Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 22nd June 2022


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 22nd June 2022

Kaurvaki comes to her room. She finds it decorated beautifully. She happily walks over flower petals and looks around in surprise. There is a plate kept on the sofa. She finds a small box on it. She opens it to find a mirror inside it. She notices Ashoka’s reflection in it and smiles. Ashoka walks up to her and hugs her from behind. She asks him what happened. Did you forget to keep the gift? He says it is empty now but we will fill it with our love, memories. It will have the memories of the time we will spend together after our wedding. Whenever we will look at it, it will remind us of our long journey here. Kaurvaki adds that a very long journey is still left. He shows her the little statue she had given to him in the childhood. You still have it? He says you gave it to me after all. She shows a small stone to him. They keep it in the box together and share a hug.

Dharma is grinding turmeric. Chanda’s mother is also doing the same. It is for the next ritual (haldi ceremony). Charu. Chanda’s mother and Dharma speak about the significance of this ritual. Every mother does it for her SIL. The leftover turmeric will be sent to her daughter then. It is a ritual. Once the ritual completes then everything will go well.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are together. She is resting her head on his chest lovingly. She lowers her eyes shyly as he keeps looking at her sweetly. O priyatam plays. He moves the strand away from her face and touches her cheek. They lean closer but she gets up feeling shy. He holds her hand.

Dharma suddenly shouts in shock as the turmeric turns red. Blood! Devi looks and says it is turmeric only. Dharma too realises the same. it was my illusion. Pardon me. Charu thinks Dharma always wants everyone to look at her only. Everyone gathers hearing Dharma’s voice. Jagannath advises Bindu to call off the wedding. These are all bad signs. Hasting for something can bring bad luck for us. Bindu stays put on his decision. This wedding will surely happen and it will be historic.

Devi stops Kaurvaki from coming to kitchen. Be in your room. Your haldi will come there only. Ashoka notices the tensed look on his mother’s face.

Devi comes to Kauravki’s room. Kaurvaki says you are from the groom’s side. Why are you here then? Devi denies. I am from the bride’s side. Vit says you switched sides so soon. One cannot trust anyone. Devi says it doesn’t matter. I am from both the sides. Vit says we will decide that later. Bhaiya is waiting. He runs out with the bowl of haldi. Everyone smiles.

Ladies teases Ashoka on the ceremony. Your bachelor life will end now. Ashoka asks for his mother. Vit takes him with him.

Devi is taking haldi for Kaurvaki when Jagannath meets her in the corridor. Devi says Kaurvaki will become Ashoka’s after today. Jagannath reasons that blood relation is over everything. In the end, Kaurvaki will choose her blood and not love. so the wedding will surely turn out to be historic! Devi leaves.

Ashoka changes and comes for the haldi ritual. Dharma starts the ritual. She recalls the time when he was born and of all their struggles till date. Her lullaby plays in the background. Both Ashoka and Dharma get emotional. Dharma says I am surprised that such a peaceful and good moment will come in our struggling life. Devi comes there. Dharma asks her to join her.

Acharya RG informs Bindu that Ujjaini has been attacked. Bindu is shocked.

Dharma suddenly sees blood all over Ashoka. She is startled and stunned. Blood! Ashoka gets concerned. Are you fine? She says nothing has happened. ashoka is sure something is up. You are hiding something from me for sure. Dharma dismisses it. She sends Ashoka with Vit. Dharma asks Devi about the Baba she met. I have to meet him asap.

Bindu tells Acharya RG to make sure Ashoka does not get to know about it. You should go to Ujjaini with a troop right away. Acharya RG nods and leaves. Bindu wonders why so many problems are coming during Ashoka’s wedding.

Baba says you will get worried by your questions. Dharma replies that she will find her peace. Tell me what you think. Baba tells her to forget about this wedding. It will only bring destruction. There will be a big war between Patliputra and Kalinga. Such war has never happened before. It will only bring destruction. So many people will be killed. Sky will turn red. Only one person will stand alone amidst all of it. Ashoka is seen standing around thousands of dead bodies (in the vision). Dharma says I wont let it happen. He says it doesn’t matter what you will think. What has to happen will happen. This girl only will bring peace and calm to Ashoka. She will get him on the right path. Dharma is confused. Why will Kaurvaki do so? She will never do it. I will not let her do something like that. He says you will soon find the right girl for Ashoka. You yourself will break this wedding then. Dharma says why I will do that. I thought you are knowledgeable but you are not even good enough person. I don’t know why I listened to Devi. I shouldn’t have come here at all. Ashoka is a saviour. He saves people. He will never become the reason of so many people losing their lives. She walks away. Baba says she doesn’t know she is the one who will stop this decision. She will have to give her life to follow this decision.

Acharya RG has gathered his soldiers. He speaks to them about the impending war. We have to make sure the palace is safe as the princes are soon going to marry. Ashoka comes there. Acharya RG does not tell him about the attack. We are making security preps for the wedding. I will handle everything. Ashoka leaves.

Daasi comes running. She wishes to meet her husband before he leaves for the war. Soldiers tell her that he will be highly lucky to die for his country. Ashoka hears them.

