Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th February 2022

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Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th February 2022

Dharma is shocked to see a lizard jumping out of her jewellery box. A daasi points out that it is a bad sign. It can hint at someone’s expected death too.

Ashoka covers his face with a shawl. I have promised Som to get him food. I will look for Sudama afterwards only. Ashoka drops food in shock as he finds Som dead. The house is completely burnt down. Tears roll down his eyes. He thinks of the family. Som’s father calls out for Ashoka. Ashoka rushes to his side. The guy says the soldiers are around only. He dies before completing his sentence. Ashoka vows not to spare whoever has done this to the family! He angrily walks out of the house.

The commander enquires the same man (who Ashoka had met on his arrival at Takshshila) about the kid (Ashoka). He is not from Takshshila. The man asks him how they will recognize kids from their faces. The commander hits him. Soldiers tell him not to get into an argument with a beggar. The man laughs hearing it. I am a beggar! The soldiers catch hold of Ashoka as he tries to walk up to the commander. The man is tensed to see Ashoka getting caught. The commander asks Ashoka who he is. Ashoka accepts that he is the one who threw the stone at the soldier. He has dropped his gold coin at Som’s house by mistake. The soldiers lock Ashoka in a trunk and take him with them. Ashoka tries to look for a way out.

Charu is irked with Dharma for pretending to be so good and caring before the ladies. She acts so much before everyone. I lost my son yet I stand strong before everyone! Plus her growing closeness with Samrat is troubling me. I don’t know why I listened to Rajmata. I would have taken care of Dharma and her unborn son by now otherwise! Mahamatya shares his doubt on Rajmata’s intentions. Her aim is not to see Sushim on the throne. Charu deduces that Helena is not their friend then. Mahamatya suggests keeping their plans to themselves. She can use them against Sushim in future. Charu says she still knows enough of our secrets. She might be planning something to hurt Sushim. Mahamatya wants to first find out why Rajmata is supporting Siamak so much. We will then plan our next plan.

Amatya writes a letter to Helena. I am taking time to put my plan into action. It is difficult to reach Kichak. I made good plan today. it will be my first move towards our plan. Kaurvaki notices him writing a letter. Who is he writing it to? Why he looks so tensed? His bag falls. Gold coins fall down. He picks them up hastily. Kaurvaki hides when he looks in her direction. She wonders why he is not calm like other monks. Why do I sense something odd about him? She recalls his angry replies to her on ship when they were in trouble. Amatya goes out with the letter. Meanwhile, Kaurvaki checks his bag. A monk is carrying so many gold coins? She takes one with her and keeps the bag back in its place. I know I am doing wrong but I need it to fulfil my mission. I find this man wrong, deceitful. It isn’t wrong to do wrong with wrong people. She turns and finds Anand standing there.

Kichak is enjoying his leisure time. His sister asks the soldier what he is doing here. He shares that the commander is bringing a kid here. She dismisses him. I should see if it is the same kid who shook the confidence of Kichak!

Anand advises Kaurvaki not to give way to negativity. We become what we think. She says I wouldn’t have done it if I had a choice. I am not doing it being selfish. My mission is big. He points out that if there is guilt then it is wrong. There is a reaction to everything we do. I wont stop you though! He leaves from there.

The same man has blocked the way of the commander using some cows. The soldiers get busy clearing their way. Ashoka keeps trying to get out of the box but in vain.

Charu throws water on Sushim to wake him up. You must have heard the story of rabbit and turtle. You are too overconfident about your win. Siamak is slowly progressing towards his aim. He is making every possible attempt to fill in Ashoka’s place. Sushim refuses to let it happen.

Kichak’s sister pulls the commander to a corner. They are both in love with each other it seems. A soldier walks past so they compose themselves. They go out to check on the kid. The box is empty. Ashoka had escaped from there as soon as he got a chance. Kichak’s sister taunts the commander. He vows to bring the kid before Kichak!

Kaurvaki meets a man. I want to find a man named Jagannath. He points out that there are more than 20 persons with that name. She says I am sure only one of them revolted against Kichak. Where is he? He asks for something in return. She gives him the gold coin. He shares that that man resides in the old palace.

