head at him. Samrat sends the guy away with the guards. The guy acts to be dumb. Guards begin to take him away when Samrat’s mother slaps him. Take him. She advises Viraj not to worry. I will attend to this matter myself. He nods. She heads to her room.

Nethra tells Viraj she is sure he must be tensed over what happened but let’s chill. Viraj is curious to know about the guy but Samrat tells him to relax. Let’s not waste our time. Sitara suggests Viraj against going outside. He asks her what the problem is. You are with me. You are my lucky charm. She tries to make him understand. It wasn’t an accident but well planned. It happened in your room which hints at the fact that you were the target. The danger will increase if we step outside when so much happened right inside the palace. He refuses to ignore his plan. Nethra seconds him. Sitara thinks that she only knows one way to stop him now.

Vrinda is eager to meet her daughter now. I also want to be free. We have to get out of here asap and create a connect with Sitara. Surili comes up with a plan. She shows an arrow / pin. We can join bring you and Sitara closer if she comes to south gate somehow. We will aim this arrow /pin at her and mix your blood with her. She wont be able to refuse your call then. Vrinda is about to say something when Rajguru enters. Vrinda taunts him. Did you think I will die so easily? No human can harm us till the time we have Mahamata’s blessings. I only made one mistake. I dint pray to Mahamata to save Sitara. She would have been alive if I had done that! Rajguru understands that it was Mahamata who saved her this time. Does Vrinda really not know about Sitara? He tells Vrinda that Mahamata wont save them always. Your end is very near. He walks out from there.

Vrinda’s sisters smile thinking how easily they have fooled Rajguru. Vrinda tells them to let him be in this illusion. We will bring Sitara closer by taking advantage of that only!

Nethra convinces Viraj to leave without Sitara. He starts the engine but his mother takes out the key just then. She firmly tells him he wont go anywhere. Sitara was attacked in your room. The danger can increase outside. You wont go anywhere. He says I understand but I can take care of myself. She stays put. Samrat’s mother tries to convince her that Nethra, Samrat and Aryan are going as well. Nethra nods. Sitara will be with us as his bodyguard. Rani Sa stays put. She sends Viraj to his room and reprimands Nethra for putting Viraj’s life in risk. Samrat’s mother tells her to let it be. She is still a kid. She will understand soon. She takes Rani Sa inside with her.

Nethra, Aryan and Samrat are unhappy over it. It must be Sitara’s doings.

Viraj throws his bag angrily on the floor. Nethra thinks to use this opportunity to fill his ears against Sitara. She pretends to cry. What is going on? I am your would-be wife but I have to think before spending time with you. Don’t I have any right on you? He reasons that his mother is worried. She speaks about Sitara. I don’t think I have a right on you since Sitara has become your bodyguard. I have to take her permission to be with / around you or go out with you. What’s the point of me being here? I feel she stays more with you than me. Stay with her only! I will leave. They see Sitara at the door. Nethra shakes her head. Viraj pulls Sitara inside. Is this what you wanted? Are you happy and satisfied now? What are you up to? I have no personal space. I feel as if I am bound by chains. I see your face more than myself. We used to be friends but I only see an enemy in you now! Sitara looks at him in shock. What did I do? I was just doing my duty. He asks her if it is her duty to irritate him or to cancel his plans. Her eyes well up.

A tear escapes Vrinda’s eyes. Her sisters ask her what happened to her. Vrinda shares that this is her daughter’s pain. Someone has hurt my daughter. They reason that they haven’t met yet. Vrinda nods. This is the relation between a mother and a daughter. One of them gets hurt but the other person also feels that pain. She is unaware of my existence. I have to meet her to be with her. I want to hear her call me Ma. Chabeeli says it will happen only when she will come towards south gate. They wonder how it will happen. They decide to seek help from Mahamata. Vrinda requests Mahamata to help her.

Viraj pushes Sitara away. Just leave! I don’t want to see your face right now. Just go. Sitara is reminded of Rajguru’s request. Nethra decides to go outside. I feel everyone will be happy if I will leave. Better let me go. He holds Nethra’s hand and sternly asks Sitara to leave.