Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 18th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 18th August 2021

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Scene 1
Dharma is packing her stuff, Ashok ask where are you going? Dharma says Samrat is going on hunting, i am going with him, Ashok says today is my first day at school so i want your blessing, he tries to touch her feet but she moves away, AShok stops her and hugs her, dharma says leave me, Ashok says i cant do that, i cant leave you, Dharma doesnt hug him back, Ahok is in tears, he says i know you are not with this decision but atleast trust your son, with your blessing i will never lose my path,

Dharma says that i know you dont want to kill people but when journey is on wrong path then how can we aspect right outcome but if your happiness lies in this then i wont stop you, one day our child opens their wings to fly, today you are opening your wings to fly, i pray for your good future, i will always pray for you, i will pray that if anything wrongs happen with your hands then God forgives you, she says that whenever you want to find me then follow path of non violence, follow path of peace, you will find me there, she blesses him for good life in school, she starts leaving, Ashok stops her and says atleast smile at me before going, Dharma turns to him and smiles, Lal mere song plays, Ashok smiles back at her too, Dharma leaves in tears from there.

Scene 2
Bindu alongwith Justin and Khurasan comes in jungle for hunting, they find some noise of animal (lion), a soldier goes to check, he is being attacked lion, Bindu comes there, lion is gone, bindu says that the lion is clever, it wil take time to catch him.

Ashok comes in royal school. he is happy to see kids practicing sword fighting and all, Drupat comes there and goes in school, Ashok says Maa i promise, after my studies are complete, you will be proud of me. Ashok finds a room there, he enters there, he is loving the place and looking around when inderjet comes there, inderjeet (friend of Sushim) says to him that this place is not for cheap people, other kid says that we dont even like you as servant and now you will study with us? other kid says that its good for you to leave from here, Sushim comes there, he says oh Samrat Vanraj is here, he has so much ego, why you are silent now? say something Ashok, Ashok says so you prepared this for my welcome, sushim fumes, AShok says that its good you solved my problem, i ws thinking how to make friends here but now i have come to know that you guys dont deserve my friendship, you guys make friends by seeing clothes not by his talent, you guys have narrow mentality, Sushim says to his friends, he is insulting you and you are listening silently, beat him, they start beating ashok, Sushim thinks i will make his life hell here.

Scene 3
the soldier who was attacked by lion is brought to Dharma’s clinic, Bindu says tomorrow we will go to find lion in jungle.
Ashok is being beaten up badly by friends of Sushim when siamak comes there and hits his friends with stones, Sushim looks at him, Siamak says beating a kid is not good, if you dont leave the place right now then i will complain to teacher,sushim and his friends leave, Siamak helps Ashok to get up, Ashok smiles and thanks him, Siamak says you are my friend and dont thank a friend, Ashok smiles.
Dharma recalls how Ashok promised that he will not beat anyone, then how he said that he need to learn fighting to protect her, how he came to take her blessing. a soldier informs Dharma that you are needed in royal school as Ashok is being beaten up by some boys, Dharma is shocked and ask to take her to royal school, she leaves with soldier, Justin smirks seeing her go.

Dharma is sitting in cart, cart is going from jungle to school, she is tensed for Ashok, she recalls how Ashok was injured before too, she thinks what Ashok has done to others that he suffers, he helps everyone then why he is being beaten everytime. she ask cart driver that this is not the way to school, where you are taking me? Helena’s soldiers come there to attack Dharma, they find dharma missing from cart, they say she must have jumped from cart, they say we have to find her, Dharma is running in jungle to save herself, soldiers are finding him, they find her and runs behind her, she s being surrounded by them (her face is not shown), Dharma ask them to let her go, dont kill me, they attack her, one soldier attacks her on face. otherside Ashok gets up from sleep tensed.

Scene 4
AShok is practicing sword fighting, but he is enable to use weapon when Siamak comes there and says enemy will not be killed like this, Ashok ask then how? Siamak shows him how to use sword to fight, Siamak says you learn fast, AShok says i need to learn fast as its demand of time, Siamak says you are so much concerned about Sushim? Ashok says not about him but i want to learn fight to protect my mother.
soldiers find Dharma dead, they see her face and says its destroyed, hse cant be recognized by face.
Ashok says to Siamak that i want to learn all this for my mother but she doesnt want me to learn all this, wish if she was here then i would have pacified her.