Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 28th June 2022


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 28th June 2022

Vit is with Devi. Please wake up Didi. How can you leave me alone? You promised you would help me in uniting Bhaiya with Kaurvaki. Please get up before it gets too late. Devi writhes in pain.

Sushim and Chanda’s marriage rituals are going on. Kaurvaki begins to cough badly. Ashoka and everyone go to her side. Sushim and Chanda take pheras. Charu wonders where Dharma is. She would have seen her world breaking apart if she was here.

Acharya RG asks Dharma to come fast. Kaurvaki isn’t feeling too good.

Ashoka tells Kaurvaki this isn’t the right time to tease him. She accidentally holds onto his Shiv necklace because of which she calms down. Dharma reaches just then. She is relieved to see Kaurvaki all fine.

Sushim and Chanda’s wedding is complete. They seek blessings of their elders. It is Ashoka’s turn now. Pundit ji asks him to come in mandap area with his parents. Acharya RG too asks Ashoka to come. Kaurvaki is fine now. Ashoka nods. He asks about Vit. Dharma tells them that he is with Devi. Kaurvaki says she should have been here with me. Bindu says they must be up to something. Don’t worry, they will be here on time. Dharma tells Ashoka she wants to tell him something. He tells her to say it but she is hesitant.

Jagannath comes in Devi’s room.

Dharma is unable to say anything. She puts a kala teeka behind her son’s ear. I was scared that your happiness can get spoiled. As a mother, I want this wedding to happen as it will give you the strength to deal with every obstacle and to build a united India. Ashoka nods. I have your blessings. Kaurvaki goes with her mother.

Jagannath tells Vit it is good to look after people. You, your mother, your parents have to do this only after this wedding. He tells Vit about his pact with Bindu. My wife said I should keep you all locked in one jail. That only will happen! I will rule on Magadh’s throne and you all will be my servants.

Sushim tells Charu she disappointed him yet again (as Kaurvaki is still alive). She suggests him to calm his anger of he will regret it later. Don’t react or Samrat will doubt us for whatever happened. Ashoka and Kaurvaki sit down in the mandap. Ashoka asks about Jagannath. Kewalnath tell shim not to think anything. IF he dint support this wedding then he wouldn’t have let you reach up till here.

Vit refuses to believe Jagannath but he tells him to ask his father instead. He wont be able to lie before everyone at this moment. It is in your blood to be servant. Your mother was a servant of Samrat Bindu and your brother is a Daasi-putra. You too will end up the same way. Vit is in a fix as he thinks of his mother’s instructions. He leaves Devi in Jagannath’s care. Jagannath smirks. This wedding wont happen now.

Purohit ji asks Dharma to do Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s gathbandhan. Dharma recalls Sage’s words and how she had requested Devi to become Ashoka’s wife but she drank poison instead. She does Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s gathbandhan with a heavy heart. Right then Vit comes running and shouts, asking his brother to stop. Don’t marry or we will all become servants of Kaurvaki Bhabhi’s father! Everyone is startled and confused. Ashoka and Kaurvaki stand up. Ashoka walks up to Vit because of which his gathbandhan comes off. Kaurvaki looks tensed. Jagannath walks in as well. Vit did what I wanted. Ashoka asks his brother what he is saying. Who said so? Vit takes Jagannath’s name. Bindu tells Jagannath he dint do right. You used a kid to fulfil your evil plain. You used my son! Ashoka asks Jagannath how he could even think of this. our motherland is our soul. We don’t do any deal about it. Jagannath replies that it might be the case with him but it isn’t with his father. Bindu angrily warns him not to back off from his words. You are ruining my son’s life as well! He takes out his sword but Dharma stops him. Jagannath asks him if he cannot face truth.

Ashoka reminds him he is in Magadh right now. You are standing before Magadh’s king. We wont accept it. You wouldn’t have been alive if you were somewhere else than here. Please choose your words wisely. Jagannath does not care. Even if I die today I will show the truth of this family to my daughter before dying! Why are you pointing fingers at me? Don’t forget three fingers point back at you when you raise one at me! He shows the pact signed by Bindu to Ashoka. Ask your mother. She was there too. She dint say no to it. Ashoka looks at his parents in shock. Is it true that you risked Magadh for my happiness? Bindu looks away. I thought once the wedding happens then I will. Jagannath asks him about his plans on stealing his daughter from him. Ashoka repeats his question to his father. Bindu ends up saying yes which leaves everyone in shock.

Ashoka turns to his mother. You knew everything which is why you were tensed. I asked you so many times but you dint say anything. She says I wanted to but. He says dint you know there is nothing greater than motherland for him. I can do anything for mother and motherland. Kaurvaki questions her father how he could do this. Dint you think once before ruining your daughter’s happiness? Ashoka says it isn’t between a daughter and father anymore now. No ruler has a right to risk lives of many people for his personal good. Your father must have forgotten it but I haven’t. I cannot risk so many lives for my own selfish reasons. The motherland, for which my Guru sacrificed his life, for which my ancestors made so many sacrifices for our motherland, I wont back off for even a second if I only have to sacrifice my love for my motherland. This marriage wont happen! It will never happen! Everyone is stunned. He throws his turban away. His allies are shocked whereas his enemies are pleased.

