Wednesday Update on love or Poison 12th May 2021


Wednesday Update on love or Poison 12th May 2021

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Viraj appreciates Sitara for getting locked with him. Sitara tries to pull the handcuff but Viraj says they can’t open it without a lock. Nehtra walks towards the room planning to go shopping with Viraj. Viraj hears the footsteps and stops Sitara. Nehtra reaches Viraj’s room, he stood beside the curtain. Viraj tells her to stay away, he didn’t yet take a bath. Nehtra says she loves him and doesn’t care if he bathe or not; after a few days they will be meeting without baths each morning. Viraj was still irritated as Nehtra walks closer. Nehtra was annoyed and tells him to come downstairs, Rani Maa called him for Pooja. Viraj thinks he will have to bathe for Pooja; but decides to freshen up. Sitara says he will have to bathe anyway. Viraj asks how?

In the washroom, Sitara stood on a side as Viraj takes a shower with his clothes on. Rani Maa comes to call Viraj. She asks him to hurry up, everyone is waiting for him. Viraj replies he is coming. Rani Maa says she won’t go without him. Viraj says his Pooja clothes aren’t ready, can she ask someone. Rani Maa says Sitara got them ready already. She then reminds something she had to say to Pandit ji and leaves. Sitara was offensive that preparing his dress was a responsibility. Only he doesn’t care about his friend or companion and disgraced her.

Sureeli watches Rani Maa come out of the room alone. She lits a fire under the floor of corridor and thinks once Viraj steps over this fire, then no one will be able to save him. Viraj and Sitara walk out of the room together. Vrinda observes this and tells Sureeli to stop Sitara, her hands are tied with that of Viraj. Sureeli notices the handcuff. All of a sudden, Sureeli runs across the corridor pushing Sitara. Vrinda and ladies were relieved. Sitara notices water on the patch of corridor that was lite. Chabeeli asks Vrinda why she doesn’t let Sitara know the truth. Vrinda says Kuldeep has taught her for years, it’s difficult to tell Sitara the truth. They must wait for the right time.

Sitara and Viraj walk downstairs. Sitara says they must break it somehow. Viraj tells Sitara to hide it under her dress. They look ahead to see Samrat. Samrat says he was a little shocked to see them close to each other. Viraj says they have to stay together like this for protection. Raaj Guru comes to take Viraj for Pooja while he orders Sitara to stay behind. Viraj has to sit in the Pooja all alone. Viraj tells Raaj Guru to go ahead, he will be right back. Raaj Guru inquires what’s important that Pooja for him. Viraj hurries anyway.

In the room, Viraj tells Sitara to find the keys anyway. Viraj now takes his sword, sits on the table and tells her to strike the chain. His right hand is blocked and can’t do it with left one. He advices her to strike in the center. Sitara strikes the chain. Viraj screams out of pain. Sitara was worried what if she hit his hand. Viraj laughs hysterically while bringing his hand out of the sleeve. Sitara was annoyed, her eyes filled with tears. She complains Viraj doesn’t care for her sentiments. Samrat’s mother spy on this.She now comes to Rani Maa and talks to her about Viraj and Nehtra’s wedding. In the room, Sitara and Viraj fell on the bed together, covered with a red chunri. Samrat’s mother says Sitara and Viraj are coming really close to each other, they are young and might get off track any time. Sitara and Viraj get up, both apologetic to each other. Viraj leaves for Pooja.

Sureeli stops Sitara in the corridor. She says she went to Mandir and brought a thread for Sitara for her protection. She requests to make her wear this. Sitara asks why she is doing so. Sureeli says she also feels a connection with Sitara, no one every spoke to her with such love. Sitara happily wears the thread.
Vrinda says this thread contains the power to bring Sitara under her control. She will now hear her voice, Sitara would be attracted to Vishnu and won’t be able to hear anything else anymore. In a few hours she will meet Sitara.

It was night. Sitara tells Viraj not to accept strange gifts from friends again. They were saved today, else could have been scolded badly. Viraj gets a cough, Sitara leaves to bring water for him. Sureeli was happy that Sitara comes out of the room. Sitara feels someone was stalking her.

Vrinda works her magic over the bowl and wish to get to her daughter. Sitara at once hears Vrinda’s call through the thread on her hand. Vrinda says Sitara will now do what she will ask her to, she tells her to come closer. Sitara’s head bang for a while, she was now in Vrinda’s control and walks towards Vrinda.
Viraj goes to look for Sitara. Sureeli hides behind a wall and decides to stop him. She blows her powers to make candle stand fell down. Viraj neglects the candles and walks ahead. Sureeli blows to make another stand fell down. Viraj wonders what’s strange here, but walks ahead.

Sitara walked towards Vrinda. Someone drags Sitara from the corridor. Sureeli fetched Sitara but doesn’t find her in the corridor. Samrat and Aryan had dragged Sitara who was now unconscious by smelling something. Vrinda tells Sureeli that someone kidnapped Sitara. Vrinda tells her that they are taking Sitara out of the palace, she must save her. Sureeli runs outside where Samrat and Aryan took her in their car. Sureeli blows a fire ball towards the car. Chabeeli was worried what if they successfully take Sitara out of reach of Sitara. Vrinda points at Albeli, then uses her powers against the car. Samrat’s car was stuck in a dust storm. Sureeli ran behind the car which was now under her reach. She blows a fire ball which burns the car’s tyre. Samrat was unable to control the car. Samrat faints as the car hits a pole.
Vrinda was happy about their accident.

The security guards call their team to save Samrat’s car. Everyone gather outside. Viraj was shocked to see Sitara unconscious in the car. They go to save her, Kuldeep carries Sitara in the room. Sureeli comes with them and rubs her feet. Viraj wonders how this happened, she went to bring water from the car then how she reached Samrat’s call. He goes to meet Samrat. Kuldeep tells Sureeli to take care of her while he will be back soon.Yamini cries for Samrat’s recovery. Samrat opens his eyes. Viraj comes to the room. Samrat assures his mother he is fine. Maharaj questions what he was upto so late at night, and why was Sitara with him? Samrat wonders what he must now reply to them. Samrat says Sitara wanted to meet him. Raaj Guru was in a disbelief. Viraj says Sitara had gone to bring water. He wonders how Samrat can blame Sitara, he knows Sitara can never do so. Everyone decide to let him take rest, and inquires Sitara when she is awake.

Sureeli sat beside Sitara. Viraj walks towards the room and thinks Sitara can never do so. Sureeli was crying and wish she could make her meet her mother. She understands Vrinda must be extremely hurt while watching her in pain. There, Vrinda sat upset that she was again defeated. Sureeli says Sitara doesn’t believe what powers Sitara has. Viraj comes behind and asks what kind of power? Sureeli hurriedly stands up and says Devi Maa has the powers. Viraj tells her to leave, he is with Sitara. Sitara sits beside her with her hand in his, he feels sorry for not being able to help her. He wish she wakes up sooner.

The next morning, Sitara wakes up and finds herself in the bed while Viraj slept in sitting position. She doesn’t recall anything from last night. Viraj wakes up and was concerned, she asks Viraj what happened last night? Viraj says he also wants to inquire the same, she went to bring water then how she reached Samrat’s car. A servant comes to take them downstairs.
In the hall, Yamini was crying. Viraj and Sitara walk downstairs. Sitara was shocked to see Samrat with bandage and asks how he was hurt. Yamini yells that its because of her, she called Samrat to meet her alone. Sitara clarifies this is a lie.