Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st June 2022


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st June 2022

At night, Sushim walks stealthily in the palace corridor avoiding the eyes of all the soldiers and reaches the secret passage wherein he hears Nirankush pleading to be freed, but ends up finding Ashoka there. Both the brothers stare at each other. Ashoka asks him what he is doing here. Sushim says I am trying to do what you are doing. Did Nirankush tell anything about Gondna by now?
Ashoka says I have to remind you, you handle external affairs as per Samrat’s orders. I will be handling the internal affairs. Why so much interest in this matter? Sushim pleas that I am your brother after all, more experienced. I have noticed loopholes in your security. If I can reach here avoiding everyone’s eyes then someone else can also come in. Ashoka says this is your speciality. You think like a thief. The loopholes that I missed were noticed by you. Great! Sushim asks him what he means.

Ashoka says you have already understood. Why do you ask then? Do you enjoy asking questions of that sort? Bindu asks them what’s happening. Ashoka holds his brother’s hand and thanks him. he tells Bindu that his brother was guiding him as to how to increase the security of this place so no one can try to come near him. Sushim is stuck. The corridor is dark. Increase the security and add pointed arrows so no one can enter. Everything else is good. Ashoka says the suggestions will be taken care of. Thank you, brother. Sushim acts to be happy to be help him. He leaves. Bindu tells Ashoka he had only 2 days time. Only a little time is left. Did you get any info? Ashoka says not now but I promise, I will bring out everyone’s truth

Kaurvaki denies. this isn’t the solution to my problem. I wont keep Vat Savitra fast. Anindini smiles. I knew it already. She wont be able to do it. Dharma is confused. why not? Every woman who wishes that her husband gets a long life keeps this fast. Whichever woman keeps this fast, vows to save her husband’s life just like Savitri saved her husband’s life. Kaurvaki shares that she has done many more jap-taps rather than anyone else for love. I got nothing in return except insult. I have lost my faith. I have given up! Devi says anyone can lose but not you. there is lifelong commitment in marriage. It does not happen that you turn your face when problem comes. You have to face them. it is easy to love but difficult to live up to them. those who do so succeed. You are losing out to yourself and are blaming tapasya. If you dint get the man you wished for does not mean that your tapasya went in vain. It actually means that your tapasya still isn’t complete. You have to decide now. Dharma is happy with Devi’s explanation. Kaurvaki agrees to keep fast and so does Devi (to support her). I may find a good husband like you too. Kaurvaki smiles. Dharma points out that the fast starts tomorrow morning. Yopu can break your fast after sunset.

Siamak laughs at Sushim. You went to free Nirankush but closed all his ways to escape. You may not like it but Ashoka really made you dance on his tunes. Sushim holds his neck angrily. Ashoka was lucky as that oldie (Bindu) came there on time or I would have shown him. Siamak frees himself. Don’t take out your defeat on me. Think of something to save their own lives. We have to get Nirankush out of that prison. What if he tells everything to save himself? Sushim has a solution. I know how to get him outside if we cannot go inside. He sits down to write a letter.

Acharya RG tells Nayak to be more careful. It will be good to shift Nirankush to some other place. It has to be done really secretively. Soldiers put Nirankush in a prison.

Next day, Dharma and all the princesses are gathered around a tree to do puja. Dharma says you all can eat fruits after we do the puja. She starts first. Kaurvaki is about to go next but Anindini goes before her. Kaurvaki does not react. She waits for her turn. Chanda also does puja. She looks at Charu who too does puja with her. Chanda prays for Sushim’s long life so that they both can live happily together. sushim is only mine. Hope no woman’s evil eyes fall on him. No other woman should come closer to him. It is Kaurvaki’s turn now. She apologizes to Lord for mistrusting Him for a while. Help me in clearing out all the differences between Ashoka and me. She is confused about puja so Devi joins her. Kaurvaki does puja after her. Dharma and Vit smile seeing this. Vit says Rajkumari Kaurvaki is doing exactly like Devi Didi. She is following her.

A soldier leaves food for Nirankush. He eats it fast but then finds a note in it. It says, we are with your Nirankush. Follow as I say so you are able to escape from the prison. You will be able to meet me then. It is written in the name of Gondna. Nayak comes there so Niranksuh acts to eat again. nayak warns him to speak up fast or this will be his last meal. He goes. Nirankush resumes reading the note. He does exactly what is written in it. He pretends to sleep when he hears someone’s footsteps. It is Acharya RG. He looks at sleeping Nirankush. Don’t worry about sleep. Think that Samrat will put you to sleep for forever if you don’t speak up before sunset today. Nirankush once again begins to pave his way out when Acharya RG goes. He finds the secret exit and manages to flee. He stops in his tracks hearing Ashoka’s voice. Ashoka, Nayak and Acharya RG are headed to the prison only to question Nirankush for the last time. They hear some sound but don’t see anything. They head to the prison.

Siamak tells Sushim that Nirankush managed to escape from the prison. Sushim says I did not do it. The letter is still here. I wanted to kill him. They both are boggled as they are nowhere responsible for it. Sushim deduces that it will be Ashoka and gets angry. I wont leave you!

Ashoka, Acharya RG and Nayak are happy to see their plan working. Ashoka says Nirankush isn’t speaking so I will have to lure him. Flashback shows Nayak peeking at Nirankush while he is reading the letter and Acharya RG monitoring Nirankush when he was paving his way out of the prison. Ashoka is happy that their plan worked. Now Nirankush will go after Gondna and I will follow him.