Ashoka acts as a servant before Agnibau and Amatya. Agnibau thanks Amatya for welcoming him. Tell me the reason. Amatya wants to change Takshshila Vishwavidyalaya in Kichak Vishwavidyalaya. Agnibau wants to know what he has thought about him then. Amatya talks about money. He pays money to Agnibau. Mahanayak Kichak only should inaugurate the Vishwavidyalaya. Agnibau agrees to try. I cannot tell you for sure but why do you insist on it? Amatya says Takshshila’s famous sculptor is making Mahanayak’s special statue. Rest you will know when it is time. Agnibau too says the same. Your proposal has reached 6 ears now (his, Amatya and Ashoka’s). If anyone else finds out then it would not be good for you. Amatya assures him about Ashoka. I trust him. Agnibau leaves.

Amatya turns to Ashoka. I know you must be thinking I shouldn’t be doing this as I am a monk. My mission is too big. I have to do this for the same. Make preps to come with me. Ashoka goes from there.

Ashoka paces in a room. I have to reach Kichak asap. Everything seems impossible now that I have lost the gold coin. I cannot even send him a message now. The insiders will be alerted. I only had a chance to meet Sudama, but I lost that gold coin. How could I be so irresponsible! I should check at Som’s house.

The complete taxes have been completed this time. Kichak is happy with Agnibau for the same. He reprimands his commander for coming to the court. You failed in catching an ordinary kid! Leave! The commander shows the gold coin bearing Magadh’s stamp on it to Kichak. Kichak is sure someone has come here from Magadh. This is a proof that Magadh Samrat has sent someone here to Takshshila. Only Ashoka could be carrying it. If it is here then it indicates that Ashoka is alive and here only. The courtiers refuse to believe it. Kichak says I cannot trust Maurya’s. They fight with one another for throne. They can cook up stories of Ashoka’s death. No one should know about Ashoka’s identity / existence. No one will recognize him as the prince till he has this royal coin with him. Now we have to seek help from that person. Send him a message. Only he can help us now!

Ashoka cannot find the gold coin in Som’s house. He is irked to come across obstacles all along!

Dharma mutters in her sleep. You cannot give up son! Be calm and patient. Bindu wakes her up. Did you see a bad dream? Dharma says Ashoka is in some problem. He gets sad. Our son is at a place where no problem can even touch him. You need rest. She lies down again. He feels sad that he can never make her pain of losing her son, go away!

Amatya gives some money to Ashoka. This will help you in reaching behind the old fort. You must be wondering about all the money. I am trying to spread goodness around the world since years. I have realised that bad people don’t learn things easily. Acharya Chanakya used to say that Sama, Dama, Danda, Bheda is required to complete your work. You have to choose one stone out of which we can make Kicha’s statue. We will deploy the best sculptor. Ashoka cannot understand why they will be making Kichak’s statue. Amatya reasons that this is one of the way to reach Kichak. Ashoka refuses to allow his citizens to bow down before anyone. But it is ok if I can get Kichak. I also got a chance to reach the old palace.

A daasi (Madhvi) makes lep for Dharma. Dharma looks at Acharya Chanakya’s letter. It gives me strength to fight every problem in life. It makes me believe that everything will get fine in the end. How ironic it is that he would not realise a man like Daastan will kill him! At times I cannot believe it that it was so easy for a man like Daastan to kill Acharya Chanakya! Madhvi drops the grinder she is holding. She rushes out from there. Dharma is confused.

Kaurvaki wants to go out while Anand asks her to meditate. She eats a red chilli when he is not looking at her. Amatya notices her in tears. What happened? She lies she is feeling very restless. Amatya sends her to her room to rest.

Kaurvaki wants to be back before Bhante (Amatya) gets to know of her absence. She runs out, avoiding all the soldiers that come her way.

Dharma asks Madhvi why she ran away when they were talking about Acharya Chanakya. She stays quiet. Dharma insists upon her to speak. I am your Rani. I order you to speak up. The lady confirms her suspicions. There is more truth behind his death than the world knows.