Jagannath says both father and son are exemplary.Family should be like this only. Ashoka reminds him he has crossed his limits already. Don’t force me to take some action which you wouldn’t like. Jagannath tells him not to talk to him like this. you are in situation not because of me but because of your father! He couldn’t do anything in life. He has only cheated his citizens. Don’t be surprised. This is what he has done all his life! He has cheated his loved ones. He dint have the strength to take a right decision. He wouldn’t have punished you and your mother for every little thing till date otherwise. You did so much yet you were always insulted and looked down. Bindu took another decision for the very same reason. He wanted my daughter to marry you for his selfish reasons. He dint even think before putting his state at stake. I never realised why my daughter wants to marry in this family.

kaurvaki asks him to stop it but he does not. Maurya-vanshi’s couldn’t be of their loved ones. How will they accept you then? Bindu will use you to get Kalinga which is why he is said yes for this wedding. This is the reason he is so anxious for this wedding. Bindu blames him for using his daughter for political reasons. I have never done it with my son and will never do in future. I made a very big mistake by leaving you alive. I will just now rectify it. Jagannath uses this against them only. You are only looking for a chance to kill me. Ashoka reasons that they don’t backstab. Jagannath calls him Daasi-putra which angers Bindu but Jagannath repeats it all the more loudly and angrily. Bindu angrily draws his sword. Kaurvaki steps in Bindu’s way just when Bindu is about to attack Jagannath.

Kaurvaki begs Bindu to let her father live. I cannot see you all being insulted because of me. We will leave right away. She begins to go with her father but Ashoka tells her to stop. You aren’t to be blamed on it. Your father is at fault here. It would be wrong if you are punished for it. I will marry you. Jagannath is panicked to see Ashoka extending his hand towards Kaurvaki. He tells Kaurvaki not to trust them. They can use you for their own good. Ashoka says don’t trust him. I will marry you after making sure your father apologizes to my father. He asks Jagananth to do it. Jagannath refuses to let the respect of
I can even sacrifice my daughter for my state if I have to. I will sacrifice many such daughter’s happily if I have to! Ashoka looks angry.

Devi gains conscious. Why is it so quiet? Kaki dint want the marriage to happen. Did they separate? I will go and check.

Jagannath continues to speak ill about Maurya’s and Bindu’s family. they don’t accept their own loved ones here. You think you will be accepted here? He lists down all the wrong that has happened so far. What example have they set for the citizens in their tenure? These are a bunch of wrong people. The mother and son made Samrat dance on their tunes and he is unable to do anything. It is surprising that a normal woman like Dharma married a Samrat and got so much love in his heart to make sure he loves Ashoka and makes him his heir. Your mother would have done so much more to make your father feel so much loved. Ashoka stabs Jagannath in fury. Soldiers take Jagannath away.

Kaurvaki slaps Ashoka. I can see everything clearly. I understand why my father is against this marriage. If my father is mistaken then you are also somewhat wrong here. How the man, who cannot control his anger, will build United India? Kill me too as it would be better than marrying you! I was blind in your love. Any girl who has a little sense and brain in this world will never marry you otherwise. You might be a great warrior but your anger will destroy everything. Years ago, you lost everything because of your anger yet you dint learn anything. You were, are and will always be a Chand! No woman would like to marry you. Bring her here if there is one. Ashoka agrees to give her the proof of the same. The wedding, for which my parents put everything at risk, will surely happen. Ashoka walks up to Devi. Will you marry me? Everyone looks on stunned. Ashoka promises Devi to protect her always, to keep her happy and be with her always. Devi thinks of Dharma’s words and her promise to Dharma. Kaurvaki speaks up. Devi will die but wont marry you. Devi is in a dilemma. Ashoka holds out his hand towards Devi and asks her again. Devi says how I can. You love Kaurvaki! Ashoka holds her hand and brings her to mandap. Kaurvaki looks on in shock as they both sit down for pheras. Dharma is relieved. She asks pundit ji to start the ritual. Bindu is shocked and so is everyone else.

Ashoka and Devi together follow all the rituals while BIndu also joins Dharma. Kaurvaki is drawn back to her father’s words. She stands rooted to her place in shock. Dharma does gathbandhan of Devi and Ashoka. She also makes Devi wear the chunri that she had earlier made for Kaurvaki. Bindu isn’t much pleased but says nothing. Kaurvaki thinks of her memories with Devi praising Ashoka and of their little joke on the day of haldi; of Devi hugging Ashoka when the marriage was fixed. Devi and Ashoka exchange garlands. Everyone showers flower petals on them as they take pheras around the holy fire. Ashoka’s enemies look happy.

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