Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th April 2022


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th April 2022

The guy apologizes to Ashoka. I will always respect the flag and Rajya now. I will always remember it.
People call him a rebellion. His name is Chand and his acts completely justify it. He is indeed a rebellion! Ashoka walks away. Someone has been keeping an eye on him (some Acharya, maybe Acharya RG). Acharya Chanakya was right. You are born to rule and fulfil his dream. Everything changed in these 10 years including you but your love for motherland is still the same. It is time for you to come home Ashoka.

Devi is trying to catch a mouse. She is Seth Dhaniram’s daughter. The mouse climbs over her father’s shoulder. She asks her father to stop. Did he pay rent? He replies that he will do it. She calls the mouse evil. How can he stay here when he hasn’t paid rent! She chases the mouse again. He realises that she has been talking about the mouse. I thought you were talking about that Chand. She makes faces. Don’t I have any other work? I will have to chase him in a similar way one day. They dint pay rent, right? How will things work? You save so much money otherwise, you walk all your way but you always act so lenient with them. He calms her down. Chand’s mother is a really nice woman. I cannot overlook her words when she says she couldn’t arrange for money. She says truth is any woman’s tears melt you. But I will show my angry avatar to Chand to ask for rent. We will get it today anyhow!

The peasant comes to Ashoka’s house along with his few men. He calls out for Chand. Dharma says he isn’t home yet. Is there a message for him? The peasant says he beat us when we did good for him. He leaves mumbling to himself. Dharma thinks he took money from the labours. I will see him today! My son is not Ashoka anymore but Chand only! Devi is confused. Who is Kaki talking about?

Ashoka knocks at the door. Why is the door closed? His brother says the time is wrong. Dharma tells him to tell his brother the doors wont open for him ever now. Ashoka agrees and goes. He jumps over the boundary wall. His brother smiles happily. I was scared that you might go somewhere in anger. Ashoka says it can never happen. He gives a toy to his brother which makes him double happy. He notices Dharma’s angry face. Ma said door wont be opened so I obliged. His brother says Guru ji (meaning Ashoka) said when one door is closed you should look for another one. You put in into practise very nicely. Dharma asks her younger son to ask Ashoka if he will be happy when he will hurt his own people for his reasons. Ashoka is taken aback. How does mom know about it? Dharma reasons it isn’t right for them to come in limelight. he says the lives of those people were in danger. He had to save them. She is upset with him for taking money from the labours. I had no idea he will turn into destructor (Bhakshak) from saviour (Rakshak) one day.

Ashoka insists they dint come here for any welfare. Everyone knows they have to pay so that I save them from any danger. I could not do anything for free. I cannot do charity anymore. Ask mom who came here and where he went? Dharma says what he will get by going there. Ashoka asks his mother to let him go to Patliputra once. She refuses to let Chand go there. I will go back only with my son, not with Chand! Devi realises that they said they came from some other state. Are they hiding something? Dharma tells Ashoka indirectly she will never allow him to go there. Ashoka leaves fed up. Dharma thinks the more she tried to save him from turning into CHand, the sooner it is happening. She prays to God. What have you thought about my son? How will he turn back into Ashoka? Show me some way.

Dharma sings lullaby for her younger son. She recalls little Ashoka. Ashoka paces angrily in his room thinking about all that happened in Patliputra when he was banished. He is disturbed by Dharma’s lullaby. He looks at the cloth she was wearing while leaving Patliputra. Dharma is in tears. Ashoka leaves.

Someone knocks at the door. Dharma wonders who it could be at this hour. Who is it? The guy says Patliputra is looking forward to hear the cheers of Jai Janani. Dharma is shocked to see Nayak at the door. He greets her. Dharma notices Acharya RG coming there. She asks him if someone saw them coming here. They decline. Not even Ashoka saw us. We came in once he left. Devi notices the men going inside. Who are they?

Dharma asks them if everything is ok. Acharya RG assures her no one knows they are still alive. Mahamatya sent all his spies but no one got any clue till date including Sushim. I will inform you
Nayak says I took swear to protect you all yet I feel so helpless seeing you like this. Dharma says I have accepted it as my fate. You too should take it like that only. Why are you here when there is no problem in Patliputra? Acharya RG replies that abuse, injustice is happening on people of Patliputra. Ashoka is needed there. His love for motherland is still very much alive. She says it isn’t enough.

There was a time when Ashoka was calm like the river which would give people happiness and prosoperity. That river only knows how to destroy everything today. Situation will only worsen if he goes now! Devi begins to come downstairs intrigued about the guests. Dharma asks them how Bindu is. Acharya RG shares that he has turned tougher than before. Bindu has turned into a completely merciless, heartless person who trusts no one today. He must be so alone. Dhamra points out that she was asking about her husband. Acharya RG replies that anyone can see his face and tell he is unhappy. He does miss you but he will never accept it as he is so hurt. Dharma asks about Shubhrasi. She is surprised to know she has turned into a Sadhvi (someone who can see future and prophecy).

