Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 25th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 25th August 2021

Ashok comes in garden and finds butterfly there, he follows butterfly, and finds stone, he hugs it and cries remembering his mother.
Helena is leaving, she says to wives that i am going to pray for Samrat, if i go afeter Bindu comes back then he wont allow me to go so i am leaving in his presence,c Charu says if it for Bindu’s long life then we will not stop you, Helena leaves from there. Charu ask Noor why you are silent? you seem tensed, Subhrasi ask her too, Noor says i am fine, Charu says you are accepting truth, Noor says you dont have to worry about me, Charu says how can i not worry for you, please come out of dream land, truth is waiting for you, she leaves, Subhrasi ask why did she say like this? Noor says dont know but have to find out, Subhrasi ask her to take rest, she leaves, one dasi says to Noor that i dont like it the way charu talks to you, i have seen that whenever she talks to you, you start feeling uneasy, i fear if she is doing some black magic on you, Noor is shocked.

Ashok is cutting woods, he says to stone that woods for making food is ready, i will bring something from jungle to eat. he comes in jungle and jumps on tree, he pluck some fruits, and in process falls from tree but someone catches him, he looks at him and smiles, its Bindu who saves him, they both smile at each other, Bindu ask are you fine? Ashok says Samrat you here, Bindu says my friend was miffed with me so i came to find him, he hugs Ashok, they both get peace hugging each other, Khuarasan sees them and recalls how Chanakya requested Bindu to go on holiday and maybe he will find his friend, Khurasan thinks so it was Chanakya’s plan to make them meet. Bindu says to Ashok that i am happy to see you, Ashok says i will make you meet my mother, i told you that my mother is alive and safe, Bindu ask where is your mother? Ashok ask him to come to his house and see, Bindu says how is it possible.

Justin comes to Noor, he ask how are you? she brings him closer, he says you seem naughty today, she says my effect is getting less on you otherwise you dont speak when i am near you, she is about to kiss him when Siamak comes there, they are shocked to see him, Justin ask Siamak you here? Siamak says i was finding to practice with you but ddnt find you so came to meet mother, Justin sys lets go for practice, he smiles at Noor and leaves with Siamak.

Chanakya comes in village, Some lady says to Chanakya that we were finding Nirjara and we saw a lady who had veil on her face in this village, we thought she is Nirjara as she was hiding her face, she is living in house, we have doubt that she is Nirjara, Chanakya ask lady to knock her house and ask for water then we will catch her and remember she should not run away, i want Nirjara at any cost, Lady starts to walk towards house, lad knocks her house, all soldiers have taken their positions.
Helena’s caravan stop, she finds Mandir on way and ask soldiers to stay outside whle she goes towards Mandir, Radhagupt is spying on her, Helena doesnt go in Mandir and hr body double enters the Mandir while she comes in jungle to meet Nicator, Radha is not able to see face of body double and thinks she is helena only.

Bindu comes to Ashok’s house, Ashok says my mother is busy in working, till she comes to meet you i will serve you, Bindu says we want to meet her first, Ashok says she will be happy to see you too.
Prime minister ask soldiers who sent soldiers on border? soldier says Chanakya ordered us saying there is some danger, Prime minister says nobody even informed me, is there no value of prime minister here? soldier says sorry and leaves, Charu who have listened all this comes to Prime minister, she says all know what is your position but you are always silent so Chanakya is using your powers, i have never seen any prime minister telling his soldiers that he has powers too, you can redeem yourself only if you help me to make Sushim new Samrat, if you help me then i assure you that you will be given all the powers and respect of being prime minister in sushim’s regime, its your time to decide now, she leaves, prime minister thinks.
Radhgupt comes in Mandir and sees the face of body double of Helena, he is stunned and says Chanakya was right, Helena is upto to some plan. Nicator and Helena leaves from jungle.

Lady is still knocking the door of house, she comes to Chanakya and says no one is opening, Chanakya ask his soldiers to open door by force, they breaks the door, bomb blast happens in house, both the soldiers are burnt, house is burnt too, Chanakya is stunned, he finds lady in veil running from there, he orders soldiers to catch her alive, they run behind lady.

Ashok comes in house, there is someone sitting and wearing dupatta in house, Ashok calls her mother and says Samrat has come to meet you, Bindu looks at her face and its stone on which Ashok has draped Dupatta, Bindu is shocked, Ashok says see i told you my mother is alive.

Khurasan says to Ashok that this is not your mother but a piece of stone, Ashok ask what did you say? Khuarasan says your mother is dead and you have gone mad, Ashok pushes him away and says that how dare you call my mother as stone, bindu ask him to come in senses, Ashok says wh all believe that my mother is dead, cant you see her sitting here, you people are calling her stone, Bindu ask Khurasan to go out, khurasan says you are ordering me to leave for this kid? Bindu ask him to follow his orders, Khurasan leaves, AShok shouts to not comeback again, Bindu ask what kind of behavior is this, this is not acceptable,

Ashok says he is calling my mother as stone, is that acceptable, Bindu says yes because this truth, you have started believing that this idol is you mother, has she ever talked to you? has she ever answered you back? n because its just a stone, Ashok says all have made you blind too, cant you see her, Ashok says how cant you see that she is my mother not a stone, Bindu brings out his sword and breaks the stone, he says to Ashok see this is just stone not your mother, Ashok gets angry, he says to Bindu that i had only mother in my life and today you snatched her too, first my father was snatched and now you took my mother too from me, she saved your life and you did this with her? i lost my trust on God, i had little trust on you and you broke it today, i had my mother only, you took her from me, now i am alone, he cries and hugs bindu, Bindu consoles him and says you had these tears inside you from many days, let them come out.

