Wednesday Update on Emperor  Ashoka 8th September 2021


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 8th September 2021

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Jeet comes and makes horse eat something ill, he leaves, Siamak and Ashok comes there, Siamak says you dont have bottle for water, AShok says dont worry, i am coming behind you, Siamak leaves on horse, Sushim comes there too. Ashok drinks water and fills his mouth with water, otherside Sushim changes Ashok’s map and leaves, Ashok sits on horse and leaves,

Sushim says now he will go to wrong path and will die and Siamak sat on ill horse, so he will not go far too, sword is mine only.
Helena thinks that soon this Maurya dynasty will destroy and my dream will be fulfilled, Bindu comes and says you called me? she says yes, Justin will get blessing of our but my father will not bless him, you didnt invite, is this right to not let Justin get blessed by his grandfather for his marriage? Bindu says why not, its his right, i forgot to invite, i will send invitation to Seleucus,

we will respect him here, Helena says thanks, one request, dont tell him that he got invitation because of me, Bindu sys your name will not come, we have relation with him so its our duty to invite him, i will not do this mistake again, i am sorry, Helena sys you agree to my requests alot of time, Bindu says it gives me peace to fulfill your wishes.

Kasturi comes to Dharm and says your prayers worked, AShok is in competition again, Dharma says Ashok has always fought with problems, he never lost hope.

Scene 2
Ashok comes to some isolated place with help of map, he says this place is weird, Siamak is not seen here too, he checks map again, he says i will have to find them, he starts going, Sushim sees him and ask his student to do remaining work.
Kasturi ask why you are giving pain to your son, not telling him that you are alive, Dharma saya because i dont want same to happen what happened 14 years, someone burned my house when i was pregnant, in that situation, i gave birth to

Ashok in fire. otherside Sushim throws match stick, fire breaks, Ashok is surrounded by fire, he tries to come out but cant, due to heat, he calls unconscious. Dharma says to Kasturi that Ashok is blessed child so how problems can come on him, Kasturi says i cant believe AShok smiles in so many problems too, i hope that the one who tried to burn your house should get destroyed, Dharma says no, if we want to break this animosity factor then he have to love and work for peace, i have hope that Ashok’s good heart will always protect him from problem.
lion comes there, he roars, fire is extinguished, he leaves, ashok becomes conscious and sees fire doused off, he starts walking towards mark, he finds foot marks and says sushim and his friend came here too to kill me, they must have gone to finish line, he follows foot marks.

Radha comes to Chanakya and says Ashok is not seen in competition, either he lost his way or someone tricked him, should we send someone? Chanakya says no, its our duty to protect him but we should not help him to solve problems, he has to find ways, in future, he will have to face more difficult problems and he has to solve problems, i am living last days of my life, i may not with him in future, what he will do without our help then? he sees map of new palace that is being made for Agni.

Scene 3
Ashok checks his map and finds marks on otherside, he says this means my map was tampered, it will be only Sushim, he throws his map and runs toward finishing mark. Sushim reaches finish line, soldier says you have to spend sometime here then you will go to next level, he finds siamak there and says you came here before me? Siamak says someone made my horse eat medicine so he get ill but my horse ran faster because of it and i reached here 1st, Sushim fumes, i hope you didnt do anything wrong with Ashok, its better to lose then win by cheating, sushim says this is why you always remain happy losing, Siamak leaves, Sushim sends soldier to get water and runs from there for next level.
Chanakya says to Radha that plan can be anything, she tried to kill Bindu too, she can do anything, behind this marriage, i am feeling big plan, you remember when bindu went to Vann, Helena went to Ujjain’s mandir, she disappeared from there and then we got this proposal and Bindu had to come back, Chamawand, Helena’s loyal servant is missing too.
Ashok is running and comes to finish line, Ashok ask whats next level, soldier says you are last, all ran away, Ashok says what competition are you talking about? where cheating is allowed, anyone can change my map, anyone can put me in problem, nobody is stopping it because all are afraid of one prince, if everything is fixed then why this drama of competition, he recalls how Sushim said that he can never come to his level, how he threw him in dig, Ashok says i will win this competition at any cost to break his ego.

Radhagupt ask chanakya why are you seeing map of new palace? Chanakya says unanis are very clever, years back, Unani’s wanted to win Trinagar city, Adisias was leading Unanis (greek people), Adi did a conspiracy, he made a sculpture of horse in Tirnagar,he hided his soldiers in that sculpture, all thought Unanis left their city, when attentions was diverted, Unani soldiers entered Trinagar and won over rule, if they can win city with a sculpture then what they can do by making a new palace here, this is huge conspiracy, he ask to keep an eye on construction of palace, i have to understand their plan.
Raj sys to Helena that we have only 3 months, where is Seleucus? what if our plan fails? Helena says why you are doubtful, Seleucus will be here in sometime, till then tell me about this new palace, he says have to look at map, she looks at map, there are two secret entries to that palace which is not shown in that map, he says when there will be Pooja after marriage, we will leave palace from these secret entries, Helena says we will close the palace, nobody will be able to go out from this palace and we will burn the whole palace, whole Maurya family will die in one go, then justin will be made king, they laugh.
Aakramak says to Bindu that Siamak and Sushim are 1st and 2nd place in competition. Agni talks to Justin, she says sword fighting is my hobby, he says i didnt think that you can do sword fighting too, Agni says it will be pleasure if we have sword fighting match someday, Justin says why not, noor comes and says i like sword fighting too and i will enjoy sword fighting with you, Agni says i dont like to lose, Noor says i dont like others to win, Justin ask Noor something important? Noor says from time Agni ash come, you are not concentrating on anything, she orders juice for him, Khurasan comes there, Noor says justin always care for me but the time you have come Agni, he is not seeing anyone, so i thought to take care of him, Agni says to justin shall we leave, he says yes, he looks at Noor and leaves,

Khurasan comes to Noor and says why you are looking at Justin, dont play with Siamak’s future, dont force me to take action,Bindu comes and ask whats going on, Khurasan says Noor was telling me Siamak want to win this competition to impress you, Bindu says winning doesnt impress me, all are my sons, their winning and losing affect me, acharaya comes and informs that Ashok is left behind in competition that its difficult for him to complete task.


Scene 2
Ashok says i will complete task at any cost, he runs, siamak comes to lake side, PRECAP, Siamak is little afraid, Sushim comes there and finds ropes there, he starts to walk between two ropes over lake, he completes task, goes on otherside of lake and cuts rope in half, he says ropes will bear Siamak’s load but they will be torn when Ashok holds them, he leaves, Siamak starts to walk on rope, he passes the lake, then Ashok comes he starts to walk on ropes, rope breaks from where Sushim had placed cut,

AShok falls in river, soldier is shocked. Siamak and Sushim are running to pass finish line, Sushim pushes Siamak and runs away. Siamak is angry, Sushim comes back to palace and crosses the finish line, Ahenkara congratulate him, then Siamak comes and passes line, Charu says atleast Siamak came 2nd, chanakya is looking for Ashok, bindu ask what about other students, Sushim’s friend comes 3rd, all students passes the finish line but Ashok has not come, charu says time is finishing, i dont think any student can come now, so announce Sushim first in this task,

Aakramak says time is left, Bindu ask what about Ashok? Helena says why are you thinking about him? Bindu says i am feeling Ashok is in problem, soldier comes and informs Aakramak, Aakramak tells Bindu that Ashok fell in lake which has crocodiles, all are shocked.