Wednesday Update on Lost in Love 1st June 2022


Wednesday Update on Lost in Love 1st June 2022

Sayi tells Virat that she will not feel bad if he flirts with any girl as their marriage is a contract. Virat says she has to follow his orders. She asks if she is his constable that she should follow his order. He says if she was his constable, he would have ordered her to have medicine. She says why did he support her against family in the morning. He says he felt she was right. She asks then why did he scold her the other day. He says he scolded her that day as he felt she did wrong by flirting with Amay and bringing him home and supported her in the morning as Bhavani did wrong by snatching plate from her hands. He asks to forget all this and tell if she had anything since morning. She says she didn’t as she has to prebook order in college canteen.

He asks if she really didn’t have anything. She says she had air and its very tasty. He says even he felt same being hungry since morning. She asks even if he didn’t have anything since morning. He says yes and insists to check her fever. She agrees. He checks her forehead and puts thermometer in her mouth. Their eyes lock and they they get alert. He checks reading and says she has high fever, so she should have food and then rest, she will not work tomorrow and he will talk about it to Bhavani. She thinks earlier Virat sir asked her to work and now not to work, but she will work in kitchen and then go to college and will not bear anyone’s taunt.

Bhavani walks into kitchen and asks Saloni and Karishma if they are doing their work properly. She asks about Ashwini. Saloni says Ashwini is having headache. Bhavani jokes that when Ashwini is having such a troublesome bahu like Sayi. Saloini laughs. Bhavani praises that she taught good morales to her bahu. They both continue badmouthing about Sayi. Karishma thinks she is benefitted with Sayi’s arrival. Usha walks in. Bhavani yells at her and rudely asks about Sayi. Usha says Sayi is having high fever since last night. Bhavani yells why she feeds her food by hand. Karishma comments that Usha is behind Sayi’s father’s money. Usha says she considers Sayi as her daughter and doesn’t need her money. She asks to give her some work. Saloni suggests Bhavani to dump all the work on her. Bhavani smirks.

After sometime, Saloni serves tea to Ninad and Bhavani. Ninad asks her to serve him some breakfast. Bavani tells Ninad that she made a mistake by getting him married to Ashwini, she showed her kind nature seeing Ashwini’s parents pleading to accept their daughter. Ninad says poor and uneducated Ashwini is unfit to be in rich Chavan family. Pakhi walks down and apologizes Bhavani for waking up late. Bhavani says its okay as its not too late and praises her upbringing. Pakhi says she will prepare breakfast for them and makes toasts. Sayi walks down and asks Usha what should she do. Usha who is dusting furniture asks her to stay away as she is having fever and would catch cold. Bhavani smirks seeing that. Sayi asks Usha to give her some work or else Bhavani will taunt her. Pakhi walks to Sayi and asks her stop acting if she doesn’t want to work. Sayi says already there are Ninad, Omkar, Bhavani, and Saloni to share their gyaan and now even Karishma comments.

Pakhi says she didn’t ask her not to work, but to work thinking as her responsibility. Sayi says there are elders to say that. Bhavani yells to cook food. Pakhi backs. Sayi asks when Bhavani is speaking, why she is interfering. Ninad yells she is crossing her limits. Sayi asks what did she say, she is just asking what should she do. Bhavani says she will cook food for everyone and asks Ninad to give her menu. He gives a long list of Marathi cuisine. Sayi says he is having high BP and shouldn’t have fried food. Ninad yells if he has to take her permission to have what he wants. Pakhi yels next, but Sayi shuts her mouth and asks Bhavani to give her menu. Bhavani gives her long list and says since Ashwini is ill and resting, Sayi should prepare whole food alone. Usha gets tensed thinking how will Sayi prepare so much food alone, she needs to attend collegte soon. Drama continues Sayi reminds Bhavani that she and Karishma if one bahu cooks other bahus help her, she thinks Bhavani doesn’t know to cook or work or else she would have helped Ashwini in kitchen, so she will take Karishma and Pakhi’s help now. She asks Karishma to cut the vegetables and Pakhi to grind masalas. They both stand fuming hearing that.

Sayi says Karishma will cut vegetables and Pakhi will grind masalas. Devi comes down saying she is hungry and watches the drama standing nearby. Karishma says why should Pakhi grind masalas, even she can do it. Sayi says why is she advocating Pakhi, let Pakhi speak. Pakhi asks Usha to grind masalas. Sayi reminds that during mahabhoj, Pakhi told only family bahus should grind masalas. Saloni asks if she is trying to take revenge from Pakhi. Sayi says when she insisted her to grind masalas during mahabhoj, why can’t Pakhi do it, if she thinks its a small job. Ninad says let Pakhi rest. Sayi says even she was having high fever and even then came down to do household chores, why can’t pakhi do it.

Devi thinks she should inform about this drama to Virat and goes to bring him. Badimaa says Pakhi can grind masalas in a mixer grinder. Sayi reminds her words that masalas taste good if grinded in stone and its Chavan family rule, says Pakhi cares about Chavan family rules and would never break it. Devi brings Virat down. Ninad yells that he brought his wife from a mental assylum. Bhavani yells next. Virat asks what is happening. Sayi says important task and asks Pakhi and Karishma to start their work. Pakhi yells that Sayi shouldn’t forget that she is elder than her. Sayi says she always fights with her and behaves of her age. Devi claps and says Sayi replies daringly like a hero and Pakhi like a zero. Sayi offers her cupcakes. Devi sits on sofa. Sayi says she is family’s daughter and deserves to sit on sofa and have snacks. Bhavani yells not to teach her how to behave with her daughter and rudely orders Devi to go to her room. Devi leaves.

Virat asks Sayi why she is working when she is having high fever. Sayi says she will complete her task. Saloni, Ninad, Omkar, and Bhavani yell as usual that Sayi is mad and should be sent to mental asylum. Karishma says Sayi is taking revenge from Pakhi for forcing her to grind masalas during mahabhoj. Pakhi repeats that Sayi wants to take revenge from her for work she did not ask her to do. Sayi says she is just reminding Pakhi’s duty and doesn’t want to take any revenge. Virat backs her. Karishma thinks Sayi may ask her to grind masalas and asks Usha to grind them. Sayi stops her and says as per elders only bahus should grind masalas. Usha asks not to stretch the issue. Sayi stops her. Virat asks Pakhi she should grind masalas if she knows to grind them. Pakhi tells Virat that his wife will not let her go without taking revenge and walks into kitchen.

Pakhi grinds chillies shedding tears. Saloni scolds Sayi and says she should learn to grind masalas from Pakhi. Sayi shows Pakhi’s tears. Bhavani and Saloni pity on Pakhi and yell at Sayi. Virat enters and asks Pakhi to stop. Sayi says his family was telling she was acting seeing her tears, but is feeling pity seeing Pakhi’s tears. Pakhi says she will complete her task and let Sayi take revenge. Sayi says she is not taking any revenge and is just reminding her that her hand burning went off in a day, but her bitter words hurt her even today. She asks Usha to grind masalas. Pakhi says she doesn’t need anyone’s help and picking chilli paste from hand feels immense burning. Sayi says even Pakhi is petite like her and should know about others’ pain. Virat asks Sayi to stop punishing Pakhi and checking Pakhi’s hand asks Sayi to bring ice for Pakhi. He applies it on Pakhi’s hand and apologizes her from his and Sayi’s side saying he thought Pakhi knows house hold chores. Sayi reminds that she grinded more masalas, but Virat didn’t feel sorry for her that day. Virat says he already apologized her that day for that. Bhavani yells if he apologized jungli mulgi. Virat requests her to drop this issue right here and not stretch it.

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