Shubhrasi says he is calm, unknown but time is changing. He will come soon. Throne is waiting for him. India is looking forward to its reunion. Ashoka will unite India. That time is not far!

Dharma is surprised. What did Shubhrasi say? Acharya RG says no one will trust her words till they come true. Dharma asks about Charu next . Nayak calls her a blot in the name of woman. She prays to devil. Tantra is banned in Magadh yet she keeps doing them to help Sushim gain evil powers. She does not step out of her room for days at times. Charu is shown doing black magic.Nayak adds that Charu’s so called pride, that tantric still lives in the mountain. He helps her from there only through his tantra vidya. Dharma is pained. I cannot bear to hear all this anymore. What has happened to the family members of royal family? Is this why Acharya Chanakya dreamt of united India? Is this why Acharya Chanakya sacrificed his life? Can Samrat still not see anything wrong going on around him? Devi is near the door by now.

Acharya RG says no proof has been found against Charu till date. We cannot show anything. She destroys everything. Nayak begins to talk about Siamak when they hear a noise. Dharma opens the door and finds Devi there. What are you doing here? Devi asks her who she was talking to. Dharma says the one who came left. Why are you so curious? Devi says there is nothing in the world that does not induce curiosity. Devi ends up talking too much in roundabout manner and loses the main point. Dharma tells her to sleep as it is night. She closes the door. Devi think Dharma trapped her in her own words only. I am mad after all but I will figure everything out soon!

Bela tells Kaurvaki God has listened to her prayers finally. He will come to the bar tonight that is outside Kalinga. Kaurvaki is thrilled. I have been looking for him (Ashoka) since so many years. I still felt he is near even when he dint come. Tonight is the night for which I have done tapasya since years!

Ashoka is in the Sarai (bar). His peasant is also there. Why isn’t he still here? Someone laughs that he got scared of you. Peasant agrees. Ashoka comes to the Sarai. Kaurvaki and Bela come too. They have covered their heads with a dupatta.

Ashoka takes a seat.

Kaurvaki looks at the stone. She thinks of their last meeting. We will meet again if we stay alive. Neither time nor enemy can separate them. She goes inside with Bela and her group of soldiers. They sit on either side of a guy.

A guy picks up Ashoka’s glass just when he is about to pick it up. The peasant enjoys it from far. Same thing happens again. Ashoka pulls the table cover third time. I am ready to fight with you if you want but everyone should thoroughly enjoy. I will hit you without touching you! You will have to treat everyone here if you lose. That is the only condition. The peasant readily accepts it.

Kaurvaki asks the man not to even move. He asks her who she is. She tells him not to even think of moving. I know you are Sushim’s spy. I have been waiting for you. You know the punishment given to Magadh’s spy if found in Kalinga! Coincidentally, I wont do it as we have the same aim! What do you know about Ashoka? He says what if I don’t tell. She says I am looking for Ashoka more keenly than Sushim. Whoever comes in between wont get to live. Bela tells him to speak. Kaurvaki pleads the man to say something. The spy says I checked everywhere but couldn’t find him. There is only one place which is left to be searched – Avantipuram, Ujjaini. There is the only hope to find him there now. Kaurvaki looks hopeful and emotional.

Ashoka succeeds in beating the people without even touching them (only by ducking aside or by using stuff of the Sarai). He walks up to the peasant afterwards. My Guru says evil has no solution. It has only to be ended. It is the nature of a snake to bite. But now I have decided to snatch what all I want! He takes the pouch of money from the peasant and tells everyone to enjoy. Ashoka dances with the dancers. He remembers the insult to his mother and looks angry and all that happened in Patliputra 10 years ago. The female dancer dances closely with him but he walks aside. He thinks of Kaurvaki. He walks out of the Sarai. Ashoka falls down because of his drunken state. He dreams of Kaurvaki. It’s been 10 years without you, without seeing you, without knowing anything about you.

I know we have to meet but when. She says tradition, state, fight, throne are all obstacles in their way. He wants to know when it will happen. I cannot live without you. He begins to walk towards her when he slips. He clings onto a branch. She steps forward saying Ashoka. He is mesmerised to see her. you are beautiful than my imagination. What can be better than this for me? The one I waited for is before me. She says even death cannot do us apart. We met after 10 years! She is shocked to see his falling down. We were separated in our life. Our death will finally unite us. She too falls down. They hold hands. Ashoka gains conscious. The peasant (Nand) laughs seeing him thus. He takes his pouch happily.