Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 23rd June 2021


Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 23rd June 2021

Madhu takes Jaya’s life. Everyone sees her and is shocked. Her dad says Jaya please open your eye. Apurv comes there and says where is my bride? I had to get married today. This is my bride. What happened to her? Mom why are you crying? Madhu says in heart what was right happened. Palak’s aunt says I will get her married here today.

Naina is in the OT. Her mom in being treated. She says ma, I can’t take this pain. I can’t see her in this pain God. She doesn’t tolerate pain. Why did this happen to her. I want my Naina back and fine. I will do whatever it takes. Please heal Naina.

Police come the house. The inspector says we looked everywhere. This is a series of murders here. The dead bodies were found old. People say it’s a witch. Madhu says do you believe in these things? He says no I believe in the lawyer. This is done bu as serial killer. We haev a proof. We found a piece of chain in the victim’s hand. We will find the other half of it and find out who the killer is. Madhu says in heart I have to find my chain before them.

The doctor says to Palak the treatment is very long. It can take months. The doctor says it’s going to cost you around 40 lacs. Please submit 5 lacs tomorrow so we can start the process. Palak says where would I get that money from?

Pala’s uncle says I felt so bad doing this to Naina but it would work for us. The greed made us do this. Mami says we did right. Apurv comes. Madhu says Apurv why are you in your room? Are you scared? He says no I will be a policeman myself. She says to be a policeman you have to have a smart brain. She says to be a policeman you have to ti find things. He says really? Madhu says yes. You have to find my locket first. That’s the first task. He says okay I will find it. Madhu says I have to keep the police engaged. He will find the necklace for me.

Urushi says the witch killed the bride. She doesn’t want Apurv to get married. I found a girl after so long. What would happen now? If he doesn’t get married how would we stop this curse? Police say we have to take statements from both the families. Apruv comes and says I am also a cop. Madhu says Apurv what are you doing here? Do what I asked you. She says he isn’t mentally well. He becomes what he sees.

Dadi says pandit ji how will we save Apurv? If that witch could come inside the house even after the trishul. He says the Tri-Shakti rattan can save her. Urushi says if that rattan can save Apurv we will get it today only. Madhu says Apurv hurry up. You have to find that necklace before the police. Apurv looks for the necklace. The police see footprints. They are going towards the window. The inspector says who can jump from the 40th floor? Wo can do this?

Palak says to her uncle there is no money in the account. It’s on yor and my name. Did you take it out? I kept is for her studies and marriage. He sas yes I took them out. I had to return the loan. If I didn’t they would cut my whole hand. I know you will find a way out. Pala sits down and cries. She says where will I get the money for Naina’s treatment. Please show me a way God.

Urushi pours gangajal. She says I am this because you asked. But what did it help? She came to the house anyway and killed the bride. We have to get that rattan. Madhu says I am going tomorrow to get that rattan. But till then we have to keep Apurv safe. She says in heart till I am not here I can’t let another witch take Apurv.

Madhu comes downstairs. Vishala is there. She says do you think it’s that easy to come inside this house while I am here. She shoves Vishala from her braid. Madhu comes to her mom and says the witch can’t come inside the house now.

Madhu says I will be back with Shakti ratan. Don’t let anyone come inside. Dadi says please be careful and bring the rattan. She says I will be don’t worry. Madhu says in heart if that rattan comes inside the house I won’t be able to live here. I have to kill Vishala and become aikain by sacrificing Appu on amwasiya.

Some men come with a big gift with Appu’s name on it. He says wow it’s for me. Ma says don’t open it, please. He says di must have gotten it for me. Dadi says please don’t open it He says di said she will get me a gift. Dadi says let me call and ask her. Appu opens the box. Vishala is inside. Appu is shocked. Ma and Dadi aren’t there. He says are you my friend? So I have a friend as a gift. She says I am witch. He says what’s your full name? He says I can call you witch auntie. She shows her nail and braid to him. Everyone tries to call Madhu but she doesn’t pick up. Appu is alone with Vishala. He says are you here to play with me? Hema and Malani comes there. Vishala hides. Appu says where did my friend go? Her name is witch auntie. Hema says he’s calling you a witch. They laugh and leave.

Dadi calls Madhu and says did you send Appu any gift? Hema says he said there’s witch auntie in it. Dadi is scared. Madhu hears it and rushes back home. Dadi runs towards Appu’s room. Vishala throttles Appu and tries to take his life. Dadi throws gangajal on her. Urushi runs towards Appu. He has fainted. Everyone is scared. Dadi says how could she come to the house? Appu’s mom says how will we save her. Dadi says if we don’t get him married she will kill him. This is the only way we have. Palak’s mami says I know a girl. She really needs money. You were giving Sharma’s daughter 2 crores as well. You can give that to her.

Palak says marriage? Mami says yes he is a nice guy. He will give you a lot of money. Uncle says you can do anything for Nanina right? She says yes but.. Kavita says okay if you are not ready I can so no to them.

Dadi places gangajal outside the house. Vishala comes on the door and says you can’t stop me. Hema and Malani scream. She tries to come inside but she can’t. Palak says if they’re so rich why do they want me to marry their son? Kavita says their son is also sick like you. Dadi says Kavita hasn’t told me if that girl has agreed. Vishala tries to break the wall and tries to come inside. Dadi says urushi come here with Appu. Vishala breaks the wall and comes inside. She says I will where would you run. They go inside the elevator.

Kavita gets a call and says right now? She says okay we will get the girl here. She tells the uncle they are asking to bring Palak right now. He says don’t worry we will make her say yes. He stops the doctor.

Everyone is on their way to the temple. Appur screams. Vishala runs after their car. Dadi says don’t worry she can’t do anything to us. The doctor tells Palak arrange 10 lac rupees right now. This is the only way we have. Palak says I beg you. I can’t take him anywhere. He says move her to another hospital. They say pick her. Palak says stop please. Palak screams Naina.

Urushi calls Madhu and says Vishala is after us. We are getting Appu married right now. Madhu says I have to do something. I have to stop this wedding. Palak says I will pay all the amount. Please don’t stop the treatment. She says I am ready to marry that guy. Say yes to them.

Vishala stops the car and comes inside from the sun roof. Madhu comes there as a witch.