Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st September 2021


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st September 2021

Ashok comes in royal school, he gets angry seeing Sushim recalling how he pushed him from cliff, he then imagines Dharma there, she says to him that win over your enemies with love, kill anger with calmness, kill hatred with peace, do welfare and dont fight, Ashok smiles at Sushim then, Sushim leaves, Siamak comes there and meets Ashok, Siamak says you will not leave now, Ashok says no i will not go from here from today as Samrat has hopes with me, Sushim is fighting with one guy in school and says i called you my friend so you are thinking that you are of my standard, he is about to beat him, Siamak ask what are you doing, stop before he gets hurt, sushim throws away Siamak, Ashok get angry on him., professor comes and ask what is happening here, professor says to Sushim that it was good that i had seen all this not Acharaya sristh else he would have told Samrat, Sushim leaves from there, Ashok is hurt.

Chanakya thinks Helena want justin to marry Ujjain’s daughter but reason must be something else, khurasan comes there and says you must be happy now that Samrat Bindu has brought Ashok here, why you have so much soft corner for that guy? Chanakya says you are army head and bothered with one kid? you should concentrate on security not on kids, Khurasan says you cant raise finger at my work, Chanakya says fingers are raised when there is some mistake and you must have done some mistake too, dont force me to find it else it wont be good for you.

Charu is eating sweets, she says its very tasty, who made it, cook says new new cook(dharma) has come, she made it, Noor also likes it, she says call the new cook, i will gift her, dasi comes and says there is good news, Justin is getting married, Charu says he is marrying in this age, dasi says he is marrying Ujjan’s king’s niece, Justin agreed for marriage, Bindu also agreed, Noor is shocked and angry listening this, Subhrasi says Justin must have married before only. Charu says thats why jewelers were coming in palace so it was decided from before, Noor leaves from there, Charu thinks what happened to her listening this news.

Noor comes to Justin and says i didnt thought, i will get your marriage news from dasi, you hided things from me, what you thought, you will marry and i will not know it, you didnt even tell me about it, Justin says nothing like that, Bindu comes ther and finds them together, Justin looks at him.
in school, class is going on, sushim says we know each other but Ashok is new here, he is not from royal family so he should introduce himself as this way rift between common guy and royal guys will lessen, professor ask Ashok to introduce himself, Ashok comes infront of students, he says i am Ashok and my mother died some days back but her thoughts are alive in me, Sushim says what about your father? Ashok says i dont wanna talk, Sushim says you dont want or you cant? Inderjeet ask did your father leave you and your mother or you are orphan? Ashok gets angry.

Justin finds Bindu coming there, he says to Noor that i was waiting for Bindu’s return as i cant marry anyone without Bindu’s permission, he greets Bindu, Nor gets silent, Bindu comes to Noor and says that i know you are good friend of Justin but when it comes to marriage, we discuss it and then decide but you have right on things so you have to prepare for Justin’s marriage and help Helena, Noor angrily leaves, Justin is tensed.

kids ask Ashok to tell about his father, Sushim says maybe his mother didnt tell him who is father is or maybe his mother doesnt even know who is his father, AShok fumes in anger and is about to hit Sushim when professor stops him, he says you cant hit son of bindu with whose permission you study here, you study here but that doesnt mean you are king, Ashok says you are stopping me? have you not listened what rubbish they are talking? professor says you talk to elders like this, i can rusticate you for this behavior, dont look in my eyes, look down and ask forgiveness from prince Sushim else i will feel that you have insulted me, Ashok says i am sorry Sushim, Sushim says be loud, i am not able to listen,

Ashok gets in tears and says sorry again, Sushim says good but i still feel you have not realized your mistake so say sorry again taking my name too, Ashok says forgive me prince sushim, Suhim smirks and says dont ever talk to me in high tone, you must have come here buttering Bindu but i will keep reminding you your standard and the wasy you were insulted today, you will keep getting insulted everyday, Ashok is in tears, Siamak is angry on Sushim.

Noor is breaking things in her room, Justin comes there and ask her to stop, Noor says i loved you putting myself in danger but you ditched me, you have cheated me for that common princess AgniShika, who is she, whats her worth is infornt of me. otherside AgniShika’s entry is shown, she dances around fire. Justin says to Noor that helena forced me and i had to agree to marriage to save our love, that Agni is nothing for me, i loved you and will always love you, i will respect you always and will make that Agnishika a doormat,

Noor says and one day if she gets to know about us and she tell to Samrat then.. Justin says she will not do anything like this as we have talked to ujjain’s king, she cant even speak without my permission. Agni is dancing when soldier comes there, she puts dagger on his neck and says how dare you stop my dance. Noor says to Justin that what you are saying, if that doesnt happen then you dont even imagine what will happen and i have one secret that will destroy you, Justin ask which secret? Noor says will tall you on right time.