Khurasan is waiting for Bindu outside Ashok’s house, soldier ask him to not wait for him, lets go, Khurasan says dont you dare to order me again, he ask soldier to leave.
Radhagupt tells Chanakya that Helena vanished from Mandir, Chanakya says if she took such a big risk then she must be planning a big conspiracy, we have to find Nirjara, soldier comes and says Nirjara ran away from that house, Chanakya says she must b thirsty and hungry so she must go to river side, take all soldiers to river side of Vann, i will come there soon.

Helena, Nikator comes to meet king of Ujjain, Helena says i didnt know that Ujjain’s king cant even place seats for royal people, king says we gve respect to royal people not the one who come here secretly, Helena says dont forget that i am a queen, king says that i can kill you now and no one cant blame me, Helena says you wont do that as you want to listen my offer too, king says you are right, my elder brother was killed by Mauryas and Samrat Bindu gave me this throne of Ujjain but i want to know why Helena want to me to take revenge from Bindu for m brother’s death? Helena says i want you to help us in killing whole Maurya dynasty, i will announce my son Justin’s wedding with your brother’s daughter, all will come here and then we will kill whole Maurya dynasty, king is stunned.

Justin is practicing sword fighting with Siamak, sushim comes and says you like to play with small kids, Justin says i am not interested to make you lose, Sushim ask are you afraid of losing to me? Justin gets angry on him and gives him sword to start fight with him.

king of ujjain says to Helena that are you mad? Magdh’s force is very strong, we cant fight with them, Nikator says you have to think big if you want to achieve something, he says when Maurya family will be coming here for wedding, my force will weaken the force of Magdh, here you kill everyone and only Justin will remain alive then he will become Samrat of Magdh and your niece will become Queen of Magdh, king ask what if we dont get successful? Nikator ask what if we get successful? this is our chance, Helena says we have to become united to make it possible, king gives his nod for plan.

Sushim fights with Justin, Justin throws his sword away and sushim falls on ground losing to Justin, justin gives hand to him to make him stand up but Sushim attacks his and injures his hand with sword, he gets up and says oh sorry, it was not my intention, forgive me, Justin nods, Sushim smirks and leaves from there.
A dasi says to Noor that you should confirm if Charu is doing black magic on you, we can find out only by doing black magic, Noor says have you gone mad, no one can do black magic in Magdh other than Samrat that too on enemies only, Dasi says what if Charu gets caught, if we prove that she do black magic, Noor smirks and ask her to do what she want too, Charu’s dasi listens all this hidig behind pillar.

Justin is fighting with a strong soldier, he wins over soldier, Helena comes there and claps for him, Justin is miffed with her, she says arent you happy seeing me back, Justin says i would have been happy if you had told me about you going out, you went to meet king of Ujjain without taking me, Helena says if i had taken you too then Chanakya would have got doubt on us, we are getting successful in our plan, Ujjain’s king is ready to help us, you find out where is Bindu, if Chanakya has send him then there must be some reason behind it, you find about him, Justin says you didnt tell me about your plan, Helena says keep calm, you will find out soon.

Ashok says to Bindu that you broke the idol and now my hope of my mother alive is broken too, Bindu says you know i never saw my mother, i lost her when i was born but thats not the case with you, i am here with you and you also know what your mother wanted from you, what dreams she had seen for you, now you have to follow them and keep them alive and never say that you are alone, i am with always, Bindu says to Ashok that i will take care of you like a father, Ashok says no for father, i have only hatred in my life, its my request to you that become my guidance not my father, he leaves.

Charu’s dasi informs her about Noor investigating about her black magic, she says you have informed me on right time, i will reward, they come in store room to hide the black magic doll, other dasi comes there and finds doll in Charu’s hand, she says this is black magic doll, Charu says no it is simple doll, she ask her to touch it, dasi says no, dasi ask them to let her go, Charu pushes her from window, Dasi fall from height and gets dead, she was Subhrasi’s dasi, Charu says now Noor will doubt Subhrasi and i will get time to complete my black magic on her.

Noor and her dasi comes to Charu’s house, dasi shows one lemon to her and says if there is any black magic trace in her room then this lemon will become red, the lemon doesnt change its color, Noor says its all fake, Charu comes there and ask what happened? noor says i came to meet Helena, they listens Subhrasi’s scream and goes to her. Noor comes to Subhrasi who is near deadbody of her dasi, she says i dont know how this happened, Noor consoles her, Charu gets afraid thinking where that doll must be, Noor says maybe she was not happy with life and did suicide, Subhrasi says no, she wanted to live, there was marriage in her family soon, Charu says maybe its accident, she slipped and fell from height, Prime minister comes there and checks deadbody, he says this is not suicide nor accident but she was murdered, Charu says who will do that, minister says i dont know but there are nail marks on her hands which shows that she had a tiff with someone before getting killed so it proves someone had thrown her fro window, Subhrasi says she served me alot, if she is being murdered then find out soon who has done with her, Prime minister says i will investigate this matter and will reach the culprit.

Ashok is sadly sitting in jungle, Bindu comes there and says lets go for a ride, Ashok doesnt answer him, Bindu says to horse Gul Bhushan that Ashok doesnt want to come with us so i and you should leave for a ride, Ashok looks on, Bindu is drunk and is not able to sit on Gul, he sit on opposite side and says someone take me off from him, he is about to fall when Ashok supports him, he ask are you fine Samrat? Bindu does funny acts, Ashok starts laughing, they both start playing and have fun, Bindu gets happy seeing Ashok smiling, Ashok realizes his pain and starts crying, he says Maa where are you.