Siamak wants to go in the treasury room. Ashoka tells him he has the responsibility of internal security. No one can go inside without my or father’s permission. Siamak gives him a letter written by Bindu. Ashoka reads it but is confused as to why father allowed him inside. Siamak does not tell him anything.

Vit reminds his father of his promise. You said you will help me in choosing gift for father. bindu excuses himself. Ashoka comes to meet his father. Vit shares that father left just now. Ashoka notices his father leaving palace with his trusted allies. Something is up for sure.

Ashoka comes to Garud. I feel something wrong. We don’t have much time.

Bindu addresses his army. We always look back at whatever we do. Enemies thought they could end our happiness, celebrations, expectations but they are mistaken. We will break their illusions. They can take our happiness from us but not our freedom. Ashoka hears it from far and is upset.

Bindu comes back. He is surprised to see Ashoka in his room. Ashoka asks him if he wants to tell him something. BIndu denies. Ashoka gets upset with his father for hiding truth from him. How can I stay happily here when my own people will be fighting? Bindu asks him who told him this. Ashoka shares that he saw him addressing their army. Bindu reasons that he is going to marry in two days. your tilak has happened. Ashoka replies that his Guru also did his tilak. I have to save my people. Bindu says it is my final decision. I know what’s right and wrong for you. You have been through too much for this. I will make sure it happens. This wil continue even if we will no longer live. Ashoka says I understand you are under guilt. You misunderstood me earlier too and are doing so today as well. Please allow me to go. Bindu says I respect your emotions and love for motherland but you wont go in the war. Let me do something for motherland this time. He leaves. Ashoka says how can I sit back and just look on when my motherland needs me. I cannot go against father even. Who should I talk to? He gets thinking.

Ashoka comes to Kaurvaki’s room. Devi tells him she is on terrace.

The weather isn’t right. Dharma returns to palace and runs inside. She thinks of the massacre that Baba told her about. She directly goes to meet Samrat but soldier tells her he has gone to meet Jagannath. Baba’s words echo in her head. She runs out.

Jagannath says this wedding will surely be important for you. I will give permission too. I assure you there wont be any plotting or revolt. There will only be full support. I have a small wish. You have promised to give me anything. Bindu says I can do anything for my motherland and loved ones. Jagannath tells him to choose either of them. You came to beg me that day for your son’s happiness. I haven’t forgotten it. I liked it. My daughter forgot her father’s respect, dignity for your son. He bent down in front of me. it was so peaceful. You are ready to do anything for your son. Bend your head in front of me for forever. You will never raise your head in front of me. Accept being lower to me! I am not in any rush. Think through and then answer. You wont get such chance again. He leaves. Bindu stands there shocked. Dharma looks at him.

Kaurvaki is teary eyed. Why me always? The one writing fate only writes pain for me whenever I am about to get happiness. Why my hopes are always broken down? I have loved you. I haven’t sinned in any way. Why am I always punished? He says you are my would be wife so I am seeking your advise on the matter. She replies that her heart wont allow him to go far from her. I know I can never stop you from doing what you are supposed to. I am your shield and not the chains in your feet. Ashoka cannot go against his father. Kaurvaki reminds him of his ultimate dharma of serving his motherland. You can even go against your father or any relation for it. Motherland is above everything. He hugs her, both touched and sad at the same moment.

Dharma asks Bindu how he can think of this. Ashoka will die if you do this. Bindu wants to complete the wedding. Kaurvaki is his strength> he will win entire world if Kaurvaki is with him. He will be lifeless without her. I don’t want to hurt him again. Dharma says they both complete each other. Ashoka will never agree for it. He can make a sacrifice for his motherland but he will never marry if he finds out what you are doing. he will turn once again into Chand when he will get to know you are putting his motherland in risk.

Kaurvaki is about to do Ashoka’s aarti when Devi intervenes. Kaurvaki says he is going for war. Devi speaks of their relation, his promises to Kaurvaki. The wedding has to happen now. You have made it a game. Everyone crossed their limits to unite you. You both can bear to part ways but not me. I will tell Samrat. Ashoka cannot go. You both will have to marry. Kaurvaki scolds her for it. You have done what you had to. Please stay out of it now. There are other important things than wedding. Devi is hurt by her words. She leaves. Ashoka makes Kaurvaki understand that she took out her anger wrongly on Devi. Kaurvaki realises her mistake. She goes after Devi. Ashoka wonders how many sacrifices are to be made to achieve his dream.

Dharma tries to make Bindu understand but he says loveless life gives you no reason to be happy or to live. How will he keep others happy if he himself isn’t? How will he ward off everyone’s pain if he himself is drowning in them? Don’t stop me today. I am ready to pay any amount today for my son’s happiness. This is my repentance and my duty towards my son. Jagannath knocks. He gives a letter to Bindu. it is written in here that you accept bowing down to me for your son’s happiness. Dharma questions him on his act. Jagannath tells Bindu to sign on the papers. You will be under me and Ashoka will get Kaurvaki for forever! You were talking big back then for your son. You were ready to pay anything in return. Now you cannot get over your greed of throne. Everyone rightly calls you selfish king. Bindu thinks of his promise to Ashoka. Dharma gets tensed as Bindu extends his hand to take the letter. He puts the stamp on it shocking Dharma very much. Jagannath smiles.

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