Ashoka is happy that their plan worked. Now Nirankush will go to Gondna and I will follow him. Nirankush runs in the jungle. Ashoka is following him closely. Sushim is also following them. I wont let you figure out ever who Gondna is. Ashoka notices Nirankush going inside a hut. Gondna must be here only. Sushim reaches there as well. I have to alert Rajmata before she is caught.

Nirankush comes to Gondna’s hiding place. Helena is confused to see him there. I did not help you. How did you come here then? He replies that he got out with the help of the letter sent by her only. She declines doing anything like that. He says maybe someone you know helped me. She looks outside and notices smoke. Sushim thinks now Rajmata would understand my signal. Helena understands Sushim’s signal. You are a fool Nirankush! It was all Ashoka’s plan.

Ashoka peeks inside the hut. Gondna (Helena) is wearing a hood so the face is not visible but Ashoka looks inside intently. Ashoka hears her voice. Is it a woman? Helena tells Nirankush to run and runs out as well. Soldiers surround Ashoka but he kills them.

Dharma guides all the princesses puja is done now. Now you will all hold and tie the holy thread around the tree while taking rounds around it. Kaurvaki says how to tie it. Devi looks at her. She joins Kaurvaki and also ties a thread on the tree. Repeat after me now. Kaurvaki happily does so. Vit laughs seeing them. Dharma is amused. Why do you laugh? Vit says looking at them it seems as if not Padmavati Didi but Devi Didi has come to marry Ashoka.

Ashoka fights with the soldiers and kills them one by one.

Kaurvaki continues to repeat (pray) after Devi. The puja is over. The princesses eat food. Charu
Kaurvaki sees Dharma going back. She asks her if wont eat fruits with them? Dharma denies. Married women eat only after making their husbands eat. It hints at the responsibilities of a wife. I will make him eat first and then eat from his hands. You all are unmarried so you can eat. She excuses herself. Kaurvaki thinks she almost married Ashoka 10 years ago. I will keep fast only after eating something from Ashoka’s hands only. I should meet him. Devi turns and is surprised to see her gone.

In the corridor, Kaurvaki hides seeing Acharya RG and Nayak talking. Acharya RG says I shouldn’t have listened to Ashoka. I shouldn’t have let him go there alone. The situation is dangerous and risky. If Sushim too went after him then his life is in danger. He tells Nayak to go in search of Ashoka. He is already under so many problems. I will inform Samrat. Kaurvaki gets worried for Ashoka. She says Ashoka.

Helena runs in the jungle. Her hood gets stuck in the bushes. A piece of it gets stuck there only. Ashoka if following her on Garud.

Dharma is going to Bindu’s room with a puja thaal. Bindu tells Acharya RG how short tempered Ashoka is. He loses his cool too soon. What happened to you? How could you let him alone to catch Gondna alive? If he can get inside palace and try to harm my kids then he can do anything. Take as many soldiers with you as you want but we have to bring the kids back safely. They go mum upon noticing Dharma at the door.

Kaurvaki gets her dagger. She is about to go when Devi confronts her. where are you going? Kaurvaki replies that she is going to do her duty. Ashoka is in trouble and in jungle. Devi suggests her not to let her truth come out before everyone this way. It can prove you wrong. Kaurvaki does not care. I can do anything to save Ashoka. Devi says I am not stopping you from doing your duty. You must go but not as a princess. You should go dressed as a warrior. Kaurvaki likes her suggestion.

Bindu shares nothing with Dharma. You take rest. You haven’t eaten or had anything to drink since morning. Dharma says it is my dharma to serve you. Charu tells her to stop. I have the first right following age, relation and status. Bindu hopes Ashoka is successful and safe most importantly.

Ashoka follows Helena to a cave. She hides by the time he enters. He finds a hooded person standing at a corner and keeps his sword on his shoulder. Your game is over Gondna! Gondna turns. Ashoka removes the hood a bit but it turns out to be one of Gondna’s men only. He looks unhappy.

Charu does puja of Bindu who looks completely lost somewhere else altogether. Dharma waits patiently for her turn. Bindu blesses Charu while he looking at Dharma. I will always support you and take your advice. Charu notices it and feels bad. Can I ask you something? He nods. She asks him to spend the night in her room. He says no. I mean you can come here in my room. Charu smiles. She stops near Dharma. Go, he is yours, atleast for now. She goes.

The man says we finally met. Ashoka understands he isn’t Gondna. This isn’t the voice I heard back then. the man removes the hood. I too wouldn’t have been surprised if I was in your place. Ashoka recognizes him to be Uttar. He hits him before Uttar can. Meanwhile, someone throws a log over Ashoka’s head. Ashoka falls down unconscious. Sushim smirks seeing him thus. He applauds Uttar. Flashback shows Helena throwing the hood towards Uttar while running. Sushim talks to his unconscious brother. What happened to you? You are a fighter. Fight with me. Why aren’t you waking up today? You used to wake up all the times in the past! Fight with me. He hits Ashoka on the head again before pushing him away. my life is a mess till you are alive but I will end all my problems today. he lifts his sword to attack Ashoka when someone attacks him. Sword falls down from his hand.

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