Ujjain’s king comes to Agni Shika and says its time to use your practice of years, he says we have got the chance, Bindu has sent letter that he has no problem with this marriage, he has invited me to talk about marriage, Agni says he has invited his death, they think that we are cowards, king says we have to be cautious from Helena, Agni says everything was snatched from me, now i have revenge in me only.
Charu ask Helena how you thought about marrying Justin? Helena sys cant i think about my son’s marriage, why you seem shocked? Charu says i dont feel its true that Ujjain’s king sent this marriage proposal, maybe you asked for this relation, it can be any planning against Bindu to take thrown from him, Helena says did you tell Bindu how Ashok fell from cliff? Charu says his foot slipped, Helena says i can prove that Sushim threw him, my agents know everything, they can prove Sushim culprit, sushim said to Ashok that he will come for his help but he didnt come and he was waiting for Ashok to fall, then Bindu came there, she ask Charu to be silent for your son’s good. she leaves.

Chanakya comes to Ashok, Ashok ask him to leave, Chanakya says your mother gave your responsibility to me, i came to check if youa re fine here, Ashok says because of you i lost my everything and now you have come to check me, if you wanted to help me then my mother would have been alive today, i would have been in Vann, i would have been living a peaceful life, whatever people do here with me, you dont have to worry about it, he leaves, Chanakya think.

all are taking bath in school. Ashok comes to take water for bath. some kids says that only royal kids can get water from here, on kid taunts him that first he made school dirty with his presence and now will make water dirty, he is cheap guy, all laughs on Ashok, Sushim comes there, he says nobody will call him cheap guy, i have given him this name and i will call him that only, he says to AShok that you wanna take bath? he takes bucket in his hands and throws water at Ashok, AShok angrily looks at him, all start throwing water at him, Sushim then pushes Ashok in dirty water on ground, AShok is hurt.
Chanakya says to Bindu that royal school must have some teacher who is strict and can teach students with justice, Bindu ask do you know anyone? Chanakya says i have.

Ashok says that its my test, i could have stopped them, i could have answered them but i dont want to do anything which will hurt my mother or Samrat, i will fulfill all your hopes.
Dharma is cooking food, she is in thoughts and burns her hand. the army warrior who was expelled by khurasan is drinking wine in dance bar, he says it was my fault that i talked infront of big people, he tells one person that Bindu said to me that i am expelled and i said yes Samrat, he finds some guy eve teasing a girl, he stops him, they make fun of him that you were expelled and now drinking wine here, warrior beats his man, he says i was eve teasing girl, why you are beating other man? warrior says you are bad but i have problem with these people who are standing here silently and not stopping you, society is bad not because of bad people but because no one is there to stop bad people, he starts fighting with them, he beats them all and starts running when Chanakya comes there, all leaves seeing Chanakya.

Chanakya says to warrior that i am choosing you for important work, he says Bndu have expelled me, Chanakya sys we cant forget your loyalty, you always are worried for Magdh, i am giving you chance with which you can change fate of magdh, you have to serve Magdh now, and you know king have to take decision, Bindu had to expel you too, so do you accept my offer?
Ashok comes in class, professor says are you some king that coming late in class, all are fools here that they came on time, Ashok says sorry will not happen again, he ask Ashok to sit at back. Professor talks about tax taken from people, Sushim answers his question that tax should be taken the much only government wants, professor says great, Ashok says i have one question, tax is taken and it is sent to treasurer but common people doesnt know how much is spent on them, professor says you are studying her with that tax only, Ashok says every kid should get education for that money, Professor says you are trying to change history? you are questioning our rule?

Chanakya says whats problem in questioning, things changes with time so we can change rules and Ashok have right too study here. warrior comes there in veil, he fights and beats Sushim, Siamak and Ashok, Chanakya says he is your new professor Navin, Navin says enemy can attack at anytime so you have to be alert all the time, i will teach you but i will teach only warriors, i will not teach cowards, i will give workshop to only strong minds so they should get ready to be enrolled in it as this will be life changing opportunity, AShok smiles.